Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Coming up to Valentines...

So we are quickly approaching Valentine's Day. A day that is just as much loathed by people as it is loved.

You can probably tell just by looking at my blog that I LOVE Valentine's Day. Yes - I am that girl. I love flowers, frills, romantic comedies, fairytales, anything to do with love and the fanciful.


But I have always liked Valentine's Day. Even when I was single. To me, it's not JUST about romantic love. A lot of people complain about how here in America, children exchange Valentine's gifts in school - they say that it's teaching commercialism to kids. I actually think it's great because it shows children at a young age that Valentine's Day is about ANYONE you love. You don't need to be married or in a relationship to care about people.

There are people who complain that Valentine's Day is silly, that we should be like this every day - but in reality - not everyone is. Sometimes it takes a holiday like this to remind folks to show the people that they love that they appreciate them. For some people Valentine's Day is the only day of the year that they get this kind of attention - so any holiday that celebrates love is good in my books.

Alice from Piggy shares my love of the whimsical and romantic. She has a beautifully quirky store with jewelry to cater any taste. She told me that all her jewelry is inspired by fairytales and music, and that when she's not making jewelry, she loves to explore little cafes tucked into corners.
Her eclectic mix of jewelry range from Hello Kitty inspired pieces to dainty little lockets that remind me of a Jane Austen book.


Alice is generously giving away a lovely piece of jewelry to one lucky reader. To enter, please let me know which you would prefer to win: 1, 2 or 3, and also let me know what you like or don't like about Valentine's Day. I will announce the winner on Sunday.


Nina said...

I love #2 (Periwinkle Blossom studs).

Valentine's Day is a regular day for me as I've never had a boyfriend. :)

irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

MaLo said...
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Meg said...

i LOVE the periwinkle blossom studs, they are so pretty! i love valentine's day because my husband and i plan to do something together at home, so we can appreciate each other without all the commercialism. this year we're making a nice dinner and eating it on our balcony, which we'll fill with tealights! also, valentine's day is my dad's birthday, so it's always been double special in my family :)

MaLo said...

Hello! What I do not like about Valentine's day are:
- The colors (pink and red, really?)
- The lack of spontaneity
- The overload of cheesiness
- The peer pressure
- The existence of this holiday by itself. We shouldn't need a reminder that we have to be caring and attentive at least once a year.

Other than that, I love #2!

Cheers! MaLo

I didn't include my email address ;) lippmarie@gmail.com

Betsabè said...

I love: 2!!!
I like Valentine's day for the chocolate..... ;-)

ale84.vercelli at hotmail dot it

passport in my pocket said...

love that pocket watch necklace!!!

We don't really do the presents thing, but try to make Valentine's Day a fun time to reconnect.... like see a Broadway play, have wine & a nice dinner or go hiking with the dogs.

LJ said...

I love the perriwinkle blossom studs...how beautiful.

Your sentiments about Valentine's Day match mine exactly. Although I am single this year (and have been for all but one Valentine's day) I still enjoy this holiday. Great movies come out, people are buying fresh flowers all the time, and I can usually just feel love in the air.

My favorite Valentine's memory is from when I was around 13 years old. I was sort of an awkward kid, so I wasn't getting Valentines from any boys. I came home one day and my dad had put a bag of caramels on my bed with a note that said "Happy Valentine's Day." I will never forget that!


Hannah said...

I love number one--the hummingbird one. So pretty. :)

I like all of the LOVELY homemade things that you find when you're near valentines day--it makes you want to create something.

And as a side-topic--I received my necklace! It's so beautiful--I'm going to have to thank Christina again. ;)

Love & Blessings,

Hannah said...

Also, your valentines sentiments match my own. :)

Amanda said...

I love #2 (periwinkle blossom studs).

I love Valentine's Day because (as you said), it's a day to celebrate ALL kinds of love - not just romantic. As a single girl, I choose to use the day not as a chance to wallow in the depths of solitary despair, but to celebrate the fact that I have people around me that I really, truly love - my family and wonderful friends.

And I like to use the day as an excuse to see some major chick flick movies without feeling guilty about enjoying them so much. :0)

maggisaar said...

I simply adore #1, the Hummingbird Necklace.

When I was in high school and bitter, I wouldn't celebrate Valentines Day. I celebrated Pistachio Nut Day (Totally made it up) and walked around all day eating and giving out Pistachio nuts.

