Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lovely Bits and Pieces

Most of you know by now that I love entertaining and throwing little parties.

Hosting, baking and cooking for friends, decorating... I love all of it. Anything that involves creativity and people is right up my alley. So because I like to entertain so much, I love peeking through online stores at all the housewares they have available to decorate my home.


Octavia and Brown is a charming Etsy store run by Liz, who has stocked it well with delightful vintage homewares inspired by her worldwide travels and cross-country road trips.


Liz has a passion for architecture, museums and galleries - all places that speak of other lifetimes and distant pasts. On the flip side, her love for the old is balanced with a love for the new - she enjoys reading different blogs, and has an obsession with magazines. The beach and unruly gardens also speak to her - so she is really able to find inspiration anywhere she goes.

With two of her favorite places being the beach and gardens, it's no surprise that Liz is drawn to calming shades of blue and lush greens. Cheerful hues of yellow also have a space on her palette of favorites.

Liz lives in New York and appreciates that there's something always going on in her city. She loves the fact that any given day she can go out and see what the city has waiting for her. New York is a relatively new home for her, so often she still feels like a giddy tourist exploring the sites and sounds of a new place. Running through Hudson Park is one of her favorite ways to take in the New York scenery, and when she isn't running and vintage-hunting, she enjoys cooking, baking and redecorating her apartment on a regular basis.


Liz is giving away a prize to one lucky reader. To enter, please leave a comment here telling me how you like to explore the city you live in, and which of these three items you would like if you won (all among the pictures in this post)
: Black Glass Trophy Vase, Set of 6 Amber Dessert Glasses, or the White Elephant. I will announce the winner next week.

(PS. For another fantastic giveaway that is open until July 20th, head on over to Meylah to win a gorgeous necklace by Melissa Hull over here!)
(PPS. My latest Meylah article is up about how to dress for success. Come stop by over here.)


Courtney said...

Last year my husband and I decided to start doing more things locally, we coined ourselves the "Native Tourists" and did all the local touristy type of stuff. It was a blast. The only big one we haven't done yet is the Underground Tour in Seattle, it's definitely on the list. Of Liz's beautiful selection, if I had to narrow it down to my favorite it would have to be the Black Trophy Vase, I love the way it looks.

mel sutton said...

our favorite way to explore our city is jumping in the car with absolutely no agenda and no map. we've found wonderful little restaurants, parks, and shops just driving off the beaten path.

melina bee said...

what a wonderful giveaway, i love her things, esp. the white elephant (good luck). Also, your drawing is as usual, super lovely, I adore milk bottles.
I like to explore the smaller town I live in (not sure if you'd exactly say it's a city) in a very visual way, taking bike rides and walks along smaller streets and in neighborhoods with architecture I like and examining small details that create individual character.

weezie said...

My fav way to discover the city i live in is to read up about the history of my town. Immerse myself totally in the local cultural events that take place. Support the local farmers is a huge thing that i do faithfully. Talking to the ones who were born and raised here (being an immigrant this fascinates me). And while i do this i have found so many hidden gems and a newfound appreciation for where i live.

And if i win (please please) i would so choose the Set of 6 Amber Dessert Glasses. so retro divine!!!

Jingle said...

We LOVE to wander around Boston looking for great places to eat that we have never heard of! Those hole-in-the-wall places are sometimes the BEST! We walk a LOT, too, you miss too much if you take the T everywhere! I would choose the set of 6 Amber Dessert Glasses if I won! These are fantastic choices, though! That trophy vase is so cool!

Lindsey said...

I needed you last week! I threw a housewarming party for us and we hosted 30 people in our little 1000 sq ft house! It went off without a hitch, but it wasn't as smooth as a Dionne gathering would have been. Teach me your ways!

Hehe. Hi, miss you in blogland.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Pretty I love the White Elephant, lucky!
I love walking around he city, unfortunately I dont do it as often but should definitely start again"

Gaia said...


i love the black trofeo!!!!

darling how are you ?
I've read your article...great job!

Torie Jayne said...

Loving the milk glass pieces! Have a sweet day!

Sharon said...

Our fave way to explore our city is to catch the Metro and get off somewhere new and walk around. In D.C., there's tons of monuments, but there's even more if you venture out!

Love the color of the dessert pieces!

Julia said...

We love finding new walking trails, and window shopping the reality websites. I would choose the trophy vase, and pretend our wildflowers were prize winners.


TopHat said...

I just like to walk and wander around. There's a rose garden not too far away! And I would totally pick the dessert glasses! So cool.

hrfarley at gmail dot com

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Sometimes, when I have a free afternoon (i.e. no class or work), I love to go to one of Baltimore's neighborhoods and walk around, browsing shops and such. Also, my boyfriend and I take "culinary tours" of the city by going to unique restaurants.


