Friday, July 8, 2011

Whimsical Worlds

Do you have a whimsical world that you escape to?

I love children's books because they take you to some faraway place that doesn't exist in the crevices of this earth. Books like Alice In Wonderland.


When I think of Whimsical Worlds, I think of magical tea parties, ever-blue skies, and clear streams. And recently I discovered a store that sells the most charming little goodies that take me to these faraway places - La Boom.


Tatiana's gorgeous store is a treasure trove of tiny handmade "worlds". From delightful shadow boxes, to enchanting nightlights, there is something to take any of us back to our favorite childhood stories.

She is inspired by nature, and most especially the sea. From her home in the Greek Islands (I love it there!), she has the optimal view of it every day from her verandah. She is also inspired by animal homes like nests, and also the spectacular - like circuses and carnivals, which is obvious when perusing her store. Other inspirations are the Victorian Era, 1950's childhood, nursery rhymes, toys and games.


Among her favorite colors are black and greys, along with the green of the grass and the dusty pinks and aqua on circus wagons.


Tatiana is generously giving one of her lovely pieces to a lucky reader! To enter, please leave a comment here telling me which of these three (1, 2, 3) you'd like if you won, and please tell me a little bit about the whimsical world you like to escape to every now and then. I will announce the winner next week.

(PS. The winner of the Junie Babie giveaway is Jrsygurl4life - congrats!)


vintage eye said...

I start with whimsy & I end up in a Monty Python sketch every time. That's all I have! ;)

Ashley said...

If I won, I would love the Handmade light box display -Circus Elephant-! So cute!

As for my whimsical world, I read a lot of fantasy YA and Adult! That's always a fun way to escape into many different fantasy worlds! :)

Natalie Nicole said...

Easily Greenwood Wonderland (Greenwood is the name of my hometown, after all!).

My whimsical world includes coral reefs where you can hide from giant squids passing through, schools of brightly colored fish, a giant sea otter reigning as Sea King, and pirates above. Other days, it's flying on the back of a maroon, winged friend sky sailing through sweetly-scented clouds at dusk.

Thanks for such a fun topic, Dionne~

Daisy said...

Thanks for this giveaway. If I won, I would like the horse.

My whimsical world is anywhere outdoors preferably at night were I can just get away and think and pray.

Silver Strands said...

I love childrens books too ... even the darling "Junie B. Jones" books :)

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

beautiful! love the elephant! happy friday, darling! xo

Jessica said...

I love the horse and I escape to a time when it was proper for a man to call you miss and to be swept away with his words of eloquence... Like with Elizabeth Bennett and the girls in sense and sensibility.... I know it's not whimsical, but for me it is.

patience said...

yay for tatiana! i recognized these pieces right away because i did a little blog post on her awhile back! what a great introduction to them!

Akamatra said...

I adore Tatiana's art! She can make a dull office well....whimsical!I love the goose and the horse!

My whimsical world is my boyfriend's hug! He's such a kid and makes me feel like one!

WISHsupplies said...

these are so wonderful creations that i cant choose.

Maybe the greenwood wonderland.

My escape to the whimsical world is an every day walk in the forest with my dog.

BlackRedDots said...

Tatiana is a wonderful artist and an amazing person!!!!
I love all of her creations and here i adore Mrs Peggotty!!

My whimsical world, lays in a dream doll house which i keep redecorating over and over when daydreaming...

zdrop said...

I absolutelly adore Tatiana's work! A great artist and a wonderful person!!
I want them all! Can I? Well, ok if i have to choose i'd go for Mrs Peggotty and her cake because of the colour and because I am on a diet!!! Lovely idea!
I think i enter the whimsical world when i am by the sea or while dancing!

Anu said...

Tatiana´s Etsy shop is one of my favorites long time already!
I adore Mrs Peggotty and the lost cake!
I enter my whimsical world whenever I see something what inspires me, last time it was some days ago watching little marmosets at the zoo, how they move, their eyes, looks - and now I want to make a little collection of clothes inspired by those little creatures! my whimsical world turns sooner or later into clothing designs, I cant help it! :)
p.s. having a little giveaway right now, too!

Amalia K said...

I have loved Tatiana's little treasures for ages! So nice to have a chance to win one of them. And in this case, I think my fave is the Circus Elephant.

Talking about my own whimsical world is probably the easiest thing to do (just try and stop me!). Most days I live in the real world, but I steal many hours to be inside a little magical forest where curious creatures and enchanting beauties linger. :)

Have a lovely day!

OnePerfectDay said...

I love pretty much every single item in her shop. I think they are all wonderful.
It would be difficult for me to choose between the circus elephant and Ogden,because they are two of my favourite.
But I think the light would tip the scale in the elephant's favour. I'd choose the lovely circus lightbox.

herecomesthesun said...

My favourite is number one :)

And the world I escape to is a bit like an Enid Blyton book :)

Down that Little Lane said...

Oh how much I love Tatianas work....she has guest posted oin my blog and I visit her shop regularly.. My favourite is Greenwood Wonderland and my Whimsical World is way up high in the clouds with a hot chocolate in hand and nothing but time to dream x

rosewendy said...

Greenwood Wonderland would be my pick. I escape by walking my dog in bushland about my home and love finding fungi bursting from the ground.

ElfRenee said...

Definitely #1 with the green mushroom! I love it, it's so adorable! I love cute mushrooms, but I don't eat them. As for whimsical, I always read fantasy books!!

Aik said...

I love the Handmade shadow box frame -Greenwood Wonderland-!

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Roni said...

I love the Greenwood Wonderland

When I want to escape, I go for a walk outside

roniros (at)

Heartshapedcreations said...

