Monday, December 13, 2010

The "Shop Indie" Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

Among all the wonderful things that I love about Christmas - celebrating Christ's birth, family, friends, Christmas Carols - can I point out one thing that I DON'T like?

Thoughtless gifts. One thing that I don't like about Christmas is that everyone is expected to give gifts, so oftentimes, people just buy any random item to give, without putting any thought into it at all. Obligatory gifts are never fun. However, thoughtful, meaningful gifts are - and that's one of my favorite things about Christmas. Giving well-thought out gifts.


This year, about 40% of the gifts that I have bought have been from Independent stores, so I thought that I would put together a little "Shop Indie" Gift Guide for any of you looking for great indie goodies for your family and friends.

1. Canvas art by L. Young Studio. Her art is lovely, and each piece pays special tribute to a different American state.
2. Nature Still Life photography by Miles of Light. I am in love with the simple images of gatherings from nature. I feel like I am looking at a beautiful Botany Book
3. Fine Art photography by Sarah Moldovan. Her photography is like a slice of a pretty daydream. Her lovely whimsical photography takes me to beautiful childhood memories, and secret romantic rendezvous'.
4. Home Decor signs from Mooza. I love their quirky restroom signs. They immediately give unexpected character to any room.

1. Ceramic Lovelies by Tracy McEvilly Ceramics. The ethereal, soft-colored ceramics would be a gorgeous addition to any kitchen or living space. So pretty and delicate!
2. Vintage Homewares by La Bestia. I love her tastefully curated selection of homewares. Her vintage store is full of gorgeous vintage finds.
3. Vintage Knick-knacks from Fabuless Find. The perfect shopping spot for the vintage collector. From vintage perfume bottle collections to sets of vintage greeting cards - this has a great range of vintage collections.
4. Miniature Pastries from Miniature Patisserie. I love sweets and I love adorable, tiny little delicate things - so of course I am in LOVE with this store.

1. Vintage Jewelry from BeJoyful Vintage. Along with other lovely vintage finds, you can also find gorgeous vintage jewelry here for your friends that enjoy personal, hard-to-find vintage jewelry.
2. Artistic Jewelry from A Lost Feather. A whimsical gathering of lovely jewelry, I adore her pieces. They combine the beautiful and the unusual.
3. Laser-cut Wood Jewelry from Vector Cloud. Looking for quirky, fun jewelry for that hard-to please friend? You'll find it in the adorably fun offerings at this store!
4. Textile Accessories from Moloco. Cute fabric animal pins and brooches along with other textile art can be found at this store. A great selection of cute gifts for friends and family.

1. Handmade Paper Packaging from Happy Huismus. What a lovely range of gift-wrapping ideas! Definitely the go-to place for Christmas Gift-wrapping supplies!
2. Children's Papergoods from My Little Jedi. A darling store filled with gorgeous note cards, memo pads, invitations - you must go see for yourself!
3. Ermm... and my little store City Of Dionne. Note cards, postcards, photography prints. It's pretty cool ;)
4. Illustrated art by Atpalicis. Such a charming store where you'll find adorable post cards, prints and note cards.

1. Handmade Plush Toys from Knitting Dreams. The little bears in this store captured my heart. Children and adults alike would be charmed by a little friend from this store.
2. Doll Softies from Goodbye Blue Monday. This store carries beautiful handmade doll softies. They remind me of charming children's illustrations, with rosy cheeks, and endearing over-the-eye bangs. A lovely family of dolls here!
3. Handmade Pillows and Textile art from Dear Adam. Such charming textile art, and huggable pillows. I love the assortment of lovely goodies in this store, all of them perfect pieces to adorn any home.
4. Apartment Decor from Merriweather Council. OK, I realize that this store fits into several categories - Things to Hang, and Things to Display, but the reason I have put it in Things to Hug is because her Hand-Embroidered Hoops remind me of the hugs ( xxx ooo) I used to draw as a child. I wouldn't just draw a circle, but I would fill them with tiny, mini hearts, that looked similar to this. Such a darling store!

Now for the Giveaway. EVERY store featured in this Gift Guide are giving away something!!! For the specifics on the Giveaway, meet me after the jump.


- There will be 4 winners, and each winner will receive one item from each of the five Gift Categories I have here (eg. Things to Hug, Things to Give, etc.)
- You have until January 3rd to enter. I will announce the winner a few days after that when I get back from vacation.
- To enter, leave a comment here telling me your absolute favorite store featured here (excluding City of Dionne) so that I can make sure that you have their item in your loot if you win, and also let me know what you think the importance is of buying indie.


L. Young Studio: Canvas art representing winner's state of choice.

Miles of Light: One 8.5 x 11 Calendar of the winner's choice, one set of bookmarks of the winners choice, one 8 x 10 print of the winner's choice, and one set of 6 Feathers Blank Cards.

Sarah Moldovan: One 8 x 10 Heart My Book print.

Mooza: One pair of Male & Female WC signs.

