Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lovely Vintage

Cotton and burlap and buttons and embroidery... Vintage lace and antique linen...
I really love the artistry and handiwork of vintage textiles, don't you?

Celina Mancurti is a fabulous textile artist who gives vintage linens an updated touch - I love how she blends the old and new.


Her pieces have this nostalgic feel to them, but yet also have a whimsical quality to them. I would love to adorn my table with these - they're all so gorgeous! Her love for bright colors is evident when you look through her store - warm colors like reds and yellows, and the contrast of pure white.


Celina is inspired by everyday simple life and the stories that she has read and heard. From there she translates her thoughts or feelings into her journal to preserve the freshness of that moment that can then be carried across into her work. She is also inspired by her many hobbies - visiting galleries, checking out craft shows, frequenting coffee shops - and she keeps business cards from all the places she visits!

Another one of her favorites is a dessert called "Mil Hojas", which means "A Thousand Layer Cake". It is a circular cake made of thin puff pastry and filled with dulce de leche and then covered in Italian meringue. Doesn't that sound heavenly?!

Celina is generously giving away something from her store to one lucky reader. To enter, please leave a comment here telling me about a nostalgic item you own, and which out of the last three items pictured in this post you'd like if you won. I will announce the winner next week.

(PS. The winners of the Thank You Card Shop giveaway are Kris, Jess and Kaytee. Congrats!)


Sarah said...

These are so beautiful! I love the market bag. I love to look at vintage items and try to image the kind of history they had.

- Sarah

Kaytee said...

Yay! Thank you so much! Excited about my cards and telling lots of people THANK YOU!

Rebecca said...

A nostalgic item I own is a plastic container of old coins which my Grandma gave me. They aren't worth much more than their face value, but they hold memories of when my grandma babysat me when I was younger.

And I love the tablecloth and napkins on this giveaway...they would go perfectly in my apartment!


Nicole said...

I love that cotton market bag!!!

One nostalgic item that I own is a handkerchief my grandmother gave me from China. She gave it to me in the 1st grade, when I didn't appreciate it as much. But now, 15 years later, it's one of the most precious things I own!

Kaleido Mind said...

i agree, the detail of vintage textiles are so beautiful/intricate!

Amanda said...

I have been in the market for a new full apron--love the flowers on the one she made.

amy b.s. said...

my nostalgic items are wine glasses that were my great aunts which she brought over from ireland. best wedding gift ever. oh, and i am in love with that market bag!

Tender Branson said...

I have a number of nostalgic items. Probably my favorite is the blanket I slept with as a kid. I slept with it constantly until I was about 12 and then I decided to save it for my kid. Every now and then I come across it, still waiting for its next owner. I love the tablecloth and matching napkins (that chicken got me).

Melanie's Randomness said...

I have old dollies of my great grandmothers that I will never give up! =) I love these. The one with the hen is adorable! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Jingle said...

I have a wonderful old Nikon that my grandfather used to use to photograph us when we were little! I would love that beautiful bag!

Luisa said...

My fav nostalgic item that i own is a miniature antique doll that i purchased as a child at a Toronto antique flea market. I guess u can say that is when I fell in love with all things vintage.
If I win i would love to have the market bag. What a gorgeous bag that would be just perfect for shopping.
weezie33 at hotmail dot com

Kori Donahue said...

These are lovely! I hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday doll! I have some great news on my blog about my writing! I hope you can check it out. Enjoy your day! Kori xoxo


Kristin said...

those chicken napkins are too cool for school. love!

i'd say my collection of vintage cake stands is probably my most nostalgic item. That, or this big locker thing that I picked up in an adorable store here in Chicago.

Cindy said...

My most prized possession is the charm bracelet my mother wore as a young woman. It was given to her on her 16th birthday and is loaded with charms gifted by friends and family. Some of my favorite charms are the Sweet 16, her high school graduation year and the replica engagement set my father gave her.

Many thanks to Celina for offering such a lovely and generous gift. I would love to own the market bag but would honestly be thrilled with any of her creations. :)


Natalie Nicole said...

Her textiles are sweetly enchanting~ My favorite is the table runner thanks to the print (particularly the happy colors). The lace is also a big contender for being the best part.
I own one vintage piece, and it's thanks to my great grandmother. It's a tiny teacup and saucer, white with delicate green flowers. There's gold lining the edges. It hides behind my laptop, so I see it every time I close it.

