Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Carrying Femininity...

I love being able to wear layers and pleats and patterns and lace and silk... women have so many options when it comes to what we wear.

I was talking to a coworker the other day and she reminded me of that quote "You wear your clothes, don't let your clothes wear you." I love that what we wear is an extension of our personality - what we wear tells a story of who we are.


That also applies to what we carry. Our totes, purses, bags, clutches... we all express ourselves by what we hold. When looking for clutches online recently, I stumbled on this lovely etsy store called Eclu. It's filled with gorgeous, feminine purses - frill and flower, simple and detailed - it has a lovely variety. In addition to purses, Eclu also sells charming handmade home decor items, along with other beautiful gifts.


Eclu is owned and operated by Jami, who's work is inspired by the subtleties in nature. Her ideas are constantly born where she least expects it, especially living ten minutes from the beach, and living in a serene wooded neighborhood in Boston.


As a child, Jami would create decorations for her family home. She would delight in the details of making paper purses and accessories, and even constructed paper houses. Then when she had her own children, she was able to create those projects all over again with them, which then extended into her etsy store. Creating at home for her Etsy store meant she could spend more time with her children, so it was the perfect solution to keeping her creativity in action and sharing her favorite pasttime with her loved ones.


Jami is generously giving away a customized clutch to one lucky reader! Whoever wins will be able to design their own clutch with Jami, so you'll be able to carry an extension of your personality with you everywhere you go. To enter, please leave a comment here telling me four key words that describe your personality and what goodies you like most from Jami's shop. I will announce the winner next week.


Rebecca said...

Love the lampshades from her shop! Words to describe my personality...creative, shy, loving, trustworthy, faithful.

Sarah said...

First of all I've been meaning to tell you your graphic illustrations are so beautiful!

I love Jami's work. Her wreaths and lampshades are so beautiful and delicate.

Four words to describe my personality- Fair, loyal, feminine, thoughtful.

Thank you for this giveaway!

Jingle said...

Energetic, artsy, stubborn, fun

I really love the suede pillow and the Paper Peonies canvas is great!

Luisa said...

I must admit i love the personlized clutches. The fabrics are so beautiful.

4 key words to describe my personality are:
nurturing, stubborn, funny,loyal

amy b.s. said...

oh my gosh! this is a great giveaway. i love that first clutch!

4 words...stubborn, sarcastic, introvert and honest

PHILO said...

oh I ♥ those shoes!!!
adoreable post!


Regina of Live Delightfully said...

I have been a fan of eclu for a while now! Love those clutches! And I love that lampshade... wow! :)

Four words for me: medley, creative, passionate, dreamer

Daisy said...

Loving, fun, quirky, and caarazy!

I really like the wool clutch from her store. She has very cute stuff.

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

love the map lamp shade!
four words? loving, shy, reserved and cheerful.

Anonymous said...

fun, smart, loving, stubborn

dogwood said...

I most love the lampshade with map cutouts, just so beautiful and unique.

My four words: stubborn, passionate, honest, caring

Alicia said...

Oh gosh. I just love everything in her shop! The lampshades, the clutches, the shoes. Everything!

Four words to describe my personality. Umm...optimistic, trustworthy, conservative, fun! It's hard to think of how to describe me!

Thanks for the giveaway :)
texasbeachygal at hotmail dot com

Hannah said...

I love her upcycled lamp shades!

The four words are funny, nice, classy, unique

hanner.da.nanner at gmail dot com

Camille said...

I would say that I'm sparkly, fun, energetic, and classic (haha I'm really flattering myself, huh?). I love her beautiful sashes! Especially the formal silk sash :)
cam22190 at gmail

Sey said...

I love the shoes and the clutches. Good luck to everyone.

and really I love your graphic illustrations. Wish I could come up with something like that someday.

Anita said...

Wow Dionne, what a beautiful shop!

My personality...hmm...I don't really talk about myself much...
I guess I'm thrifty...I love the orange in her shop(it's my favorite color)...this is hard! =(

I'm more reserved than outgoing...I'm loyal and trustworthy. I guess that is a few things about me.

Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

Reniazen said...

nerdy, thrifty, classy, introverted

I love the custom ruche clutch and bridal hair fascinator!

ashleyrn at gmail dot com

AmandaSue said...

unique, honest, caring and open-minded.

And I like the bridal hair fascinator.

unforgetable_dreamer_always (at) hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Love all the clutches!

honest, funny, smart, kind


Laura said...

creative, loud, loving, shy...it's hard to describe yourself in just four words! I love the personalized clutch luxurious bow.


Marija said...
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Marija said...

I would say that I'm mellow, open, adaptable, and mysterious.

I absolutely adore the upcycled map lamp shade! So, so gorgeous when it's all lit up.

marija.majerle at gmail dot com

gustosa giveaways said...

i'm crafty, shy, naive, romantic
i like the personalized clutch luxurious bow

gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

Dash said...

liberal, fair, funny, kind.

love the clutches and the shoe clips!:)

jhitomi said...

I am quirky, quixotic, introverted and enigmatic.

