Thursday, May 24, 2012

Noonday Giveaway

What girl doesn't love jewelry, home-wares and accessories?

What girl doesn't love it even more when it helps citizens of Uganda earn a fair living and a pathway out of poverty?

I had never heard of Noonday before until I was contacted by Whitney, a lovely chickadee that I met at a craft workshop I taught at.  She told me all about their collection and roots, and immediately I was excited to share it with you all.  Noonday Collection is a Fair Trade organization where the artisans who put all their talent, time and creative energy into making the items you buy receive a fair wage.  No sweat-shops, underage workers or unfair conditions of any kind have anything to do with the Noonday Collection, and everything these artisans create is truly beautiful.

This all started in 2010 when Jessica Honegger (the founder) and her husband adopted a child from Rwanda.  They had friends living in Uganda who were trying to create fair and sustainable income opportunities for the people of Uganda, and when they asked them if they'd be interested in selling the locally made goods back where the Honeggers lived in Austin to raise money for the expensive adoption process, they agreed wholeheartedly.

While the Honeggers are nolonger raising money for their Rwandan adoption, Noonday still helps the people of Uganda by helping other families raise money for their adoptions, providing jobs and stable incomes for families so that they don't feel that they have to abandon their children, and giving to orphan care organizations.

And on top of all this - I just LOVE their everything they sell, don't you?!

Noonday is generously giving away the Dulce Necklace to one lucky winner.  Aren't they sweet?  To enter, leave a comment here telling me a cause that is important to you, and also stop by the Noonday site and let me know what you like most from their website.  Thanks!  I will announce the winner next week.


Debbie @ OtRD said...

What a lovely giveaway and a lovely site! I love this necklace

A cause that is important to me adopting pets and the humane society. We have always adopted our dogs from there and think there are a great organization!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

Oh what a delightful necklace! I love it! And it amazes me every time I hear about projects like this.

Being a foster parent, fostering and adoption are very close to my heart. Because we're hoping to adopt the little boy that we're fostering right now, lately I've been thinking about the expense of adoption and how we'd love to do so, but it is going to be such a financial strain. You see celebrities who run out and adopt and it's great, but a part of me is jealous of the fact that they can do so without worrying financially. It's really been on my heart to start something, some kind of organization or something, to help people with the cost of adoption. I don't know how, or what I'm to do, but I'm praying that God will lead me in the right direction and that I can help other people who want to adopt, but can't find the funds necessary to do so.

Dionne said...

Regina, I suggest you check out some of the pages at Whitney's Noonday site. They have an Ambassador program that you might be interested in. That's how Whitney is involved. Let me know if you'd like me to connect you two.

:) Dionne

Kelly J. R. said...

What a neat company! I really like the Horizon necklace too. The teal and sunshine yellow colors are so perfect together.

I'm with Debbie in that adopting pets is a cause that's near and dear to me. Both of my dogs have come from humane societies. It rips my heart out to think about what they may have gone through before coming into our loving home. It makes me love them that much more... if that's even possible! So many animals need forever homes.

Jingle said...

I think it is important to support working women in countries lacking women's rights. That is important to me. I really like the sandles on the site! jinglesells at gmail dot com

Daisy said...

I get so excited when you post! Haha

Something that I really support is any organization that aids in the stop of sex trafficking.

My favorite is the gold bracelet which you also posted. Those are my absolute favorite pieces of jewelry.

Wehaf said...

I am passionate about protecting voting rights.

My favorite item from the noonday collection is the set of blockprinted notecards - muted.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Anne said...

There isn't really a specific cause I support, but I currently call Guinea (a very poor country on the west coast of Africa) home, so I could definitely get behind causes like this one, helping communities find ways to bring in money to help improve their quality of life.

Lauren said...

I love these earrings!

A cause that's important to me is removing the stigma of mental illness.




I love it when people use their wonderful gifts to help others.

Kristen said...
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Kristen said...

I love this scarf!!

A cause that is important to me is the Texas Equusearch. This organization provides manpower and technology across the US to search for missing adults and children. Their efforts have safely returned individuals to their families and brought closure to some families who's missing loved one 2was found deceased.

e-mail: balicoastdaisy at gmail dot com

Aik said...

I'm a supporter of the SPCA Malaysia (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). I appreciate their efforts in campaigning for animal welfare, assisting in cruelty to animals cases, and also their attempts to find new homes for unwanted animals.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Lulu said...

The cause whichi is important to me is the support and help for abused children
I love this Coin Necklace:

holidayfromreal said...

I love this necklace

And a cause that's important to me is healthy eating in schools

samantha.tedesco said...

I love these:

A cause very important for me is the fight against cancer.

Thank you for this beautiful giveaway.

lauren guilbeau said...

What a cool idea, never heard of noonday before! I love the art deco earrings. A cause that is important to me is the SPCA, which is where I adopted my dog and I volunteer there too.

Marija said...

-The National Parks Conservation Association's mission of protecting and enhancing America's National Parks is an important cause to me.
-Oh, how I love the patchwork journal!

marija.majerle at gmail dot com

Daer0n said...

I couldn't mention a specific cause but I believe that protecting animals and nature is very important.

I love their Azteca Necklace, although everything in their shop is gorgeous!
Nury77 at live dot ca

jhitomi said...

As an animal lover, my favorite cause is the Humane Society and local animal shelters.
jhbalvin at gmail dot com

Lale Beauty said...

There are many causes that are important for me. But the top two are: the right to medical care for all and secondly, animal rights.

I lived without health insurance for many years. I was diagnosed with several ailments recently and had access to health care for my treatments. I realized what a boon this is, as there is nothing more important than health.

