Monday, September 13, 2010


Do you consider yourself a Grown-up?


Remember when you were a kid and days stretched on forever? School vacations seemed to be years long, and in the middle of the year Christmas seemed soooo far away. Now that I am older, everything seems to be zooming by. I feel like if I blink, I'll miss something.

When I was little, I considered Grown-ups to be anyone old enough to be finished with high school. Basically it was determined by age. I imagined that they didn't like sweets and they read the newspaper all the time, and stayed up for hours having fun while all the children in the world had to go to bed early.

The 6-year-old me would look at the 29-year-old me and call me a Grown-up. But I won't tell her that I LOVE to eat sweets all the time, and that I haven't picked up a newspaper in over a year. She wouldn't believe me if I told her that I LIKE going to bed at a reasonable hour.


When you were little, what do you think Grown-ups were like?


LBB said...

Hi Dionne ~ The things you cook up always amaze me! That panna cotta looks stunning!
I always thought anyone who was in college was SOoo old! I thought it would be forever before I was ever that old! Ha!

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

that was so long ago that I hardly remember! I like to go to bed early too. exception made for parties! time passes so quickly when you have fun! xo

Tali Schiffer said...

First I have to tell you that you just got me in trouble. I was reading your post, and my someone saw the post and the photos of your AMAZING desserts here and he complained how come I never do stuff like that... lol
When I was a kid grown ups seemed so tall and big, and they were always in suits so I thought that all grown ups wake up early dress in suits and go to their respectable jobs... (silly little me...)

AMKreations said...

I think that I figured grown-ups had all the freedom in the world, but it's so not true. Responsible grown ups don't have lots of freedom. They are bound to others...whether in a relationship such as marriage or parenting, they have to be faithful to their jobs and communities, etc. I think I realize now that I had a lot more time as a child than I imagined! =)

the southern hostess said...

This post is so lovely. I was just thinking how fast time goes by now that I'm older.

Courtney Dirks said...


Pamela said...

those desserts look divine!!!

passport in my pocket said...

I always wanted to stay up late with all the adults, but I'm like you as well – I now prefer going to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Haven't been to your bloglet in quite some time, feel out of the loop! Need to check out your other recent posts!

Phoenix said...

Honestly, given the way I grew up - I thought that Grown-Ups were very angry people with no sense of humor and no patience!

So I decided that when I grew up I'd always laugh and try my best to be patient with others and not get too frazzled.

Heh, some days are better than others!

Tender Branson said...

Grownups, aside from the ones living in my house, were people that didn't have a sense of humor and tried to live vicariously through their despicable children. Thank god the ones that lived in my house weren't like that.

Mary @ RoomPolish said...

omgosh I love this post. To me as a wee one...I thought to be a grownup you were married...could drive...and could write checks. I used to write a 'cursive signature' all over fake checks as a 6 year old, trying to be so I just want to be a kid again! : )

shealennon said...

Those desserts look mouth-wateringly good! When I was little, I always noticed that grown-ups wore shoes that "clip-clopped" in the halls. I always wanted to get high heeled shoes so I could sound like a grown up. :)

Carissa said...

I've been thinking the very same thing lately... how the days, months, years are just flying by! life is zooming by and I want to catch it and hold it still for awhile :) isn't funny how we wanted so badly to be grown up and now all we want is to go back a few years... or 10. ha!

p.s. I think I cried a little inside when you said you hadn't picked up a paper in over a year! sadness! but I'll forgive you because your cupcakes and panna cottas are just gorgeous! :)

rachel awes said...

oh my! i just have a post on
"growing up" now!!!
here's to cupcakes &
any lifedeeptreats
that speak to our
deepest selves
& love to yours!
(lovely to visit your blog!)

jennifer ▲ i art u said...

that panna cotta is making me DROOL! the styling, the colors, the texture...all so amazing dionne. i'd love to have one of those!!!

as for grown-ups i always thought they were so BIG and serious. haha
i don't know if i ever will feel like a grown-up :)

Anna Ander said...

I remember thinking that "grown-up" started at 25. When I turned twentyfive I was very far away from the picture that I'd had earlier, though... At 36 I'm feeling very grown-up (rightly so) and I love it. Being a child was good, this is great!

Barbara said...

Strict. That's what they were.

Now I'm not only grown up but OLD. I hate to admit it, but I was a fairly strict parent too!

Kristin said...

I thought grown ups drank lots of coffee...BOY am I a grown up now. HA!

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sEy said...

when I was little I though grown up are laws on the house and have so much money....hahaha!

Jayne said...

I always wanted to be grown up cuz they always had 'big-guy goodies', they could go where ever they wanted when ever they felt the great urge, they told jokes and said big words that 'you'll understand when your older', and no one made them go to bed, or get up in the morning.... now i do eat lots of goodies, i do basically go where-ever, but i would like to sleep in more and sometimes just stay in bed with a book... bummer.. :)
Thanks for sharing!

(and Carissa, why is it sad to not read the paper? I haven't for years, it's too depressing for me...)

avant garde said...

i always loved the freedom that i thought grown~ups had. that they could do whatever they wanted, no matter what anyone else thought. it's a freedom we take for granted sometimes don't you think? i think that those double choc panna cottas you made are just about the prettiest things i've seen in a while now ;) i bet they were delish! enjoy your sunday...

CathyH said...

Your blog is so fun and thought provoking! I watched so many old black and white musicals that I thought grown ups were charming and glamorous :) I wanted to be ginger rogers!