I have been so wanting shoeclips like these!
Jhbalvin at gmail dot com

Jus and Kat said...

LOVE the Ruche and Bridesmaids clutches.

Four words that describe me are: fun, unique, outgoing, girly

Amber said...

Four key words that describe my personality are friendly, optimistic, caring and energetic.

I love Jamie's Custom Ruche clutch!

Thank you for the giveaway :)

Malcakes said...

I just love all the darling clutches! Four words that describe me are: artistic, caring, inspired, energetic

Thanks so much for the give away! keep up the great work!

Malcakes said...

I forgot to leave my email:

mallory at madebymalcakes dot com

Caylee Hunter said...

I love the clutches! How cute!
Four words that describe my personality would be caring, loyal, honest, and creative.

Robin said...

I like the lampshades
4 words: adventuresome, compassionate, passionate, fun (most of the time)
robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

Digital Misfit said...

Beautiful clutches. I adore the wool & suede flower clutch.
4 words to describe my personality are: creative, honest, liberal, and quirky.


SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Shoe dips in silk are my favorites. 4 words to describe my personality: impetuous, honest, loving, caring.

Lovely giveaway:) Btw, I have a blog party called Market Your Biz and Giveaways. I'll be honored if you'll come and join us here :)

jc said...

* Witty
* Compassionate
* Tolerant
* Diligent

I love the personalized purses, the royal purple is so beautiful.

Thanks for the lovely giveaway.


rosewendy said...

A lovely shop!
Honest, optimistic, artistic, thoughtful.

Serenap95 said...

Four words that describe my personality are loving (I care about everything, from the smallest bug, to the biggest animal,) giving (I try to give more then I take,) sarcastic (I think we shouldn't take life too seriously,) and shy (I often get nervous around people but I open up once I get to know you.)
My favorite item is definitely the Chalkboard Clutch, how snazzy is that?

Marta said...

Hi! I love her work and it’s great to be able to customize the clutch! I think I’m a shy (but talkative too!), creative and dreamer person. Thank you! Marta martaplayita at gmail dot com http://englishinbarna.blogspot.com/

Itin said...

4 key words that describe me:


fave item from eclu:


email: itinbcalvo at gmail dot com

Francivusk said...

my favourite item is the "formal sash in dupioni silk extra wide, extra long" :3

the four words that describe me are daydreamer, lazy, hopeless romantic and creative.

francivusk at hotmail dot it

Lilly said...

Four words: shy, lazy, funny and friendly.
I love the personalized clutch luxurious bow.
Thanks a lot for the chance.

eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

Kari said...

Four words: creative, fun, outspoken and quirky.

I love the bridesmaids clutches: especially the one with the yellow flower! Adorable!


brandy said...

I LOVE the shoe clips, ruche clutches and the lampshade! If i had to choose 4 words that describe my style i would pick, fun, flashy, weird, and wild:)

Christina- floresdelsol said...

i love the curtain in her shop! so creative. works to describe me.. goofy, creative, mommy

Kaytee said...

I love the wool suede clutch!
Four words...
katelyn.j.stephens at gmail dot com

Angie said...

Love the Peony Hair clips!!!

About me:

Thanks! Angie
rennieangie at gmail dot com

kiddo said...

I love the wreath, upcycled from storybooks.

I'm creative, quiet, shy, and kind.

kiddomsg at gmail dot com

Alena: Oh, It's Just Perfect! said...

My favorite item is the clutch in the tiles in white pattern. So pretty!

I'm shy, happy, loyal and calm.

Anonymous said...

my favorite item in the shops is the
bridal accessories collection, honeysuckle pink peony clutch


uk7ss At yahoo.com

Global Giveaways said...

What a great giveaway! i love the shoe clips in suede fall.

4 words to describe me:


Kris said...

so so lovely. I love your illustrations. how do you find the time to do a new one every day??? :o)

Lynda said...

I am kind, caring, shy, and giving

I love the bridesmaids clutches! I am getting married and would love to give them to my girls!

lmr3683 at hotmail dot com

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

What a gorgeous shop!

my personality; organized, simple, shy, caring.

rabkina said...

my 4 words are: optimistic, girlish, communicative, hand-made-inclined))


Kairi said...

I am sensitive, shy (to people I don't know at least), lazy, and if it counts, hungry. I love food xD
My favorite item is the chalkboard clutch.
niuniuzheng at gmail dot com

Shea said...

perfectionist, optimistic, caring, organized

And it's too hard to pick what I like best! I love her shoe clips, her personalized clutches, and the awesome upcyled map lampshade!

DESPINA said...

I'd say I'm loyal, sensitive, loving and rather pessimistic (at least these days).
Yep, all these together!! :))
I'd love to have the ruche purse with triple peony....design your own, customized -it is a dream!!


Ioanna said...

I am sensitive, honest, giving and passionate.
I love the ruche purse with triple peony....design your own.
It's amazing!!

Ioanna, yana_ven@yahoo.gr

M.j. said...

Four words: Caring, Old fashioned, Feminine, lovable...ciao4now64@yahoo.com

M.j. said...