Tracy McEvilly Ceramics: One Small Cup.

La Bestia: A set of Geese Glass Canisters.

Fabuless Find: One Owl vintage Perfume Bottle, and one Mushroom vintage Perfume Bottle.

Miniature Patisserie: One Miniature Box of Macarons.

BeJoyful Vintage: One Handmade Vintage Lace pendant.

A Lost Feather: One Framed Fox Pendant.

Vector Cloud: One Retro Television Pin.

Moloco: Two Bird Pins.

Happy Huismus: 10 tags, 10 giftbags, 10 labels, and 7 meters of wrapping yarn.

My Little Jedi: a $50 gift certificate!!!!!!

City Of Dionne: One Snapshots of Life note card set.

Atpalicis: A set of six Happy Postcards.

Knitting Dreams: Bibu the Little Bear.

Goodbye Blue Monday: One doll.

Dear Adam: One City Cow Pillow.

Merriweather Council: $5 Gift Certificate.


Kelly J. R. said...

My favorite shop out of those you listed is Miles of Light. I love the simple beauty of the images. In shopping independent stores you are directly supporting the artists/craftspeople - not a huge corporation or sweatshop. You are taking out the middleman therefore leaving more profit for the workers. And, I like to think that you are getting a product that is very unique and limited in quantity - unlike buying something from a mass merchandiser where hundreds of thousands of people may buy the exact same product. What fun is it having the same thing as everyone else. One other thing I have enjoyed in buying from local independent stores is that I have gotten to know the owners. It's nice to be greeted by name when I walk into a place.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Wow amazing! i like Miles of Light too. I actually won a print of theirs on another blog- it's beautiful! It's great to buy indie/hand made and support the real people of the country (not just corporate america!) and it's a more personalized experience, which is always nice :)

lisaroyhandbags said...

What a fun gift guide! it's hard to choose one favourite so I'm picking 3: Mooza (those restroom signs are adorable), Tracy McEvilly (I love the soft colours in her pieces) and your store (such cute paper products!!). I love buying Indie and supporting artists who put time and love into all of their work - it's so much more meaningful than buying mass-produced stuff. :)

Huismus said...

I hearted my way through this post, such fun and pretty items you've put together!
Thanks so much for having me Dionne, and happy -early- holidays!

Groet! Simone

Caroline said...

Those cards from miles of light are beautiful! The framed fox pendant from a lost feather is just wonderful too!
Lately, almost everything I've purchased has come from independent shops. It is so much more personal and feels great to know who is creating such lovely products. I feel good about supporting people that care about the goods that they are creating.
P.S. Your link for 10 giftbags from Happy Huismus doesn't work! Just thought I'd let you know.
This is a wonderful group of shops! Thanks for the giveaway, Dionne!

Kaye Prince said...

I think my favourite shop would have to be Atpalicis - I just love those notecards!

I think its important to buy indie not only because it is often more eco-friendly and unique, but also because you may be helping an indie crafter to make their business a success so that they can continue to lead the crafty life they enjoy!

Dionne said...

Thanks, Caroline. I just fixed it!

Kris said...

These are such fantastic ideas! I can't decide!

Jrsygurl4life said...

I absolutely LOVE Vintage Jewelry from BeJoyful Vintage. Unique vintage jewelry is so great to have in your collection. All the other gift ideas were so great, too! You did a great job on this post.

Some of my friends have indie/independent shops and I prefer to buy from them or those who make hand-made goods rather than big store names. Makes me feel good supporting those who believe in their own products :)

Laura said...

I'm in super love with Mooza! YEOW!

For me, the importance of buying indie to support local business and to show respect for these individuals. There's so much talent out there waiting to be discovered and I love playing a little part in helping them along their way. Sometimes I use the "pounce" feature on etsy to find shops that haven't had sales yet so I can be their first. Is that weird?

I also love putting more thought into my gifts to make them more sentimental and meaningful.

Maureen said...

I love that bear from Knitting Dreams. I love buying indie. 90% of what I buy for gifts and myself comes from etsy stores. I just love knowing that someone put time and care into what I'm buying. It definately makes it an extra kind of special gift. What a great giveaway. Thank you.

Nupur said...

I'm loving Happy Huismus!!

I choose to buy indie because you get unique products, you get to support creativity and enterpreneurship and it is made with love unlike anything mass produced.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Gardenmis said...

I absolutely adore knittingdreams little bear!

Indie to me is the best way to shop as you're helping to support someone in their passion and development as a human being. Also you're helping support local communities at a grass roots level ~ something very appealing and dear to my heart <3

Helen said...

LOVE BeJoyful Vintage!!! What great pretties!! Love them all!

helen_ono at hotmail dot com

cherryandviolet said...

I have been in love with Atpalicis since they opened shop! Their artwork is so dreamy, and it makes me feel like a kid again!
I never appreciated buying indie until I opened my Etsy shop. Now that I know how much heart and soul goes into each item, I try to buy indie as much as possible! I love knowing that I'm supporting a real person who's pursuing their dream. The quality is unparalleled, and each item always comes with a story!