Now that I'm married, Steve and I don't really celebrate it, much beyond a hug adn a kiss. Only once did we give each other cards, and on another year Steve gave me the Once DVD and soundtrack. Since it falls between his birthday and our wedding anniversary, we don't really care for it! Maybe it'll change when Nack comes along and I'll help 'em with cards for their classmates.

Kaye Prince said...

Oh pretty! I'd definitely have to go for number 1 (the hummingbird necklace).

I don't really care about the presents aspect of Valentine's Day, but it's unfortunate (since it is a "present holiday") that if you don't receive one you then feel badly. Alex and I express our love everyday, but it's still really nice to have that one "special" day each year. But you are most definitely right, it's also a day to show everyone we love them.

Amanda said...

#2 and my Valentine's Day is always fun because I'm surrounded by glitter, sweethearts, and cupcakes...I am an early childhood student teacher:)

MadeInCanarias said...

I love #2. I like to see a lot of happy faces on Valentine´s Day :)

Melanie's Randomness said...

The rubic Cube necklace looks soo cool!!!

I'm not really a fan of V-day cuz somehow I manage to have a bad either single or in a relationship. I just treat it like a normal day, im sorry to say. But if everyone else enjoys it by all means, enjoy it! =)

K said...

Love #2. I love that Valentine's Day is that one day where it's acceptable to be lovey-dovey toward everyone! You can wear pink, you can smile at every passer-by, and you're allowed to be in love with the world.

Mer said...

I like 2! Val-Day is just a time to remember to tell everyone you love that you love them. most of us do not say it enough.

sarsosari said...

I love #1! I have always liked Valentine's Day. It's just one more excuse to buy fun things and candy for the people I love the most!


the Lost Earring said...

I agree about giving out valentines in grade school. I know once 6th grade hit, we all got a little more self-conscious about which ones we gave to whom though ha ha ;)

How funny! I just met Piggy a couple weeks back in this land o' blogs. The periwinkle blossom studs are adorable!

Olga said...

My favourite is #1 Sweet Hummingbird Necklace. It's so pretty and girly:). I love it!
I think that Valentines day is a little different day of the year. I know then everywhere are a lot of hearts, red coulour, roses etc. It can be a unique opportunity to express our feelings. When we have someone in our heart this day it's a special opportunity to celebrate togehter. I think for these people Valentine's day isn't only 14 th of February, but every day of the year! Everyday is good to be together and express our love:).

Marci said...

I love #2 -- the studs. I love Valentine's because I can eat lots of chocolate! But one thing I hate about Valentine's is all the commercialism--the tackiness of some of its advertising. I'd much rather focus on the spirit of Valentine's than get caught up in all its commercialism.
june_spirit2628 at hotmail dot com

Laura said...

The pocket watch necklace! I am in love with it...how cute :) my grandpa was a watchmaker reminds me of him ! I hate valentines day when all your single girlfriend get really cliche and sad...its just another day and I feel like sometimes they make it worse!

Sara Ballstaedt said...

I LOVE #3, it's so original and gorgeous!

I just love that we have a holiday to celebrate "love". It just makes everyone happy :)
But i do NOT like when people get bad attitudes just because they don't have someone to celebrate it with...

Melissa Blake said...

The Rubik's Cube necklace is fantastic! I love Valentine's Day because what's really better than spreading the love?

Ashley said...

I love #1, it would be a perfect gift for my grandmother because she adores hummingbirds!

I have never been big into Valentine's Day as far as getting gifts, but my husband and I make a point to set that day aside to do something together. It's a mandatory date night!


Anonymous said...

I love the sweet humming bird necklace it's darling.Great giveaway my fingers are crossed.Marian

Apple Hu said...

I love #2! I love how cute and elegant they are.

Valentines day has always been normal for me--just another day. But every year, one of my friends ends up complaining about their boyfriend/girlfriend.

My favorite thing about V-day is that when it's over, all the chocolates go on sale :)


jasmine said...

i love the hummingbird necklace.
also, i'm on the fence about valentine's. sure the hype's annoying, but if people enjoy it, why not?

Stacey @ Say Something Stacey said...

I love the pocket watch necklace, it's so unique and amazing!

I actually am indifferent to Valentine's day, it's the day after my birthday so my hubs and I rarely do anything special for it. I've always just sort of ignored it :).

Meghan said...