Anonymous said...

I have one of my grandfather's army medals from his service in WWII; it means a great deal to me.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Dancing Branflake said...

I adore the hand printed table cloth, the market bag, and the table runner.

A sentimental piece? I have so many! From my grandmother's china to the necklace I'm wearing, to the black and white photos of my family. I have to say that I have a strand of pearls that mean more to me than any other object I own. When I received them I finally felt like a woman.

Helen said...

I own a vintage set of pearls my mother gave me on my wedding day. Those were given to her years ago... I love them so much! My favorite item of the last three would be the Market Bag! Love it!!


An Nuttin said...

I own two vintage arcopal cups. They are the same ones my grandma has. I love them because they will always remind me of her!
My favorite is the table runner. The little bird is to die for.

Jennifer said...

A nostalgic item I have had for a long time is a set of Russian nesting dolls that my grandmother used to have and I played with them as a little girl. The item I would love tow in is the table runner. I really love birds and I think it is so beautiful.

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

I own many nostalgic items...one being an old wooden spoon, handmade by my grandfather! :)

I love all the items above...but I think I may pick the market bag, if I won! :)

ecodog said...

great giveaway!

one nostalgic item i own is a roll warmer that i found at a vintage store that matches one my grandma always used growing up! random but brings back good memories of family get-togethers!

if i win i would love the vintage table runner!!

thank you!

ecodog at live dot com

jhitomi said...

I love a sweet Polish figurine that we inherited from my mother-in-law; I also have a set of towels that she embroidered by hand.

My favorite of these items is the tablecloth and napkins.
jhbalvin at gmail dot com

Jessica Di Giacomo said...

hi Dionne!! my blog it'a a full of vintage detils..and i think that are perfect to me .. so it's perfect also yours paints!
Love what to show us

Phoenix said...

That Market bag is so cute! I love it :)

Let's see, my favorite nostalgic item would probably end up being a book of some sort. My mom read to me a lot as a kid so I sort of wanted to keep all my old children's books, you know? :)

Kaytee said...

I love that market bag!
My nostalgic item is my teddy bear/dog thing I used to carry around when I was a kid. All the stuffing has gone into its head and butt because I used to grip it around the neck. haha. My mom found it recently and gave it to me. :)
katelyn.j.stephens at gmail dot com

Soy Pea said...

I love the market bag the best.

A small vintage treasure I have is a tiny wooden button. It's from the twenties, with a small handpainted owl on it and the name "Sue" carefully scripted on the back. I found it going through my great-grandma's jewelry box as a child, and loved it so much, she let me keep it. I still have it to this day. I never asked her anything about it - I should have. I'm not suree who Sue is, we have no relatives with that name. She's passed away now...and I still find it to be one of my most curious possesions.


AMKreations said...

Sigh...I don't own anything that would qualify...but your posts are always full of lovely things!

I really like the set in the last picture with the roosters...the blue embroidery is adorable!

Thank you!

Jo said...

I love those bags! The yellow lipstick kisses are so adorable!


Jess said...

Whoo hoo! I'm assuming I shouldn't be eligible to win another giveaway? hehe! but those linens are super cute!

K said...

I would love the tablecloth and napkin set.

I keep the card my grandfather sent me for my 17th birthday in my Bible. He died the following year, and it makes me happy everytime I open it up and see his handwriting.

theeclecticlife said...

Love her gorgeous textiles! And that dessert sounds absolutely heavenly!

If I had to be honest, I have a two foot long stuffed animal pig that I've slept with for the past twenty years. When I get married, friends hoped it'd disappear, but I still love it and my husband does too! Clearly the most nostalgic piece in our home.

I would LOVE the table cloth and napkins. I would love to host a brunch with these adorable pieces!

Alexandrea Brewer said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Market bag!

Undecided said...

I have a bible that was given to my great-grandmother by her father on the day that she was born, in 1927. After keeping it in our safe in the closet for years, I finally brought it out and it sits protected in a glass case in my dining room. Every time we say grace before dinner, I look at that bible and think of all of the prayers she once said, reading from the book.