Tender Branson said...

What a great way to hopefully decrease the number of "thoughtless" gifts this season. I'm with you, it is so easy for people to feel like they have to give a gift instead of doing it because they like it.

Heather Taylor said...

BeJoyfulVintage. It's like peering into a treasure chest from your ancestors!

Martini Lamartss said...

Beautiful ideas!!! I think I will take some of these ideas for my Christmas wishlist :)

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

nice blog, hope you will become a follower fof my blog too?

Signe said...

Such an amazing guilde, I love almost everything on it!!

And I am totally smitten by Bibu the bear - I need him in my life :)

Fingers crossed!!

carsonthefreeway said...

mooza is my favorite because the items are really unique and the patterns are all cute.

i think that shopping from indie stores is better because, being smaller, there are less people with the same items, and you know that by shopping from independent stores, you support people who really care about making things and put effort into them

Brooke said...

Atpalicis. Her illustrations are whimsical and fun and I love all her work. Thanks for the chance.
shutterboo at gmail dot com

Daph said...

Knitting Dreams is my fave, I love the little critters, so cute:)
Indy expresses creativity and community, I whole heartedly support handmade.

va said...

I like Knitting Dreams as well because the handmade plush toys are too cute .

tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

va said...

It is important because you are supporting individual businesses who are on their own instead of supporting huge corporation where you don't know what you are supporting .

Anonymous said...

Knitting Dreams is great for my daughter.

Indie allows people to support others creativity.

crazy4oou@ hotmail dot com

The Strumpets Tentacle said...

My favorite shop in the gift guide is Knitting Dreams! I love amigurumi and these designs are just incredible and so full of whimsy! Everyone should buy handmade. Why not put some thought into the things you are buying, especially when it comes to gifts. The recipients will appreciate and cherish them much more than something purchased at a mass market retailer.

Barbara said...

What a marvelous post, Dionne! I visited every single one and so agree about supporting small businesses.
Must say I loved BeJoyfulVintage!

Amber said...

I think Miniature Patisserie is my favorite store because I have such a sweet tooth and these are the only sweets that won't wreck my diet!

Buying indie is so important to me because I love supporting smaller artists and local designers as opposed to big box corporations. These are people that I can connect with and we can create communities of love and support to foster growth and success for indie art!

Thank you so much for the giveaway and happy holidays!


Amanda said...

You picked some really great things to feature! I am in such agreement with the handmade movement! I bought almost everything last year from etsy and every recipient was so happy with them.

aimee said...

BeJoyful Vintage is awesome. I love vintage things. Knitting Dreams is really great, too. I've been on a bit of a teddy bear kick lately. :P
I heart buying indie because it's eco friendly and supports the arts and artists. And you always find things that are much better quality and a lot more fun than anything in stores.


oona. said...

Knitting Dreams has the absolute most gorgeous and lovely items, I would want to snuggle with all of those sweet critters. I think buying handmade is more personal, you are supporting an indie business, you can find unique, one of a kind items that remind you of someone you love, and you're saying no to boring, big box items that are mass produced!
Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

Elise said...

It's a toss up between Dear Adam and Goodbye Blue Moon (that cloud doll is the cutest!!). I adore buying indie, or making my own gifts. This year I didn't even go into a corporate store!
elise.morris.mail at gmail dot com

Tali Schiffer said...

Awe what an awesome giveaway!! Totally want to win them all!! It was tough to choose just one shop, I had about 4 favorites, but I have to say that the MOST favorite of them all is the Knitting Dreams shop! SOOOOOOO cute!!! And I don't care that I'm a grown up... :)

mel sutton said...

i like the dear adam cow pillow. excited at the possibility of having more fun christmas gifts to give!

Candy said...

I squealed with delight when I saw the little teddy bears in Knitting Dream's store. SO CUTE. OMG. I love buying indie because people are just so darn creative!!

helen said...

I love the minature panda in knitting dreams....I think it's important to buy indie because it supports local artists,the goods are not mass produced and not usually made in a sweatshop,indie goods are more special more care went into the goods, I like to support crafty,creative people.Helen
fingers crossed.

Camille said...

My absolute fave store from this list is GoodBye Blue Monday. Their dolls are super adorable!
It's important to buy indie because handmade things are sooooo much better and cooler and more interesting than mass-produced things, and if we don't support the people who make these things, then handmade awesomeness will not be as easy to come by!
cam22190 at gmail

Libbi H. said...

I Love the stuff from a lost feather! I think it is important to buy indie because it's a lot more special, and it's usually more eco-conscious

Stacy said...

Love the stuff from My Little Jedi. i have been to their etsy site before, such cute stuf.

Taronger said...

I love the Happy Huismus store. Their tags are so nice and special.

I adore the independent shops. For me is very important to buy there, the items are so original...

flordtaronger at gmail dot com

TopHat said...