#2 for me, please! So pretty!

I used to loathe Valentine's Day because I felt that we should celebrate love each and every day. While I don't hate it, I still try and live by this principle and do nice things for those I love:)

Cindy said...

I don't see #2 the perriwinkle blossom studs so maybe I am looking ar the wrong thing.

I like the pocketwatch necklace and the humming bird one.

I'm not a fan of V-day. I'm not Catholic, I don't know or care who St. valentine is, and I expect (and in return) try to show my love everyday to those I love with notes, presents, and thoughtfulness.

Silvergirl said...

I love this #2 Periwinkle Blossom. Studs they are awesome.. love it

Valentine is always a special to me :) not because i will be with my love but because it is the day of all people who are in love and be loved.. and to show some love too to your enemy :)

silverlilacc at hotmail dot com

julia said...

#2 for me, I love little flower earrings.

The best thing about Valentine's for me is definitely the sweets. Nothing like a good excuse for some chocolates!


Phoenix said...

Lol I love this post - you are so sweet and make Valentine's Day seem wonderful for everyone. I wrote my post based off the fact that wherever people are in relationships - they ARE the luckiest people, because you can't have what anyone else has. But I love Valentine's Day for all the ways in which we get to think outside the box about what romance and love and gratitude really are :)

PS the Rubik's cube necklace is adorable!

Ali said...

I think I'm partial to #1. Yes, yes...I am.

I like Valentine's Day because of my family. You see, every year for as long as I can remember, my mom would get my sister and I a Valentine's Day bear and it's a tradition. Not sure if she's going to do it this year since we're 23 and 20 but who knows? Haha.

Hope all is well missy! xo

Biddy said...

I'd choose # 3 if I won, mainly because of the dork in me.

I believe Valentine's day should be a time that's shared between everyone; family, friends, co-workers. It's thoughtful to let someone know that you care about them no matter who they are. Look at it this way, not everyone has a boyfriend or girlfriend to share that special day with.


Michelle. said...

I adore #2, the periwinkle blossom studs. So pretty and subtle. Love them. I personally love Valentine's Day. You're right, it's about loving EVERYONE, including family and friends. Honestly, who can't use a little more love in their life?

Much love, sista!

Margie said...

I like the hummingbird necklace!
I always liked Valentines Day...I love to send cards and get chocolate candy for my husband.
mtakala1 AT yahoo DOT com

Holly said...

I love number 3!

But on the other hand, I hate how on Valentine's Day, there is kinda a pressure to be romantic. To me, it is just another day.

hook6475 @ yahoo.com

kittycat said...

periwinkle blossom studs! love 'em!

i like valentines day because it celebrates love, for anyone or anything, and love is such a beautiful thing. (plus who can resist the abundance of chocolate and flowers surrounding this holiday!)

Raj said...

I'd choose the hummingbird necklace, and give it to my Mom, age 77, who has loved the wee little hummers all her life. She would really love this! All your pieces are cute, though.

Valentines Day : I love the chocolate and the romance I am happily married). But, I don't like the way Valentines Day makes single people feel forgotten.

Lindsey said...

I have a Korean student who told me that on Valentine's day, boys give valentines to girls, then they have a day on November 11 on which girls give out the sweets: chocolate covered pretzel-like sticks. It's on 11/11 because the pretzels are shaped like the number 1! And do you know why it started? It was a ploy by the candy company to sell their pretzels!

Ica Images said...

love #2

and what i love about valentines is the extra hugs that go around.


Gentrified said...

What I like about Valentine's Day is the spirit of Love being spread everywhere. The very thought that there is a day that is dedicated to celebrate LOVE. Although, I'm not into a relationship, I always looking forward to Valentine's Day.

I love to have the Pocket Watch or the Silver Bike Necklaces. <3

Happy Valentines to you! <3

Amber said...

I would love to win #1 the Sweet Hummingbird Necklace!

I don't like how commercialized Valentine's Day has become.

Thanks for the giveaway :)

Sihui said...

I love #1, Sweet Hummingbird Necklace. It's so unique!

One thing I love about Valentines Day is the excuses to receive gifts an extra day of the year!

Thanks for the chance to win:)

KarenandJason said...

I love this holiday because I enjoy going to the store and "people watch" as they browse for the perfect card to give to their loved ones... I love their facial expressions, or their laughs, or sometimes I like to see how long it takes for them to pick out their card.

