Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cheery Doodads

Grandmas always seem to have one of those drawers.

The drawer filled with bits of lace, pearly buttons, pastel ribbons, and other cheery doodads.


If grandmas were to ever open a shop selling those mini treasures, it would look exactly like RetroNaNa.

Jessie's store is a darling collection of every little detail you could imagine. Buttons, lace, ribbons, fabric, embellishments - just a gorgeous collection of those bits and pieces you'd expect to find in your grandma's drawer.


Jessie is inspired by being surrounded by strangers in the middle of a busy street - soaking in their energy and watching what they do. Living in China, Jessie is constantly learning new things and being inspired. She told me that even trips to the post office are interesting - especially watching how local post office workers go about packaging a 10 foot pole of hairy crabs! And in addition to people, she is also inspired a lot by bettering herself. Jessie constantly pushes herself to the brink so she can see what she is truly capable of. She feels that it's a great achievement to be able to conquer herself and celebrate her strengths and be compassionate to her weaknesses.

Along with making her lovely buttons and collecting for her store, Jessie loves to collect vintage bags. She is always on Google and Etsy looking for the perfect addition to her growing vintage bag family.


Jessie is giving one lucky reader the chance to win a set of her Newspaper Words fabric buttons. Aren't they cute? To enter, leave a comment here telling me what kinds of little doodads your grandma (or anyone else you know) keeps in their little treasure drawer. I will announce the winner next week.

(PS. The winner of the Heartfelt By Aviva giveaway is Nicole Egerer.)


the chirpy bird said...

My nana always had a drawer full of lipsticks. I remember that and the smell of them when I used to take off the lid and take a whiff! haha

now... when's this brunch happening?! xxxx

Nicole said...

My grandma (when she was still alive) used to keep an array of beautifully patterned and colorful silk scarves!

Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a sweet giveaway:) My grandma has a huge box of different types of buttons because she says that you can never have too many of them and they always come handy:) Thanks for the change, sweetie
Happy Tuesday

Becca said...

Zomg, those envelopes make my NEED to bring back the letter!


Michele said...

"doodads"....awe, I haven't heard that word in forever! This post brings back so many good memories of my grandma. She always kept extra spools of yarn and socks. Haha. Hope you're having a lovely day!


My grandma had a gallon glass jar full of colorful buttons. We loved sorting and playing with them.


Mekkan said...

I only knew the grandma on my mum's side. I loved peeking around in her house when I was small,even into her drawers. That was like a treasure hunting. I remember she kept piles of fabric old and new. She sew me dresses out of them. Thanks for a chance to think back on her.

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

oh so cute! my grandma had a box with beautiful buttons too! hope you had a nice day, Dionne! xo

very married said...

my grandma's drawer was filled w/ "the things i need" like seriously, whenever i uttered the words, "Grandma, do you have..." she'd open the SAME DRAWER!

k. davis said...

everytime I visited my German g-ma in Canada each summer, it was the "drawer" I looked most forward to ;) (No I LOVE my G-ma...and her treasure!) hahah it was like treasure hunting. It was always FULL of twisties, buttons, and some baker's twine... ALWAYS ready for me, to craft and be creative with it!

Jeremy said...
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Nicole Egerer said...

My grandma didn't have too many collections per say but she was an avid quilter and always had the large frame set up in her home while she was working with many beautiful fabrics and textures.

And what a nice surprise to finish reading this post and see my name as the winner your giveaway! Thank you! It is a joy to come visit your little corner of cyberspace :)

Kind Regards,

... said...

My grandmother had been a nurse for a while and she had remnants of that life still long after she stopped nursing: stethoscope (pink!), first aid materials, etc. When I was a child I wanted to become a doctor so I would use all these things on my stuffed animals to pretend I was.

orchid said...

This post made me feel that I wish I had much memory with them(*^_^*)
They both died when I was young and they were farmer.

Sey said...

Grandmother's drawers are treasures. I love seeing the sewing kit on my grandmom's drawer.

Jingle said...

Oddly, my grandmother was never that kind of grandma. My Mom, on the other hand, has a dresser covered with bits of shiny and beautiful things that I like to poke through!

tt moreno said...

so cute. lots and lots of old buttons! i use to love my grandmas button collection