The other is animal rights because I grew up with pets and have a cat right now. Where I live, there are a lot of homeless cats and dogs and people show no empathy towards them. People don't even care that they're starving or have no water to drink in the summer. I do my best to help them. I feel that they need to be protected.

I have officially fallen in love with Noonday jewelry! They're so gorgeous! I love both the Mediterranean necklace (I'm from the Mediterranean) and the Dulce necklace. Perfect for summer!

Thank you for this giveaway!

Viva said...

I love the cubist cuff bracelet.
I think being mindful of our environment is so important. I wish we'd have less trash and no bad footprint on our earth. I had always hoped soalr power would have gotten much more mainstream by now. Eat local foods and be mondful everyday. Thanks!

Shamara Catama said...

I simply love theThis Way Necklace.

A cause that is very dear to my heart is taking care of youths who come from troubled families and help them achieve the life that they wish, without letting their past holding them back

Shea said...

What a beautiful necklace, and an even more beautiful cause. Another cause I'm partial to is the Humane Society--I think it's important for animals to have a voice too :) My favorite item from the shop are the Chevron Dangle Earrings.

Samantha said...

I believe adopting animals are a good cause, saving animals from no-kill shelters and letting them live with a caring family!
i love the la paloma necklace!
sammybigtoesure at gmail dot com

hilary larson said...

I love noonday stuff, paper beads are one if my faves. The dulce necklace is a beauty too. I believe sharing Jesus with inner city kids is my favorite cause.

meki said...

Sharing Jesus to the world is my favorite cause :)

I like the Rewind Clutch! :)

Melody Kay

pathsofafoodie said...

I love the Lace Cuff! Jewelry for a cause is wonderful. The cause I'm passionate about is education for every child in my country.

Thanks for the giveaway!


mframe said...

I love the Nod to Neon Scarf.
A cause close to my heart is the Komen Race for the Cure for Breast Cancer.

DESPINA said...

My cause is to fight famine in Africa.
Thank you for introducing me to that lovely shop.
I love the colorful pieces!!


Joanna-Gloria said...

I support Action Aid and Make A Wish, anything reliving children's pain.
I love the cheerful creations of that lovely shop!!


AmbreRose said...

I support the Habitat for Humanity and feel as though they make a large difference here in my area.
I like the this way necklace, that would match so many of my things. ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

S Carter said...

The Arthritis Foundation is important to me. I have suffered from arthritis since i was 21. I have done fundraising with them since I was 26.

My fave item is the Twisted Necklace

scarter305 at aol dot com

Kaylie said...

A cause s important to me is protecting children from being trafficked and abused

"this way necklace" is my favorite :D

ckaylie777 at hotmail dot com

BohemianSin said...

I care a lot about conserving romanian values in art and traditions. love this:

They do an amazing job!


Jessica Hannam said...

i LOVE the 'This Way' necklace & the Gold Deco earrings !! love the African, boho style- my fav !
A cause i love is "A Girl Called Hope" which is a women's home in Auckland, New Zealand that helps women conquer eating disorders, self harm & substance abuse problems. Such an amazing place, so positive & healing, i have friends who have had their lives changed there. :)

Julia W. said...

This is my favorite from the site -!

I'm a big supporter of the Alzheimer's Association because my grandma suffers from the disease and I hope they one day find a cure.

Hi, I'm Karen. said...

I support local farmers!

I can't pick a favorite piece of jewelry because I like them all! The El Mar woven beach bag is awesome.


Shaha said...

I am very passionate about youth activism and feeding hungry children. Love the necklace

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

those cups are so cute! and what a great cause Dionne. hope you're having a beautiful week, darling!

caroline @ patagonia gifts and jewelry

Cynthia Richardson said...

Literacy is an important cause for me. I also like their Azteca Necklace

jellybean said...

Understanding and supporting Autism awareness its a must when you have a child on the spectrum.
I love the Mediterranean Sea Necklace.

Erica Victoria Yingling said...

wow, what an awesome cause!

Jinx said...

As like many already said... anything towards animal abuse/adoption will get my donation and help. It saddens me when someone hurts an animal..

Thank you for the giveaway.

I love the Crocheted Bracelet or the Tetris Necklace...too many beautiful pieces to choose from!


Ľubaša said...

Causes that are important to me are environmental issueas and sustainable living, I am volunteer in non-governmental organization, I participate in environmental education in local elementary schools.

I love their necklaces - so colorful! and also love Angular earrings.
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Olivia said...

SO SO smitten with the Tetris necklace! And, I am in complete agreement towards Noonday's cause. Having a younger sibling adopted from Guatemala, I myself feel very strong about the good that can come from adoption & will always be encouraging those who are capable, to adopt!

Christy Ann said...

Wow, I'm so in love with this necklace! Protecting the environment is really important to me, as it should be for everyone. From the Noonday website, I also love the Precious Tetris Necklace!

z853www at

The Wandering Shutter Fly said...

Animal rescue is important to me..My Oscar and Simon are both rescues that have captured my heart and have been with me the last 8 years!

I love this necklace!
I also love the "Be Well" travel bag!
And I love everything else on the site! :)

Maalai said...

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dandelion said...

What a great giveaway! I am a big supporter of Breast Cancer association. I love scarves from their website! So cute!

Chris said...

Hi Dionne, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Quincey Wall said...

I think that micro-loans in third world countries (I know its not a super specific cause) are the neatest thing! With only a small amount of money, like $15, you can help a family create their own business which they manage themselves. These loans can completely turn their lives around!

I adore the dulce necklace, the inca steps necklaces, and the mediterranean sea necklace. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing these with us!