Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blog Challenge: Dionne vs. Eric (1 of 3)

There's nothing wrong with some good old, healthy competition.

And that's where my lovely friend Eric comes in. As a lot of you know, Eric was the person that convinced me to get into blogging, so without him I would be blogless. His is the first blog I ever followed, and is by far one of my favorite stops on the web, with his witty observations and takes on his Los Angeles lifestyle. I met him when he crashed one of my birthday parties a few years ago, and I have adored him ever since.

We're having a Blog Challenge, where we each give one another three topics to post about on our blogs. We would love if you guys would read both of our posts and let us know which one wins (i am totally ok with you picking, Eric, so don't be afraid if you like his best). Here is his. Eric (being the fantastic guy that he is) has given me the topic of "My March Madness Bracket" for today's post. A subject that I knew nothing about before this challenge.


To me "March Madness" sounds similar to the "Winter Blues", but for March. I imagine people with March Madness to be people that live in colder states that aren't getting Spring Weather just yet like the warmer states are. Of course I was clueless about it because 1. I am Australian and 2. I don't care about watching sports. But now I know that it's the National College Athletics Association's Basketball elimination tournament. And Eric has challenged me to pick which college teams are going to win each round. So folks, here are my completely uneducated picks, and the reasons I chose them (none of which are informed or well-educated reasons).

(See my Bracket here, and my reasons after the jump).

I am only going to list my reasons for the final four teams and the winner, because it would take forever to list my reasons for every round:

Houston vs San Diego = San Diego. I love you Houston, but it gets so humid out here. I imagine Houston players to be really stinky and sweaty.
Syracuse vs. Oakland = Oakland. I used to watch a sitcom called "Hangin' With Mr Cooper", and he was a Basketball Coach from Oakland, so I forever associate Oakland with Basketball.
Texas vs. Washington = Hello, I live in Texas. I choose Texas.
Villanova vs.Texas A&M =
Even though Villanova sounds like a lovely Italian Villa Resort, I have to choose Texas A&M. I know lots of Aggies, and they are gung ho!

So I guess I think the final four should be:
San Diego State, Oakland, Texas and Texas A&M. And you know why? Because I LOVE Cali AND Texas, and would love to see them battle it out. I don't know why I always make the things I love compete for me. I once held a mini-olympics type event for two different groups of friends to compete to see who was the best. Eric was in it, and the team he was in won.

And the final team will be SAN DIEGO. I pick them because I prefer their little Matador logo over the Texas Longhorn symbol. Matadors are usually more graceful and have more gusto.

Don't forget to stop by Eric's post and see what he says about the topic I assigned him here.


Jenn said...

i think i have to give this one to eric, but only because the teams you picked are not ranked very well & it's pretty unlikely that any of those teams will be in the final four based on talent. :)

however - based on your reasoning for picking them (logos, etc.) i think you have great logic going! :)

Tamara Nicole said...

Look at you! I haven't gotten into this (although I do fantasy football), BUT my hubby is huge into sports. I like soccer?! And am a girly girl lol. But I am proud of you for branching out!

Gaia said...

Good Job Dionne! This round goes to Eric...he had me talking about Vanilla that means you've chosen a great topic to give to him!

Phoenix said...

This cracks me up...for your sense of humor and originality, I pick yours over Eric's.

Sorry, Eric. Although your blog title quoting 2Pac and Dr. Dre from the "California Love" song DOES get you extra cool points.

Believe me, I keep track of cool points for other bloggers. Oh yes.

Little Miss Tiara said...

lololol. I figured why Eric won the round (if he finally does), it's the subject you gave him! Hahaha, it's unfair, but sadly to say, me, like you, and I think other girls (?) isn't interested in something sport related xD

while a guy talking about vanilla? That's new! Hahah... unfair. lol. :P

By the way, I LOVE the chart you made, so pretty!

ps. are you using [read more] now? lol.

Maki said...