The vintage table runner is lovely and would make a wonderful addition to my dining room.

Great giveaway!

kldeamer (at) gmail (dot) com

ElfRenee said...

I collect vintage owls!!

I love the Market Bag! But I also love the Tablecloth and Napkins! :)


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Beautiful! I love the yellow in the market bag!

Robin said...

I love the vintage table runner!

I have pictures of my parents when they were in their twenties. They look so happy and free, I just love it!


jc said...

My mom's beautifully handmade quilt, given to me on my wedding day, is my most prized possession. 25 years forward, it has now been passed on to my teenage daughter who treasures the quilt as much as I do!

I'd love to win the market tote, practical and stylish too. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.


avatarlady said...

A nostalgic item I own is this warm crocheted bedding from my grandmother.

By the way, that cotton market bag is cute... especially the braided handle! =)


christy said...

i have this necklace that my grandparents gave me from one of there trips when i was a small child. It isn't fancy, but it means the world to me. I would choose the rooster table cloth and napkins.
yanuzo at hotmail dot com

ape2016 said...

I love these vintage linens! I have lots of funky dishes from the 60's and 70's that I love.
My favorite item is the placemats and napkins.

Aimee said...

I prefer the linen tablecloth, and I love my vintage Fiestaware; we use it every day, and it's so cheery.

Klemm Family said...

I have an old wool sweater that my grandpa gave me. It's hideous. Pink and purple with a big cat on it. And it ITCHES. I definitely want to upcycle it into something fun.
I LOVE that bag, but since I have so many bags I think I'd go with the runner.
skklemm at gmail dot com

Jesse said...

beautiful table cloths.

Paula said...

I love the market bag!
My favorite is a vintage sweater from my grandmother.

paula.elizabeth (at) cox (dot) net

Anonymous said...

vintage table runner

Old photos of my grandmother from the 20's


Olivia Grace said...

I love the vintage table runner! Also, my favorite thing has to be black and white family photos of relatives that were taken in the early 1930's that are sitting on my bookshelf right now!

liv.b (at) att (dot) net

Marija said...

I have a lot of jewelry from my grandma and great grandma that is quite nostalgic for me.

I absolutely love the tablecloth and napkin set!

marija.majerle at gmail dot com

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥Kat F.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

A nostalgic item I own is a wool blanket given to me by my great-aunt. I think of her every time I wrap myself in it. She has passed but her memory lives on. I'd love to win the vintage linen table cloth with matching napkins, they are very lovely.

fastkat at gmail dot com

Berendina said...

One of my nostalgic items is a binder full of written recipes from all my high school cooking courses from 10-12th grade. I will forever keep this until its falling apart because I have a lot of good memories from that time.Plus the recipe are really good :)

Also my favorite item is the hand- printed linen tablecloth. Love the design.


Juliana said...

My favorite nostalgic item would have to be a ring my father made for me. He was a silversmith and he passed away a three years ago. Every time I wear the ring I feel really connected to him :)

& I absolutely adore the Marketbag!!!


Barbara said...

I have a houseful of vintage, Dionne! But one of my favorites are a pair of Santa Claus salt and pepper shakers. They are adorable and belonged to my grandmother!
Love the placemats and napkins.

Ivelle said...

The only truly nostalgic items I own, are old feather filled pillows from my long gone granny.
All of these items are beautiful, but a woman can never have enough bags.

gardenofmoi said...

The nostalgic item I own is this really pretty green ring that used to be my grandma's. So pretty!

I'd go with the table runner if I won.

edendaphne AT gmail DOT com

janil said...

So difficult to choose!!!I choose the vintage table runner but I love the tablecloth and napkins too!!!

I have a metal box that representa a school bus with Mickey and his friends I used to carry my lunch at school when I was a child... lovely!!!

Thanks for the chance!
cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

Kady said...

My grandmother always sang "Doggy in the Window" to me before she died. Before she died she bought me a music box that sang "doggy in the window". I still have it after all these years. Its so adorable and special.

I would pick the table runner.

katietamblingson at yahoo dot com

Lyudmila said...

I like the Vintage Linen tablecloth with 4 matching napkins - hand embroidered - silk-screen printed - celina mancurti
lusizova at gmail.com

AmbreRose said...