The periwinkle blossom earrings are gorgeous!! What a sweet little giveaway.

Happy Valentines Day!!

Ruri said...

I love the #2 blossom earrings! So pretty:) I never cared much for Valentine's Day because it always made people forget my birthday (13th). I do love the flowers, the chocolates, and all the romantic details, though:)


Hilary Leister said...

I like those periwinkle blossom studs... #2

I agree w/ you about V-Day. It's a time to tell ANYONE you love how much you care about them.
This year, the bf & I are going to try and make sushi together. Look for pictures haha :)

Jill Turner said...

I really love #2 - the flower studs are so dainty. I love to wear studs every day, and this is the perfect pair.

I love Valentines Day. I have a wonderful boyfriend and we always get couples massages (so cheesy) and go out to eat at my favorite Italian restaurant. I am sort of a feminist, but I totally support a holiday where I am spoiled! :)

Emily said...

The studs would be great! And what I don't like about Valentine's Day are all the people who always complain about it!

Bunny B said...

I would choose the 3rd piece. Cute necklace! :)
I don't like the overpriced chocs and flowers on V-day!
bunnybx at gmail . com

Nicole Marie said...

i love valentines day! i love it even more now that i'm student teaching and get to bring in treats for the kids! i love celebrating love between family, friends and that some one special :)

erinkpitts said...

I would pick number one.

I don't like Valentine's Day because if you love someone you shouldn't need one specific day to show it. Also it's kind of obnoxious and in your face about it. Which, as a single person, is annoying. haha

ladyoftheforest15 at hotmail dot com

EVA SB said...

I love the Periwinkle Blossom earrings.

I hate the commercialism on St Valentine's and the fact that my husband never remembers but I do love all the beautiful flowers in the flower shops.

My Wooden Heart said...

I LOVE the pocket watch necklace. It's really cute!

Torie Jayne said...

Beautiful illustration! and that hummingbird necklace is adorable! Have a sweet day!

Izzy said...

I simply love the pocket watch necklace, it' s so vintage...
I really never liked V - day because I like spontaneous things... V - day really isn't... :)

littledeadmommy said...

I like #1.
As far as Valentine's Day goes, I've never really looked at it as a special holiday. I do like it though because it's my Dad's birthday...and it's close to my anniversary with my boyfriend, so we just combine the two days to celebrate.


lin3arossa said...

I love the Rubic Cube. Necklace but even more the pocket watch necklace!
What I don't like about Valentine's day is the feeling that something MUST be done on gifted on that day. I think one should create oneself those special days according to one's mood over the year...
ghainskom at yahoo dot com

Tammy said...

I love #1, the necklace :)

I love Valentine's Day because it reminds me to shed a little extra love on my boy.

I'm also very much in love with the chocolate, romance, and girliness associated with it. I can't believe that I hated Valentine's Day in high school!

brinnet =at= gmail -dot- com

Dovile said...

I'd like to enter if it's open worldwide.

I like the 2 prize, the Periwinkle studs the most.
I'm actually not a fan on Valentine's day, as it's too commercialized with all those heart-shaped gifts, cards, stickers and what not.

spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

crystal said...

I like #3 The Pocket Watch Necklace a lot!
I like all of the pretty red Valentine colors and roses that the holiday's decorations usually are;)
I also love the Spring follows closely after Valentines day!!


Aik said...

I'd love to win the Periwinkle Blossom. Studs! (#2)

Valentine's Day is just like any other day, it's just that people think that it's a romantic day.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

baggypants said...

I love #3 and Valentine's Day...love the fresh colours of pink and red...what better way to spend a dreary February day then cutting out hearts and making Valentines...

Mercy said...

I like #2 the periwinkle blossom studs. I'm not much of a fan of Valentine's day. I have boys who don't really like it. Most of the time I am either single or have a boyfriend that forgets or refuses to do anything special.

Cabootique said...

I'd like to win #1. I'm pretty neutral about Valentine's Day, but this year it will be special since I'll be going out of town with my boyfriend.


Jingle said...

I really love the pocket watch necklace (#3)! It is gorgeous! Actually...they all are!

Alisha L. said...

I would love #1

Usually I hate Valentines Day but my husband planned something amazing this Valentines, we are going away to a hotel w/ a whirlpool suite for a night! So this Valentines Day and I..we will be ok :)


Carapace said...