I love the restroom signs! Awesome!

hrfarley at gmail dot com

Rachel said...

I love the petit camera by bejoyful vintage. so adorable. I love buying from indie shops because A) their stuff is SOOO much cuter than you can buy in a store. B)i believe that because it's handmade it's generally better quality. and C) i like buying from indie people because i think they need the money more than retail stores. oh and D) no one else usually has what you have and how awesome is that!

dellgrl04 at

Jo said...

My absolute favourite shop here is VectorCloud. I like buying from indie shops because the items are more unique, they are better quality and I feel like more effort has been placed into handmade items :)


Oh, My Darling said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oh, My Darling said...

Oh no, my last comment was incomplete so I deleted it! My favorite shop is Fabulous Finds (hooray owls!). I think it's really important to shop indie because you're supporting the shop owner's true passion, whether it is handcrafted goods, vintage collecting, or some other wonderful passion in life. It's more meaningful to know that the person whose shop you're supporting really cares about what they do and took a big risk in pursuing it!


Erin said...

What an amazing giveaway! Mooza is so adorable and I'm glad you introduced me to their shop. So it's between Mooza and Miles of Light. Thanks so much!

Your Idea Shoppe said...

I absolutely love Knitting Dreams!

I fully support indie products and encourage anyone to buy indie before mass produced retail products. There is nothing better than getting a product that was handmade by an artisan that loves what they do.

The items are much more special, better made, and more meaningful.

Adel said...

I love the Mooza WC signs (so beautiful and fun!) and the My Little Jedi cards are too adorable :)

sunset studies said...

My fav store is mooza and my fav item from them is:

It's pretty special getting something unique and made with love and care, not having been mass produced. Thank you! louise_gillies at hotmail dot com

janil said...

OH!!!!wHAT A wonderful choice of lovely things... I fell in love with Knitting Dreams. Their teddy bears are adorable!!!

It's important for me give original and handmade crafts, made with love and so unique...

Have a nice day and thanks for the chance!!!
cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

Crystal said...

Everything is so pretty!! I really like The Lost feather Shop..i think her Imagine Peace Necklace is sweet :)

cyclona66 at aol dot com

Crystal said...

My last comment is incomplete but i don't know how to delete it!

Everything is so pretty!! I really like The Lost feather Shop..i think her Imagine Peace Necklace is sweet :)

I love buying indie and finding new shops. I think it is important to support indie businesses. I love that everything is unique and handmade.


cyclona66 at aol dot com

Erin said...

Oh my gosh- I am in love with Knitting Dreams!

Their teddy bears could not be more adorable! They've gone right on the favourites list!

I think shopping indie really helps to encourage individual creativity. I love the idea that you are supporting someone's passion and that your support helps to foster a more diverse artistic world.

Thanks so much for the opportunity- what a fantastic giveaway!


Carmilla said...

My absolute favourite shop is BeJoyfulVintage, because I love vintage jewellery, but it's a hard choice, so many beautiful things!
I think indie can be awsome, but I don't like the attitude of "just because it's indie it's good and everything brand is bad". I think it's quite hyphocritical. I love beautiful things, doesn't matter where they come from (more or less). The good thing about indie is about supporting deserving artists and finding unique pieces ^^


Mechelle said...

Dionne, thanks for sharing all of these lovely shops!

Angie said...

My favorite is the Be Joyful Vintage. I am really into vintage jewelry right now. I am really try to patronize indie artists. So many seem to be stay at home moms and I LOVE knowing my purchase allows them time to be with their families!!!

rennieangie at gmail dot com

Shaha said...

thanks for the chance
mine is the lost feather. they have so amazing items!
diarygirl at live dot com

Miss B said...

This was an absolutely TERRIFIC guide! Loved it and your illustrations (as usual!)

Miss B.

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in to say hi! I love that little felt owl and bird!

Jingle said...

These are such amazing shops! I am torn between Knitting Dreams and Goodbye Blue Monday! They both have GORGEOUS dolls and I love them!!!!
jinglesells at gmail dot com

Vanessa said...

I really love Dear Adam store! But wouldn't mind shopping in the other ones too, they have amazing items!
It is always good to support indie!


Erin said...

The Knitting Dreams store makes me happy. :)

glycinemax (at) gmail (dot) com

Sarah said...

This was a great post! I abhor thoughtless gifts as well. I don't like getting them at all, but even worse is when I give them! This Christmas I feel like somewhat of a failure, because I have been too busy, stressed and tight for money to put as much care and love into gift-buying as I usually do. Both me and my husband are obsessed with finding the perfect gift, which definitely means shopping indie. There's just no other way to find something so personalized, special, and unique. And we love to give items that have been made with so much love! This year we kind of feel like we are letting our friends/family down (even though they probably won't even notice a difference). Your ideas helped me remember that there is always next year! I'll have to keep all these lovely shops in mind.

As far as the giveaway goes, I love Vector Cloud and Knittingdreams. :) And I really hope I win!! :)

bannercat | &

Anonymous said...