I'm just loving your lampshades and especially your wreath, upcycled from storybooks...ciao4now64@yahoo.com

Mumbai Florist said...

Simply stunning! I've never really tried to make tags before. Yours are absolutely amazing!

Flights From Lagos To London said...

So luck to come across your excellent blog. Your blog brings me a great deal of fun.. Good luck with the site.

Lyudmila said...

I love good style. I want to have a shoe clips
lusizova at gmail.com

craftink said...


I like the custom ruche clutch

sophia.komninou at gmail.com

Calli said...

I love the bird patterned clutch!

I would be described as creative, perceptive, adaptable and considerate.

Ariane said...

So hard to make a choice, but I love the wool clutch with suede peony.

I would describe myself as creative, stubborn, sarcastic and tall!

Burcin said...

Four words that describe me are fragile, romantic, devoted and fearful.

I adore Jami's clutches, especially the brights and the wool suede clutch. I also like the hair clip and shoe clips.

Thank you!

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

I love these personalized purses from Eclu:

My personality:
- romantic
- responsible
- scientific
- knowledge-seeking

The Everything Soap Blog said...

Hi! I found your giveaway through a Link on my blog and had to enter. From the eclu shop I love the shoe clips in juicy orange, all of the clutch photos in the bridesmaid purse collection - I love it all. I'm about to be the Maid of Honor in my sister's wedding May 2012.

My Personality:
A Little Sexy at Times

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥Kat F.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Love the uniqueness of the upcycled curtain in paper peonies.


great giveaway!
fastkat at gmail dot com

Flo. said...

The personalized clutches look beautiful! Great giveaway.

Four words: spontaneous, trustworthy, funny and organized.

elle said...

wow, they're stunning! i fell in love with the clutches! so i'm entering this giveaway with my 4 words:

colorful, rational, talkative, sarcastic!

Vicki S said...

I am indepedent, loyal, compassionate, and hopeful. I love the wool suede clutch (great for fall!)

sswpss at yahoo dot com

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Just four words? Hmmm..empathetic, logical, loving, and loyal. If only I could make the first word begin with "l" too. As for what I love from Jamie's shop, all of it, but I've narrowed it down to the clutch pictured here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/68905118/bridesmaid-clutch-customize-your-own I could use that for so many events.

Poppy said...

oh I love the shop!! so stylish. reminds me something like a french boudoir.
well, 4 words..
empathic, trusting, hopeful, flowerchild:)

SaigeWisdom said...

4 words eh? hmmm...


I'm really loving the bridal hair fascinator eventhough my wedding was 5 years ago!

AmbreRose said...

I really like the Bridesmaid Gift Clutches Evening Bags with the yellow flower. Four words that describe me are creative, independent, southern, and hard working. ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

imasupergirl said...

I'd like to think of myself in terms such as loving, beautiful, dazzling and effervescent. While I wandered through the shop, I fell in love with this: http://www.etsy.com/shop/eclu?section_id=7868911

Liz said...

I love all the shoe clips!

I am compassionate, feminine, loyal and romantic!

Sarah B. said...

I'm: creative, giving, organized, friendly!

And I love her lampshades!!

sarah at yesteachercrafts dot com

nicolthepickle said...

I love how beautiful her things are. My favorites are probably the bridesmaid clutches with the rich coloured flowers on them So pretty.
Four words for me would be. Practical, friendly, silly and girly.


Emily said...

I love some of the designs in the bridesmaid purse collections - the patterns used are so interesting!

Four words to describe me: quiet, pensive, silly, daydreaming.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Lisa said...

1. Comfort-loving
2. Quality-appreciating
3. Idealistic
4. Realist

And it's got to be the back to school chalkboard clutch, pencil case!


Marina said...

I would say that I am: colorful, dreamer, happy, crazy :)

I like everything from her shop, especially all those wedding stuff :)

isollea at gmail dot com

Penny Minding Mom said...

I love the clutch.


Four words to describe me is
Unique, Mommy, Tempermental, Stubborn.

PennyMindingMom (at) hotmail (dot) ca

Jacqueline said...

patient, understanding, honest, and sleepy :)

love the custom ruche clutch in taupe jmmccarr@gmail.com

TopHat said...

How beautiful! I love the lampshades as well. I would say I'm enthusiastic, strong, exciting and non-stop!

hrfarley at gmail dot com

xirah quero said...

i like the clutch....
conservative, caring, stubborn & loyal

Octophants said...

Those lampshades (especially the lantern one) are exceptional!

Romantic, quirky, shy, pragmatic.


Ashley said...

The Paper Peony Curtain is really neat.

Introverted, faithful, trustworthy, and organized.

mrs.marcus2 at yahoo dot com

MRWriter said...

I love her lamp shade, chandelier shade, upcycled story book pages.

Four words to describe me:
1) Empathetic
2) Loyal
3) Proud
4) Independent


Robin Quick said...

Caring, funloving, free spirited , headstrong.

I like the lamp shade, upcycled map cutouts, lantern.

mnrquick at yahoo dot com

Dionne said...

Thanks for your comments, this giveaway is now closed.

Wedding sherwani said...

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