I love the Pocket Watch necklace-- I love jewelry that Does Something! And that piece is so elegant-- how could there be another choice?
I've always loved Valentine's Day. I love any excuse to share gifts with the people I love! And it's my mom's birthday-- who could deserve cards and candy more than a mom, right?


vvb32 reads said...

love the piggy pieces. i prefer #1 the sweet hummingbird ;-D

on valentine's day, i love receiving a classic gift of chocolates in a heart-shaped box. there's just something about the box shape that is so appealing.


Rachel M. said...

Hi! I am visiting from Hannah's blog, Aspire. Cute blog! :)
I am going to have to go with #1, the hummingbird necklace. Very pretty!
And about Valentine's Day, I agree with you that even when you are single or married or what not, you can have love even for your little sisters, a love from the Lord who gives unconditional love. :D
Thanks for the neat giveaway!
email: faithfulsunshine(at)gmail(dot)com
God bless!
In Christ,
Rachel M. from Hopejourney

Kristin said...

D, you summed up Valentine's Day perfectly! I love this time of year... a fun and frilly pink and red holiday right in the middle of winter. We need to share the love! All the jewelry is cute... no favorite here!

Linda Kish said...

I would choose #1.

I think there is WAY too much chocolate.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

carmel said...

me 2
loving nomber 2!
for valentines ill probably be washing the dishes. feeding the kids and so on...


Anonymous said...

Hi! I love the earrings, number 2. Thanks for the chance to win! I love Valentine's because it is the time of year when romance and sentiment override realism and negativity.
bethnaf at hotmail dot com

Rachel said...

I love the pocketwatch necklace! Thanks for the giveaway!


Surge said...

I would love to have number one =)


Rebekah Williams said...

I really think I NEED those little birdie earrings. After all, they look exactly like my Yeebird logo.

So so sweet! Of course, the bike necklace is a very close runner up.

I love Valentine's Day because it is all pink and red and white and purple-y, and that might sound shallow, but it's the truth. I love pretty things.

jakiesmom said...

i love the hummingbird necklace...my mom goes to az alot and is always on the lookout for them...for me the one thing i don't like about v-day is all the hype...i would love for it to be truly about showing your love for one another...in any way.

mframe said...

I like number 2- The Periwinkle blossom studs.
I don't really like valentine's day because my husband is always out of town. We have just decided not to do any gifts which sucks.

BlueGrassandGreenTomatoes said...

The little bird earrings!!! Too cute!

Aubrey said...

I LOVE #3. So unique! I love Valentine's because it makes people more attuned to how much other people make a difference in their lives, and how loved we really are, even if you don't have a boyfriend.

Carissa said...

I love #2, the periwinkle blossom studs! very cute.

and as for Valentine's Day, I'm with you. I think it is a great day to show anyone and everyone you care. I'll admit, there's a lot of pressure and expectation that comes along with Valentine's Day, especially when you are in a couple, and I have been disappointed some years. and lonely others. but at the same time, I don't appreciate the cynicism of some who say it is a day made up by card companies, florists and chocolatiers! :) I say, just because people should say 'I love you' everyday doesn't mean that having one day set aside for that very purpose is a bad thing!

Sarah said...

Those gold little birds are calling my name!!! :)

--I looooooooove Vday the same way you do. For the reason that the 14th of February is a time to recognize and celebrate love. And, like you, I agree with the love with anyone. Parent/child, man/woman, sister/brother, friend/friend... anything like this is considered a thumbs up to what we celebrate on Vday. I was my whole like, until age 22. I waited for my perfect valentine and now the holiday is just a tad different. Before, I did the celebrate with a single friend to remind ourselves that we care for one another and there's hope to find a romantic love to share this day with. So, that's why I love Vday -- its versatile and made for everyone. Believe me, I was single for a loooong time and I waited for the perfect valentine.

:) Happy Vday, Dionne. And keep blogging, I enjoy stopping by. God bless you and yours.


if i haver said...

The thing that I don't like about Valentine's Day? If I want to go out to dinner with some friends and not a date, every place jacks up the price to sometimes double or triple the amount that dinner would normally cost. That should be illegal!

The thing that I do like? Valentine's! I love greeting cards..so I get really excited when I get Valentines. I love that it's expected that people say how they feel about one another. Every day should be like that!