Can I have two faves? I am sooo torn! I like L. Young so much - how awesome to display such pretty art in homage your home state! And then I love those dreamy pics by Sarah Moldovan. Can I say swoon??!!!!

Jennie said...

So many awesome ideas! I am not done with Christmas shopping yet and this was so inspirational! I am going to do some shopping tonight! Thank you for introducing the L. Young Studio prints, I want ALL of the Texas ones! Buying indie is buying unique and buying thoughtfully...I would much rather receive an indie gift than a mainstream gift because to me that means the gift giver put a lot of thought into the gift and how I would feel about it.

chainsawhoney said...

The Home Decor signs are my favourite! They are so awesome!

Kat Mokus /

Charmily said...

Knitting so cute!
buying indie is more environmentally friendly :) no fake plastic packaging and I love DIY

Silvergirl said...

wow gorgeous giveaway :) let me in :)

I'm inlove with the works of tracy McEvilly Ceramics.. i love her cups:0

silverlilacc at hotmail dot com

iChigoMado said...

I adore the Fine Art photography by Sarah Moldovan and Miniature Pastries from Miniature Patisserie. Both are like my hobbies, and both are wayyy beyond what I can do...

As for the importance of buying indie, to me it's to show how much they mean to you. How well do I know them and their likes and dislikes...

I wouldn't want to get things for my friends knowing that they have to fake a smile for me...

Christmas (to me) is a season of giving with sincerity, and not mindless "obligated" giving...

I received 5 photo frames last Christmas, and my friends all know I have no desk space to display photos... They all became things that I keep because of who gave it, not because I love it...

Dash said...

This list must have taken you hours to compile, Dionne! And all for a giveaway:) Even your writing is not thoughtless. What a gift!

Annebeestje said...

Wow so much goodies! Just found this great blog through Huismuis who is featured in this giveaway :)

Chani said...

I can't decide between Atpalicis and Sarah Moldovan. Both have amazing things!
I love buying indie. I have a shop myself and know how much work it is to make handmade things. Everything is made with love, and that makes the difference.

Melissa Blake said...

This is AMAZING!!! Thank you for doing this, Dionne!

mstarz9 said...

My favorite shop that you listed is Knitting Dreams, and I think buying from independent stores like those on Etsy is important because we are supporting individuals and their creativity that they put into making each item. Every thing that I find there is so specially made! :) 2pmishere(at)yahoo(dot)com

JuneBug said...

What a great collection of Etsy shops, it's great that you've distilled it a bit; etsy can get overwhelming with the amount of things (both amazing, and not) on there.

I like the Goodbye Blue Monday softies the best. They are cute and unique and full of style, I really like the design of them.

And I know it is important to shop indie to KNOW the PERSON you buy from. I live in an area with many crafters and artisans and I really like going to the shows to meet the people behind the products.

Snowflake07 said...

My favorite store is Goodbye Blue Monday from the "things to hug" collection. I love their dolls!!!
I think it's important to buy indie because I think Independent shops are usually a better quality than mass-produced items in a similar category. Also I like supporting indie shops because so many of the store owners/artists are stay at home moms or women starting their career. I myself work from home and I know I appreciate it when someone decides to use my services instead of a larger firm. I think a smaller company gives more personalized attention to details and customer service.

fisiwoman said...

I absolutely adore BeJoyful Vintage. Fingers crossed!

Ana Belén R.M

Knocked Up and Nursing said...

My fav shop is vector cloud. I love the doll necklace. It's importantfor me and my family to buy indie made products because it support small family owned businesses. Right now, they need all the help they can get. We try and buy locally made as well.
knockedupandnursing at gmail dot com

Leah said...

I love the Nature Still Life photography by Miles of Light.
Buying indie is important because it allows us to support people who normally wouldn't get too much notice. Gets products out there and hopefully gets them more sales

Jen said...

My favorite of the listed shops is knittingdreams. I love the bear. It reminds me of one I had growing up that travelled from state to state with us.

I love this gift listing. I tried (and managed) to buy the majority
of my gifts handmade this year, particularly for those who asked for cash. its just more.. thoughtful.

jentabulous at hotmail dot com

jennifer ▲ i art u said...

i am gaga over miles of light. so. much. beauty! the handmade community/crafting community is so important to me because artists are continually inspiring me!

thanks for an amazing giveaway dionne!

erin said...

I absolutely love everything - such a great selection, but L Young Studio has to be my favorite. I think buying indie is important because you are supporting artists and getting something beautiful and made with love in return!

enleidy at msn dot comrizoon

Homemaker Honey said...

Knitting Dreams is my fave! Too cute! Supporting indie is important to keep the crafts alive.

homemakerhoney @gmail .com

Lindsey said...

I love your giveaways! Count me in for this awesome one.

Anonymous said...

These are all so lovely! I am an avid baker and am always looking for ways to have pretty storage for all my baking ingredients, and those La Bestia canisters will do the job nicely. I hope I win!!!!