Tatiana's work is simply amazing!!!Everytime I stop by her lovely shop, I find it so hard to leave! One of my fav creations is the adorable: "Happy Goose".

I enter my whimsical world everytime I open my favorite art-books that are filled with fairies and magic :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Ogden the Horse I love horses. I dont think i enter anything in a whimsical world but faires are one of favorites there

trustjesus7771 at yahoo dot com

Amber said...

I like Ogden the Horse best because I'm a horse b the Chinese Zodiac! My whimsical world is a world in the Adriatic Sea inspired by Venetian Carnivale!
Thank you for the giveaway :)

Marija said...

I love the Handmade shadow box frame -Greenwood Wonderland! My whimsical world is inhabited by princess unicorns, talking watermelons, and underground mountains.

marija.majerle at gmail dot com

w said...

i love: Handmade shadow box frame -Greenwood Wonderland-

my whimsical world? pigs fly there. in the form of bacon. hungry? pick a slice from the sky.

thanks for the giveaway! it's awesome!

Insanitykim said...

I like to escape to a land with no germs. I kinda get there by using bleach and a blow torch. Fire is so pretty!!!

I would love the mushroom if I won. I promise not to spray it with bleach.

I can be reached on my blog.

daer0n said...

I'd love to win the Greenwood Wonderland! super cute :)

My whimsical world would be something like the beautiful scenarios that appear in the movie "What Dreams May Come". They were the perfect kind of whimsical world where there is always peace, and anything that you can think of can come true, and where you could design your own home, world, and life...always as perfect and peaceful as you wanted it to be :)

Nury77 at live dot ca

carolynmcintyre said...

If I won I'd love the mushroom! So cute and fun! My whimsical world would be one where there are no grouchy, unhappy people. Just smiling, friendly faces that help you when you are sad or down or mad. The sky would be filled with candy and every hour it would rain gumdrops. Flowers would be edible and would taste like chocolate. Awww... wouldn't that be nice? Carolyn McIntyre,

Anonymous said...

i would love to win the "Handmade shadow box frame -Greenwood Wonderland-"

i love to read and listen to classical music to escape to my "whimsical place"

Crystal said...

I think the Mushroom is adorable! They remind me of the path that i follow into the woods by my dads house.

cyclona66 at aol dot com

Looking Glass said...

Alice in Wonderland is the ultimate of whimsical, isn't it? Other favourite stories that keep me curious would have to be Wizard of Oz & Where the Wild Things Are.

~ Clare x

Samantha Oh said...

i love the wonderland shadow box

my whimsical world is when i close my eyes, depths of imagination take over


Alex Kam said...

Love Tatiana's stuff! I have a shadowbox from her myself :D And in that notion, I still really like her shadowboxes more than anything, so my pick in between those three would be the circus elephant shadowbox, #2!

Alex Kam said...

Oops I forgot to tell you about my whimsical world. In my whimsical world, there would be pleasant surprises around the corner, monster cups, gingerbread men running around, and it will be filled with colors and positive energy!

Grace Louise said...

I adore wonderland. I even hearted it on Etsy. It is perfect! she did such a great job! thanks for the opertunity to win such a cute piece! To me, a whimsical world is a magical colorful place, where everything is backwards, and in reverse. So silly, and fun!

DESPINA said...

I love the elephant!!
There are proverbs in ancient Greek on the decoupage paper :))
I'd be soooo happy to have it!!
My whimsical escape??
It's a different one every day!!
Right now, it is the perfect exotic beach, the perfect little breezy hut and me and my sweetheart all alone!!
Some perfect cocktails wouldn't hurt!!


mimz said...

I absolutely love the Handmade shadow box frame -Greenwood Wonderland- (a.k.a. the mushroom :D) As for my whimsical world, I love reading books, especially those about magic, YA, mystery, supernatural stuff. :)


florentina said...

i like two, especially ogden the horse. i love to escape in books!

Anonymous said...

greenwood wonderland

my own world of quiet mainly

Ivelle said...

I'd love to win the Handmade light box display -Circus Elephant because I love circus and the magical and secret world of it.

Lyudmila said...

I like the 2 prize
lusizova at

Jingle said...

I would love Ogden the Horse! I would like to escape to a world filled with pretty things and magical things and shiny things!

Barbara said...

Do we ever get over our love of whimsey? I don't think so. I try to combine it with my decorating. I find whimsical pieces everywhere!
Love the circus elephant, Dionne!

eried said...

Even if you haven't ever meet Tatiana you can come in touch with her through her work!!! That is because she really puts a part of her in every little piece she creates!!!
And every part seems to be really precious!!!
My whimsical world is missing a cake!!!
Eri :)

Tirabaralla said...

Thank you for this, I love and follow Tatiana's work since a while!
I would love to get the Greenwood Wonderland...
I escape in my imaginary world where I rest my mind and heart...sometimes with the help of books, manga, music, my little garden.

Jenna said...

I'd like to win Handmade pedestal -Ogden the horse- and I like to escape into one of my favorite animes. Especially Trigun.

tjmetz said...

I would love to win the Circus Elephant! My favorite escape is getting lost in the woods

tjmetz@ mchsi. com

m:ART:ket said...

Like Tatiana I love the sea! Walking on the beach, looking at the sun and searching for seashells.. and ofcourse Mrs Peggotty!!! :))

Love her shop!
I'm wishing best of luck for her!!!

Phoenix said...

That Wonderland box is so cute!! My whimsical world consists mostly of what I've imagined in Roald Dahl books more than anything else - that's what I grew up reading!

Dionne said...

Thanks for your comments, this giveaway is now closed.

IOANNA said...

I'd be soooo happy to win No2, Handmade light box display -Circus Elephant!!

A smile for me, right next to my bed.

My whimsical secret place is my imagination...

Love to all,