Also, I'd love the dessert cups (forgot this on my original post, so I deleted it!)

A. Smith said...

We don't have much money to do really extravagant things so I take my little girl on scavenger hunts by the river or through the parks searching for items that I've printed out on the computer. She's a toddler so I pick one item for each letter of the alphabet and we check them off once we've found them. Once we're half way through we stop for our picnic. It really turns out to be lots of fun and she's learning all sorts of new objects in nature along the way.

All of the items in the photos are beautiful but if I was to select my fav it would be between the Vintage Milk Glass Lace Compotes and the White Elephant. Thank you for the chance to win :)

Colleen Elizabeth said...

I live in a suburban Michigan town, so there is not much to "get to know", however, I try to look at my town in new ways by doing different photo shoots around town. I find when I do a shoot I understand a location in a better way.

I like the white elephant.

Wehaf said...

We like to search yelp.com and our local "things going on" website to find fun places to go or things to do on the weekend. We've been here for a year and we're still getting to know the area.

I'd choose the black vase.

urchiken at gmail dot com

PoodleLady said...

I like to ride out on county roads ands browse auctions, antique stores, estate sales, and roadside markets. It's the best way to discover new territory and to find out about your community's past while antique looking! I'm in love with the pretty white elephant. :) Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!


Michele Lee said...

Oh gah! I love hosting parties too and wish I could throw one every weekend or so. I love the pieces you found...just beautiful. :)

PS. I've tagged you in a game. I know you're a busy bee, but it would be so awesome if you had the chance to play. :)


Emily said...

I read an article in the New Yorker a few years ago about a man who walked on every street in Manhattan. I lived in Paris at the time, and adopted this goal. Although I didn't make it to every street, I loved my walks more than anything and had so much fun exploring places I wouldn't otherwise have seen.

I now live in Portland, after a relatively brief stop in New York, and have made an effort to walk as much as possible in both of these wonderful cities as well.

Kristin said...

My friends and I like to find free things to do in our town. We can go to a park or for a walk in the rural areas.

I would pick the amber dessert glasses.

kristin.brown106 at gmail dot com

Tabby said...

Our favorite way to explore our city is to read about the history here and go to the places that are mentioned.
If I win I would choose the Set of 6 Amber Dessert Glasses. Thanks for the chance! :)

tabbylewis at hotmail.com

Taylor B. said...

I love taking the carriage tours in my town. I always learn something new about the historic homes and area.

If I win I'd love the dessert dishes.


The Princess Chyme said...

Me and my sister used to explore city tourists attraction by a tour. We both love doing it.

I'd like to enter this lovely giveaway. I like the Black Glass Trophy Vase. I's awesome piece!

mruna said...

I explore it by walking! walking around ,in and out new lanes etc.! Its the only pace at which you can see things you would otherwise never notice!

i love the amber bowls but would pick the trophy vase as ive never seen anything like that in black glass!

mrunamistry at gmail dot com

oksana said...

I love to read some really old newspapers, look old white and black pictures of my town and of course walking in parks, museums and just enjoy hot summer evenings in the coffee bar in the city center!

I would love to win Set of 6 Amber Dessert Glasses! Thank you for the chance!


Angie S. said...

I think there's no better way to discover your city than to set out on foot. It's amazing how many things you drive by every day and never notice are there.

I love the white elephant. I have a bit of an elephant theme at my house, so it would fit right in! Email is cantrix at gmail dot com

Celeste said...

Our city has a fabulous magazine that is published monthly - and it is always full of great activities and events that are happening right here! So, I always check the magazine for great ideas :)

I'd love that white elephant!


lauren said...

I work in people's homes so I'm constantly driving from one place to another. I'll often stop during breaks throughout the day and discover fun new places, like a cute store or new fruit stand or some sort of hidden attraction. It's great.

If I were to win, I would choose the Vintage Milk Glass White Compotes, Amber Dessert Glasses, and Vintage Space-Saving Jars!

lauren.m.gibson At gmaiL DOT com

Abby said...

Not entering because I dont' have my own place yet =(

Providence, RI has some really nice vintage shops, though.

Margaret said...

Los Angeles is not my favorite city of the cities I've lived in, but I have enjoyed it. The one thing I'd love to explore more are the parks and trails for hiking. They are a drive away, but I think they would be worth it. I've also been meaning to go to the Griffith Observatory, which I hear has a breathtaking panoramic view of the city at night. If you want to feel like it's Christmas in July, this is the place to be.

Those 6 Amber Dessert Glasses are absolutely eye-catching. Would love to win em!

Thanks for this really beautiful giveaway.


daer0n said...
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daer0n said...