Thanks for the chance!

Here's my email-

Jill Turner said...

What an amazing giveaway. I love everything, but my favorite item are the men and women's WC signs from Mooza! XO Jill

Jessica said...

Such a sweet giveaway! I love so many things! But my favorite store is Atpalicis. The pink fox print would look so sweet hanging in my little girls room!


The Heinz's said...

My favorite store is Goodbye Blue monday. My daughter loves to cuddle with her stuffed animals, and the Mia doll resembles her!

heinznichole at gmail dot com

Jadi said...

Sooo cute! I would love to win those Moloco pins. I love little birds. And I have a thing for pins. So cute!


joanna kapica said...

All shops featuring their work in this giveaway have a lot to offer. I got attracted the most by A Lost Feather store. And to my very nice surprise, after visiting the store I have found there not only beautiful jewelery, but also prints and drawings and other wall decor items. Great finds! I have added A Lost Feather to my favorite Etsy stores!

Buying indie is just something that feels good, because first of all I can show this way, that I appreciate someones talent and hard work, support local artists (or even not local). At the same time I am getting product that is one, individual and like none other! What can be better than that?

Zuzu said...

My favorite store is Knitting Dreams. The little bears in this store captured my heart, too. It is so cute!

ana said...

My favorite shop out of those you listed is Vector Cloud :)

pippirose said...

My favourite store is A Lost Feather.
It's important to shop Indie, to support artisans, artists, craftspeople of all kinds. Mass produced junk is depleting energy, adding waste.
pippirose59 at gmail dot com

Amy said...

Beautiful job putting this all together Dionne. Good luck everyone!

very married said...


i love Fabuless Finds!!

Michelle said...

I love Knitting Dreams - those bears are to die for!

I support independent/indie business because I like knowing put love and effort into making an item. So many items these days are heartless. . .

luckyblue13 @ gmail . com

Samantha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Samantha said...

My favorite shop is La Bestia. I fell in love with their vintage japanese white teapot.
Buying indie is better to me because someone is putting care into the product. I support artists,I'm a photographer trying to get somewhere so I understand these troubles.

Chrissy said...

My favourite shop from the ones you have listed would have to be goodbye blue monday. The softies are just gorgeous. I love the Hug A Cloud and Lewis softie, they are just gorgeous and a sure way to say goodbye to those blue mondays.

This is such a great idea :) this year I have bought all handmade items from SAHM's I have done a LOT of research on those I am buying for to make sure I get them something that they will like and use. I am super excited about Christmas this year!!

Sarah B. said...

Mooza is my favorite shop out of all of those listed, but honestly I love all of them! Mooza's colorful patterns make me smile, though :)

I think it's important to shop indie in order to support handmade!!

sarah at yesteachercrafts dot com

cerebral e said...

My favourite is Knitting Dreams. It makes me wish I had kids so I could buy some of these cuties for them.

I love buying indie because you know the profits are going back to the artist/creator and that the goods are not being made in a sweatshop. Also, they are unique and tend to be better quality than off-the-rack goods.

julieb said...

so many wonderful things to choose from...
but i think my fav shop is BeJoyful Vintage
the jewlery is soooooo amazing!
love the vintage style!

PoppyLand said...

Adorable shops! I have many favorites:) I really love SarahEln jewelry, the fox pendant! and of course knittingdreams- I'm in love:)
The importance of buying indie, I think- besides the obvious reasons- is the fact that you'll get something made with love and some good karma:)

AmbreRose said...

I think pretty much all the items in the liniature patisserie shop are so amazingly beautiful. ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

Gia Q said...

My favorite shop would be A Lost Feather. They have the nicest dainty vintage inspired pieces.

Since I also sell handmade jewelries, I know the feeling of putting too much effort and passion in to one piece. Being an indie seller, I've learned to love details not only in material things but also in life. I believe supporting indie products is also a way of showing support to life and beauty.

cookiesANDclogs said...

I love the items at Goodbye Blue Monday because they give such a nice, warm feeling. That something you can't find in mass marketed items.

A little about ME! said...

I love the restroom signs! What does that say about me thou? :)
Love them. I love indie cuz it comes from the heart. You may never know why someone designed/created something, but that person does. And I bet they would love to tell you. So with that being said, why would I want to but something everyone else has too?

L'Atelier said...

all shops are really adorable! my favorite is atpalicis
buying indie is important to me because i know i support the artisans directly. but also more importantly indie products are unique pieces of art. they were made with much care and love - And i find that one can feel it in the finished product. hence i end up with a unique piece that is of good quality, that has gravity and is special

amy b.s. said...

so many amazing items! i am loving a lost feather! and i think buying indie just brings that added emotion to the gift. that attachment. and it's a good feeling.

Jenny Bean said...