Awe sweetie, you're so cute! I hate to say it because I love you with all my heart, but Eric won this round - oh vanilla I heart thee... LOL

Great post - can't wait for round 2!!!

Kaye Prince said...

Oh Dionne! You know love you, but this one has to go to Eric. This, however, is not your fault - you picked a much better topic for him. I really enjoyed the history ( neat stuff!), but I actually really like vanilla...vanilla ice cream? Yum!

Nicole Marie said...

haha i could care less about march madness too. i can't imagine sitting inside watching sports instead of being outside!

Eric said...

Thanks for the kudos.

To be fair though, it IS called a blog "challenge."

I actually liked your post Dionne better than mine. Here's why:

1. I've never seen a March Madness bracket that pretty. I doubt I will ever see another one.

2. I feel like you're an American now that you've made a bracket.

3. It's hilarious how you wrote college football and scratched it out with "oops, i mean basketball."

and PS... what the heck do I know about vanilla? I boil pasta and make PB&J's. That's what I eat every. single. day.

Love the post Dionne, and thanks for the comments!

Eric said...

and if you're a girl and you like sports, you should speak up!

Tim said...

Nice start to the blog challenge.

Erin said...

You win this one in my book. Your blog is prettier, and you choose sports teams the same way I do! Hmmm I like that teams colors better... oh and that team is near me... oh yes, and that logo is much better.

Eric needs more pictures :)

Anonymous said...

I pick you Dione.

I am not into sports. March madness in our house is the children getting mad because they can't live outside now that the days are warmer! And we rush around like MAD to get all the inside things done so we can be outside!

Your bracket is pretty!

Go Kentucky...Not because I am into sports....but because that is where I live!


Lovely Scribbles said...

Hmmm...this is kind of a toss-up. Both posts made me laugh (yours was cute), but Eric's little tidbit on the background of vanilla was hilarious. I love you, girl, but this one may have to go to Eric just for that!

Pssst...your pictures are WAY prettier, though! :)

VivatRegina said...

HAHAHAHA! Oh Dionne.... sigh....

Well, You're bracket is the prettiest bracket I've ever seen but you're logic is well... there's just not much logic there. You're like the people who pick the teams based on the colors of the uniforms and/or based on which mascot would win in a battle of the mascots. This type of logic usually causes me to roll my eyes (I can't help it, I'm a sports fanatic), but with you, it just made me laugh! haha!

I'm going to have to give the win to Eric on this one. Your pictures are better, but his research surpassed yours. I mean, you could've gone online to look at season records for at least a *little* background information on teams. At least with Eric I learned the origin of vanilla... lol.

But great posts, both of you. :) I'm looking forward to reading more of these!

Mechelle Harrison said...

Is Geogia Tech out? As you can see I do not follow this very well. I will have to ask my husband.

Barbara said...

This one isn't fair, Dionne! I loathe basketball. It's the only sport I feel that way about. On the other hand, I love vanilla anything. Sorry....this one has to go to Eric.

Tonya {Kotori} said...

Loved this post... and your reasons for picking each team!

Kris said...

This is such a funny subject. I am with you because I don't care about b-ball. Is that mean/moronical? perhaps!... but I don't care! hehe

Diya said...

your illustration is prettier, therefore you win?

PS. visit my blog at:

Tender Branson said...

Love the illustration that went along with the post. Great reasoning for what you did.

Kristin said...

I totally used to pick my bracket based on colors or mascots. Typical chick stuff. Ah ha ha

Kristin said...

I'm voting for your post, Dionne! Also because it was pretty...say "march madness" to me and my eyes glaze over, but the pictures brought me back! :) Eric's post was good though...but I am a biased Dionne fan...

LJ said...

I applaud your efforts at a bracket! If I had to do this, I would be so stressed out. I don't understand the thrill behind picking a bracket, but to be fair, I guess most guys don't usually understand the thrill of making a pretty cake or putting together a really cute outfit.