I want to ride my bicycle! I want to ride my bike! I want to win that beautiful silver bike necklace!

NIcoli412 said...

I love #2 (the blossom studs).

The thing I love about Valentine's Day - the candy, the hearts and lace.

The thing I hate - the fact that I haven't been able to spend a Valentine's Day with my hubby in the 5 years that we've been together (he's in the military).


Damla said...

I like the #2 Periwinkle Blossom. Studs. About the Valentine's Day, I like not giving importance to it as everyday is like Valentine's Day to me with my dear boyfriend:)

annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo.com

Brad, Brooke, Abigayle, Rebekah and Indy said...

Hmmm...I believe the winner is #1.

I love Valentine's Day because my sweet hubby proposed on the 13th so we could have 2 days to celebrate the love! :) Plus, we get a new game every year & have loads of fun playing it!

MYSAVIOR said...

I love the Silver Bike necklace.

I love Valentine's day for it's flowers, roses, lace, sweets. Everything feminine and pretty. It is a good day to show your loved ones how much they are loved. Every day is a good day to show your love.


AngieHandmade said...

I really love #1, the hummingbird necklace.

I don't really like holidays in general, but for Valentine's Day it is fun to prepare a little surprise for my husband and kids. My mom always gave us a small, special gift on Valentine's day, so I like carrying on that tradition.

aschertle at yahoo dot com

kiwibubbles said...

i adore number 3!! its cute :3

valentines day to me, is an excuse to be googly eyed ,cutesy lovey dovy, get naughty stuffed animals that sing cute songs , and become 10lbs fatter on each cheak from dinning on scruptious chocolate. and thats precisely why i love it!

Lu said...

I love #1!
for me Valentine's Day is a normal day because I have no boyfriend :)


momtoem said...

I like #1

I like valentine's day because it's another occasion to show my hubby how much I love him.


Whimsical Creations said...

I love #2!! Those are beautiful. My favorite thing about valentine's day is that we usually celebrate it on the 11th of Feb (the day my husband asked me to marry him)

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Bachuchay said...

I want # 2 =)

What I like about Valentine’s Day is that everybody seems to be on a romantic mood and there are surprises all around =)


blue eyed night owl said...

What a cute shop, I love item #1!

jerzycat99 said...

My favorite item is the Fleur Carousel. Necklace. I have loved carousel's since I was a little girl.

jerzycat99 said...

Every year on valentine's day I give handmade gifts to all of my girl friends. If they are single or not.

lo said...

I love number #2 - the Periwinkle Studs!

I love how Valentine's Day is a day for kisses and chocolate!

Thanks for the giveaway :)

409cope said...

I like #1 Sweet Hummingbird Necklace the most. I don't like the commercialism of Valentine's Day,why not just about those we love not chocolate,flowers etc. cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

daer0n said...

I love #3 Pocket Watch Necklace!

I love valentines day because we celebrate and eat our favorite foods that day, such as chinese food or pizza! then i give myself permission to endulge lol.

Nury77 at live dot ca

Chelsea P said...

I love #1 an #2 but would have to go with #2. And I love Valentines because of chocolate!
cac331 at yahoo dot com

Abby said...

I love number 1! Thanks!

I dislike that V-day is much too commercialized. Plus, you can't go out for a casual dinner.

reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

Fata Azzurra said...

I like number 1!

I don't like S. Valentine, becuase...I'm singe!:)

Selene said...

Loving #1!!

I dislike it because my bf is half way across the globe and I don't get presents from him

shiki6210 at gmail dot com

danikjohnson said...

I've never really liked Vday and the obligation/pressure behind it. Buy me presents everyday, please! haha

LisbonSky said...

I love these the best: Periwinkle Blossom. Studs!

Also, I now love Valentine's day as it's the date my husband proposed, and the date we married


Erin Clover said...

I'd like number 1 :)

I do like valentine's Day because my bf always takes me out to dinner! We're going later tonight.


Dionne said...

Thanks for your comments. This giveaway is now closed.

Ginny said...

I'd love to win the Sweet Hummingbird. Necklace

I don't mind vday really. I've been with my husband since vday of my senior year though. I honestly don't pay much attention to it. I think we do more for our girls with their class parties, etc then we do for each other at this point.

Post Grad said...

Would love to win #1. I'm not big on Valentine's Day. Usually work and we're busy, haha.
Thanks for doing the giveaway!