I explore it by going out to take photos of different places that my husband takes me to, he is my 'tour' guide as he knows the city better than me, and he was born here, I was born in a different country! :)

I would pick the amber dessert glasses, so pretty!
Nury77 at live dot ca

Maggie said...

Your etsy shop is super cute! I live in the Bay Area and my favorite thing to do there is to hit up all the great museums. I also love Chinatown and the good eats in SF. If I won, I would definitely pick those pretty orange dessert cups. Thanks a million!

devilishangel97 at yahoo.com

Lisa said...

I recently discovered couchsurfing.org: Not sure if touring the town option would be open to those who already live there, but it would be a great change of pace and perspective.

Lisa said...

I forgot to add, if I won, those dessert cups would be mine.

Katie said...

since i live in an urban metropolis - los angeles - i love to find nature in unexpected places. i look for hikes, leafy drives, and hidden waterfalls all within a short drive from the city. if i won, i would LOVE the black glass trophy vase. it would look beautiful with purple daisies! email in profile.

Surge said...

I love to explore the city Im in by walking around and discovering places I havent been before. & Id love to win the desert glasses, theyre cute!

contact email: tsgiveaways(at)hotmail.com

Tambria said...

I love exploring my city by driving and walking. I love to drive and find new and exciting places. I will usually get out of the car and admire my new find.

I will say that flip flops are not great for walking for long periods of time. One night, we walked around the city and I had on black flip flops. I had such a great time washing the black dye off the bottom of my feet that evening! LOL!

I love, love, love the set of 6 Amber Dessert glasses :)

Phoenix said...

Those dessert glasses are gorgeous! Ever since I moved to LA I've always been interested in getting out and exploring bits of it. I use websites like explorela.com or flavorpill, and I subscribe to Los Angeles magazine to always stay on top of the cool things this city is doing. I love how diverse everything is and and how I can travel from one city to the next and constantly be surprised by what I find. :)

Jenny Bolech said...

One of the newest, most interesting way I've found to explore my city is letterboxing! It takes me to all sorts of interesting locations that I didn't have any idea were here! I'd love to win the dessert glasses :)

jenny.maurer84 at gmail dot com

Lovely Scribbles said...

I love to explore my own city as well as any city on foot. I take in so much more of my surroundings - the sites, the smells, the beauty - that way. I would love the black glass trophy vase. Lovely stuff!

Barbara said...

You always find the most delightful things, Dionne! I'm going over to her site when I'm done here.
Most of my new discoveries are word of mouth. Also, we are fortunate to have a magazine devoted to the city I live in and it is chock full of new places to investigate, new restaurants and new ideas!
I love the dessert glasses! Naturally. :)

Labour of Love said...

bonjour, sweet Dionne!!! what a great post...me, my sis, her lil' ones + my munchkins seem to explore our cities by finding out cool (+free)info from Explore Chicago (on FB) or our Village's website, also by word of mouth and just being spontaneous...we love movie houses, parks, beaches, carnivals, Farmer Markets, museums, gardens, ice cream shoppes, bakeries...you name it...
if there was a chance of winning, i'd love either the Vintage Milk Glass White Compotes, Amber Dessert Glasses, or Black Trophy(or the Lucky white Elephant-couldn't decide) bonne chance!!!

de said...

I live in Charleston, SC and it is so rich in history! I love exploring the city streets downtown, The Market, old buildings and enjoy reading up on the cities histories.

I love Liz's store (she just hosted a challenge for us) so it's nice to have a chance to actually win some goodies! I think I would choose the amber glasses, though the other two items are favs as well!

Thanks for the chance to win!

elaine said...

My fav way to explore my city is togo for walks in the river valley-beautiful and peaceful. For winning I would choose the beautiful amber dessert glasses.

Elaine R

photojoy said...

Hi! I'm finally back from teaching. Dionne, you're always a great organizer and artist and cook and know much of how to make people feel happy. I've got to learn some tips from you. Thanks for enlightening me.

lisaroyhandbags said...

I love to walk up and down all the streets and alleyways - it's amazing what you discover about your own town! I get a lot of great photos on these walks too.
I adore the black trophy vase!! : )

Samy said...

I love taking walks and sometimes driving around without a known destination and seeing where the road takes me. :)

I adore Set of 6 Amber Dessert Glasses!

samyrocks92 at msn dot com

Shairbearg said...

I love to get together with other mom's and kids and try out their fav areas! We have found some awesome places that way.

I would love the desert bowls!

Deb - Two Cheeky Monkeys said...

The vintage milk glass lace compotes are gorgeous, as are the space saving jars!!!

I live in Melbourne, Australia and love to explore my city on foot and by car, depending on how far away my destination is. In the city centre areas one can just drive or catch a train to a central spot and then spend the day wandering with friends, stopping only to have a beautiful cafe lunch or coffee!

debyeo at hotmail dot com