I love Sarah Moldovan's photography. All her prints are so gorgeous and I love the vintage feel to them. I think it's important to buy indie because 1) you're helping out artists and being a photog myself, I understand how hard it is to make a living doing your art. You do it because you love it but if you can make money off it and share it with others, it's obviously a huge bonus. 2) Usually buying indie means your gift is super unique and not something mass produced. You definitely don't have to worry about someone else giving the same gift. I also like things that are handmade or unique because it is just more thoughtful to me.

Sonia said...

Love those sweet miniature pastries! It's so important to support local businesses to ensure fair trade and prices.

Connie said...

I love the pins from Moloco. Adorable.


Jessica said...

Dear Adam for sure!!! I love that cow pillow!!! So fun.

I love that buying indie helps someone not only do what they love, but feed their families.

Woo hoo!!! Jessica Ann Willard.

Angela's Alchemy said...

Miles of Light just came to my attention due to her being a featured seller on Etsy. I love her organic simplicity! Which is also why I believe people should support independent artists. There is less waste during small scale productions than in an impersonal assembly line. It is also supporting a person who is living their dreams and probably a better person for it. If more people were living their dreams imagine what a wonderful society we'd live in!

a. said...

I am also an advocate of buying indie-handmade...especially for gifts at the Christmas time! I took the 'Handmade Holiday Challenge' this year and purchased all handmade for my family & friends. Handmade gifts not only support small businesses and artists, but are a more meaningful, unique gift to the receiver. Definitely something more than a mass produced item from the mall ;) Oh, and my favourite seller you have featured is Miles of Light :) Great giveaway!

Birgit said...

I love the A Lost Feather shop!
And why I like indie-handmade items? Because of their uniqueness. No matter whether it's a piece of jewelery or a purse, you can see the love and inspiration the creator put into it and I love that!

danaan at gmx dot at

thepricklypinecone said...

I love the items in the fabuless shop! Vintage goodness at its finest.


Mary said...

I think my favorite shop is A Lost Feather, not only do I love the Fox Pendant but all of the jewelry is really unique and excellent finds!

I think buying Indie is important to support small businesses and artists, each with their own vision and special talents!


elaine said...

I really like the ceramics of Tracy McEvilly-lovely designs and colors. By shopping indie you are supporting the creativity of the artists.

Elaine R

nannyems said...

Well its hard to pick one favorite but I really love this Illustrated art by Atpalicis.
Im crossing my fingers!!!!!
Buying indi is awesome because you get something truly special. Something you can really charish.

Barbara Rich said...

I do love the quirky jewelry from Lost Feather, especially the vintage Indian items that she has.
Indie shops offer us a unique opportunity to find fabulous, truly unusual, and often one-of-a-kind wares that you can't get at the mall. But more than that, it's a chance to touch the world of the maker and to see what she values and treasures, what makes her come alive.

Cindy said...

I've always loved giving and receiving unique one of a kind, handmade items. I get a little thrill knowing that an individual sat and crafted an item. I picture someone doing something they really love in the place they choose to make it. There's got to be a wonderful satisfaction that comes from doing that and I love the idea of enabling someone to work/create that way. It's a win win situation. I love what I'm buying (or someone I'm giving it to will) and someone is able to afford to work at something they enjoy in the work location of their choosing.

Cindy said...

Oops, I forgot to say that my favorite store above is Moloco which features awesome little bird jewelry.

Karmacrochet said...

This is absolutely the cutest:

Lolo from knitting dreams.

stanech said...

My favorite store is "My Little Jedi." I think it's important to buy indie so that people are supported to do what they love!

stanech at gmail dot com

Brooke said...

BeJoyful is probably my favorite shop!

I think buying indie is a great thing!

Emily said...

I really love the wood-cut jewelry at VectorCloud - it's funky and very unique.

Buying indie is fantastic; I really love the idea of supporting individuals making a living on their own hard work, and the uniqueness of the products can't be beat.

Thanks so much for the giveaway! (My email address is in my blogger profile.)

Dita Maulani said...

Miles of Light!
I love the shop on Etsy! It's nature beauty enchants me.

i buy indie since I know nobody has it anywhere like something you buy from wholesale shops. Besides, there's always a personal feeling involved in the process of making.

(psst..I'm having a giveaway too!)

Lyudmila said...

I like the Winter Clearance Sale- - Fabric Bunting, Pennants, Apartment Decor, Cotton Fabric, Yellow, Purple, Floral, Home Decor by Merriweather Council on Etsy
lusizova at

Christina- floresdelsol said...

i love miles of light. so beautiful.
i love indy. i make indy myself so I am a firm believer in supporting the independent artists!

Jacqueline said...

Happy Huismas is my faaaav store! and i love indie artists for their creativity. I like having unique things and that wouldnt be possible without indie artists!

Karen said...

I like A LOST FEATHER jewelry! I love supporting local people making things that they love.
Thanks, Karen
lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

I'm Rebecca said...

I love the shop of 'Dear Adam' and I DESPERATELY want that cow pillow! My husband grew up on a dairy farm... He misses it... I think the cow would be such a welcome addition to our living room...