Her pictures are sone so nicely, they make me want to buy everything in the shop. I love the table cloth with napkins, my mother has a thing for chickens :/
I have a beautiful blue knit dress that my great-grandma, grandma, and mother all wore when they were teens. I have it in a cedar chest for my daughter to wear. ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

Christina- floresdelsol said...

i have some books from when i was a child that i now let my girls read. they love them just like i did!

i love the table runner!!!

Andrea Reh said...

Oooh this is all lovely.

Just discovered your beautiful blog - would love it if you stopped by mine sometime. I'll certainly be following you from now on.

Andrea x

Lisa said...

It's the garnet earrings, which gamma, my paternal grandma, gave to my mom on her wedding day. They were given to gamma by her mother.
AS much as I love the cross-stitch linen set, the 100% market bag looks so fresh and ready to visit our local market!

Robin said...

I have some old, probably 40's or 50's, bone china and gold plated silverware I got at an estate sale, that is just lovely
robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

Robin said...

I like the table runner
robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

Flourishing Networks said...

Love the market bag and menu - very creative;)

Dita Maulani said...

I love the market bag. I love the drawing my boyfriend gave me 4 years ago when we're still good friends (and don't think we're going to be in a relationship like now). he drew me a cute monster that shouts "moshi moshi dita nice girl" in a bubble ♡


stacythemagnificentmommy said...

difficult choice but would choose the tablecloth/napkins as they'd be so fun for tea parties!

i inherited my grandma's jewelry figurine when she passed- it was her grandma's, too. i look at it and think of her often.

hancoci_s at msn dot com

Jrsygurl4life said...

We inherited wine glasses that I have displayed in our kitchen.

I would love that market bag!!

Michelebweller @ gmail dot com

Giveaway Rae said...

I own an old piece of lace with maroon flowers and green leaves. I use it as a curtain for my pantry. I love how it looks and that I was able to give it new life. My favorite above is the market bag. I love it! Thanks for the chance to win!


Kristin H said...

The one with the birds and the yellow kisses are adorable!!!

Ashley said...

For my wedding I was given my husband's grandmother's pearl necklace. It really made me feel like part of the family.

It's a toss up between the Market Bag and the table cloth.

mrs.marcus2 at yahoo dot com

Alessia said...

I love that cotton market bag!!! :)

I have lots of dolls that make me a child...again! :)
alelale at live dot com

calej said...

I own an antique cabinet with intricate carvings! I love the vintage runner :)


calejbitsvyk at gmail dot com

cerena leigh said...

I really love the market bag! and the table runner.. I can't pick!

I have a blanket my grandma made me when I was born that I still have. Its my favorite item I own. When I was little, it went with me EVERYWHERE.

Cerena Leigh

sal ♥ said...

that vintage table runner is quite lovely :D i just love the colors!

zoekyklos said...

A nostalgic item I own is my grandmother's high school class ring and her pearl necklace. I wear both to special occasions, and always remember her when I do and think of all the things I love and miss about her

I really like the Vintage Table Runner, I think my mom would love it. She is a big fan of birds.

royce said...

i love one of my bed spreads ...
thanks for the giveaway

i would love to have the vintage table cloth with 4 napkins if i win

roycedavids at gmail dot com

vintage eye said...

I have a collection of vintage linens given to me by a dear aunt. I have framed several of them & use more as valances for window treatments. This way I can see them everyday. Celina's market tote is fabulous! Bright, fresh & chic! I'd love to win that!

skipthelaundry said...

I have my grandmothers cookbooks complete with her writings in them which I display in my kitchen.
I love the market bag.
skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

Jessica said...

A nostalgic item of mine is a blanket that I have had since I was a baby
I would most want the linen and napkins set

Jacqueline said...

i now have the old wine box that my dad used to keep coins in since i was little. i now keep my coins in it :)

i love that market bag!


Heather Sue said...

I own a briefcase that was my grandfather's from when he was in his 20's. I also have a jewelry box full of old coins my father and I have been collecting since I was a little girl.

Its hard to choose, I love the market bag and the vintage table runner equally. If I have to choose, I think I would go for the table runner. I need a new one!


Dionne said...

Thanks for your comments, this giveaway is now closed.