As for buying indie... I sell indie... And I buy nearly EVERYTHING indie... I like to support the others who are working their businesses into their lives... And the customer service is GREAT! Buy indie, everyone!

Happy New Year,

Monica said...

I love Miles of Light! Her images are so striking! I love shopping indie because you're not only buying something original but you're supporting the artist directly. Many thanks for introducing us to such great artists!

Vanessa said...

Things to wear 3 is my favourite! Because it's so gorgeous and i can put my photo and wear the necklace!

Stam-ish said...

Wow these are all so beautiful. I love the little doll from " Laser-cut Wood Jewellery from Vector Cloud. Looking for quirky, fun jewellery for that hard-to please friend? You'll find it in the adorably fun offerings at this store!"
And the jewellery from A Lost Feather.
I think buying Indie is cool because you support people who actually make the things.

TZel said...

I think that the cuties at Goodbye Blue Monday are my favorites. And buying indie is the best because you are receiving truly original products and supporting the actual artisans. Thanks!
bridgestranslation at yahoo dot com

Girly Girl Moments said...

My favorite shop has got to be BeJoyful Vintage. I LOVE vintage items.
Well as everyone has said before me, it's to directly support the artisans themselves. I love doing it that way because then I can really get to know the person.

moonsword said...

L. Young Studio's work is my favorite...beautiful work! Thank you for the giveaway!

Abby said...

Fave shop is Tracy McEvilly Ceramics, although there are a few others that caught my fancy!

I definitely think buying indie is important. I really hate mass-produced, cheap, low-quality good sold by those big conglomerates. I do love unique, handmade items and the great part is that you're helping real people! And not giving your money to a bunch of investors.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

impossiblyalice said...

I love Mooza'S male & female WC signs. All of their work is so beautiful!

I believe it is important to buy indie to support smaller and local businesses. To help people reach their dream. To promote quality above quantity. I love the uniqueness of everything. I love the better customer service.

wizardewu said...

My favorite shop is A Lost Feather. Her jewelry, prints and other artwork is fantastic.
eugeniewu at gmail dot com

Howell said...

Miles of Light is my favorite shop.
The natural objects look so amazing.
hlee99 at gmail dot com

thepricklypinecone said...

I love Vector Cloud, I can't see an item from the shop I don't love!

Indie is so important, especially in times like this when everything is so commercial and produced in China. We know exactly where our items come from and even at times the person that made them. Rock on Indie!


Koco & Viking said...

First, thank you so much for the most thoughtful gift guide we've come across... ever. These indie shops are so lucky to be featured in your guide. Honestly, made props, girl!

We cannot decide which is our favorite between Vector Cloud and Knitting Dreams. Seriously, not a cop out, there are 2 of us! ha ha.

Shopping indie is so very important, especially this day and age. Supporting hand crafted items is a win-win. You will receive a quality product that has been created with love and meticulously cared for throughout the entire process. In turn, your hard earned money will go directly to the person who made it and not a big, money hungry corporation. SHOP INDIE AND LOCAL!!!

koco & viking

koco & viking is a mother and daughter design duo based in Los Angeles and creating beautiful accessories together.

Cerena-Leigh said...

I ADORE knitting dreams.

Cerena Leigh

Carissa said...

hey dionne! just 30 minutes left of Jan. 3 but thought I'd join in the giveaway fun! :)

all of these shops are just wonderful but I am especially smitten with Miles of Light. I saw it on etsy the other day and FELL IN LOVE! I adore feathers for some strange reason I can't quite explain and so I found myself gravitating towards all of the lovely shots of feathers in that store. and the calendar is just superb. the images are so simple and yet they make a big impact!

as for shopping indie, I love it. I love being able to find something unique, like a little treasure. and then I love when people comment or ask about it because then I can share my little indie secret with them! last Christmas I really tried hard to buy handmade. this time I wasn't as successful since I procrastinated! but I did pick up a few things at the UNIQUE LA show... and for a baby shower last month I bought a handmade, hand embroidered towel instead of running down to Babies R Us and checking out the registry. I just think the gift was so much more special that way, and so meaningful too because I had the baby's name embroidered on the towel.

anyway, I'm rambling on and on but I love buying indie because of uniqueness of the goods and the fact that I'm supporting small, homegrown businesses. what's better than that? :)

SOOOO good seeing you on Saturday! thanks for setting it all up and getting us together. it's so nice to meet new people and share a few laughs. xoxo.

Marci J said...

I love the Knitting Dreams store - I love anything handmade because usually products are made using recycled materials. Also I love supporting other people's creativity - it makes the world a better place!
june_spirit2628 at hotmail dot com

dogsmom said...

The link I saw said deadline today, but your rules said deadline yesterday. Oh dear, I just heard about this. What a fabulous giveaway.

Without time to look at all the shops before the deadline, I would like to say ONE of my favorite is...

Dionne said...

Thanks for your entries, this giveaway is now closed.