Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yours, Sincerely

How do you close off your correspondence?

Do you end with a brief "from _____"? Or are you a more formal closer who says something like "yours, sincerely ________"?


Melissa had a really interesting post the other day about email sign-off etiquette. She talked about how women read a lot into the signing off statement from men in their emails and letters. Words carry so much weight, but not everyone thinks about them to the same extent as others. I peeked through my sent items in my email inbox, and here are a list of some of my email closings:

"From your hot wife, Dionne"
"Hearts, Dionne"
"My foot fell asleep, Dionne"
"See you soon, Dionne"
"Batman and Robin, Dionne"
"Cupcakes and Coffee, Dionne"


What about you? How do you close off your emails and letters?

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Renee said...

I usually only sign my name with no closing before it. Kind of shows my boringness but I don't have to think about how to close.

Jaime said...

In work emails I say "Best" but in real life (haha), I usually just do -Jaime. Not soo fun! I like the "hearts" one!

Erin said...

Hmmm normally in emails for work, I just write my name. In personal emails, I will sometimes just write my name. Or Love you! Erin. Or Thanks, Erin. In handwritten notes I mostly draw a heart and put my name next to it.

MYSAVIOR said...

I always sign with ♥♥♥ or xxxooo
I don't do business correspondence but when I did it was Sincerely Yours or Yours truly.

I have a girl friend who doesn't even sign which I think is rude.


2ndComing said...

I generally close my emails "cheers" cause it sounds european. Lame, right?

photojoy said...

I love the closing words in your culture. They are special message from you to your sender, I believe. Your closings are all so charming. I often use just "Best wishes". Not rude but not exciting---right? I don't think of anythng nice than "Best wishes", though.

Lisa Ridgely said...

I am fond of 'Kindest Regards' - I like that it is polite and business-appropriate, but not too common (at least I haven't seen it often!). Often if I am in a conversational, quick back-and-forth type email exchange, or if it is with someone I have corresponded with previously, I'll just sign ' - Lisa' so as not to overuse my regular sign-off. Interesting question!

SK said...

"All the best", "Warm Regards" are used the most in my inbox. But when I'm writing something and sending via post, I'll usually end with a quick XOXO!

Oh, and it also depends on what language I'm writing in!

maggisaar said...

As much as "From your hot wife Dionne" made me giggle, the "My foot fell asleep, Dionne" cracked me up!

I really love you.

one9designs said...

I don't really "sign off" with anything other than my name in email - just the occasional "thanks" - but in written stuff, I usually write Love, and then list my entire family, including pets.

Kristin, Matt, Samantha, Kaitlyn, Elizabeth, Bear, and Bella!


one9designs said...

Looking back at my post, I guess I use a smiley sometimes.


Meghan said...

I love "Cupcakes and Coffee". I usually use "Cheers" - it makes me happy for some odd reason. My sorority sisters use "Love and Loyalty" which I still find myself using today, too - even 8 years out of college!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I often sign "best regards" for a business letter, but to friends and family I write "love."

This reminds me how much I love getting snail mail!

Katie said... i need more letters! i like the random "my foot fell asleep, dionne"

nice ad list girrrl!

Ashley Yazzie said...

When I write to industry people I sign off; "Warmest Regards."

Family; "Love"

Friends, "Yours Truly"

Isn't that funny?

a little twig birdhouse said...

Ha, I love your sign-offs, super cute! Depends who I have written to, but it's either:

Family & Friends: "Love, Maegan"

Someone I don't know too well, or work correspondence, just get: "Maegan"

e-mails to the hubs: "Wife"

Guess I'm not too crazy with my sign-offs.

Michele said...

LMAO! You are hilarious. I am not quite so inventive. If I'm handwriting a note to my honey I always put a heart after my name. Not that interesting. lol

Tracy-Girl said...

My foot fell asleep... haha... I like that on!

I am boring and typically just use the whole "love" thing!

Kristin said...

Cupcakes and Coffee is my new favorite sign off. Genius. : )

squareby said...

i always go with "sincerely". always. my mother got mad at me once because she said i should write "love" when addressed to her.

for snail mail i end with "enjoy your life. sincerely". i've been writing it since middle school and all my friends expect it. although some think it's a bit depressing.

jeannie said...

depends on who I'm writing too. If it has to be formal, sincerely, but if it's to a friend I think of something more interesting ;)

Phoenix said...

LMAO, "Batman and Robin, Dionne"! That's the best!

Most of the time my email sign-offs are "thanks," or "cheers," or "have a great day,". Sometimes I'll get more whimsical with mine...maybe I should try some of yours! lol

Kaye Prince said...

Generally I sign my emails with just my name or thanks and then my name, but here are some of the ones I found while going through my mailbox:

Love Kaye
Giant Bear Hugs, Kaye
Hugs, Kaye
You Rock, Kaye

I guess they're not very creative. Although on a Lucy Maud Montgomery email list that I'm on we all sign our emails with 'Kindredly' and then our name and place (if our house has a name). So mine would be 'Kindredly, Kaye of Chadwick House'. It's a little geeky, but it's one of those things you can do with a group pf people who have the same interest.

Anna said...

your sign-offs made me giggle! i love the "your hot wife, dionne" especially!

i'll have to keep that in mind when i find me a honey!
ha! : )

Kotori said...

Handwritten notes to friends always end in Love, but emails tend to just get my name... written in all lowercase. Don't know why... that's just what I do... or sometimes just an initial.

Hilary Leister said...

Your quote, "words carry so much weight," is so true... That's why I'm a journalism major!

Here are a few of my closings...

"(a simple dash... -)"
"(picture of a heart)"
"Your favorite and only daughter"

Jennifer Rose said...

in an email I just sign my name. With snail mail if its for business I usually put regards. For family its either just my name, or thanks, will write again soon.

Tender Branson said...

Kudos on your "from your hot wife" signing. That was brilliant. I usually just neglect that portion of the letter and skip right to my name.

oh, hello friend. said...

how cute, nick would love the batman and robin. i'm boring. i just write "xo." hehehee.



Rachel Follett said...

This post makes me think I should be a little more creative signing off. Thanks!

Amber said...

I'm pretty boring but with work emails I usually say "thank you, amber" and with personal hand written letters I will end with a heart or kitty face and my name.

Dash said...

Hey dionne,

Love how u sign off.Especially the hot wife signoff.:)
MY signoffs depend on my email. I jsut wrote to a girlfri end making plans for drinks tonight, so I signed off- Till Merriment Time,Dash.
Others include:
Never Confessing to being a Shopaholic;
Pretty Things make me Smile,

Little Miss Tiara said...

hmm.. it's been a long long time since the last time I wrote a letter so I can't really remember, I think I usually end it with a "thank you"? lol =d

the Lost Earring said...

It all depends on what type of correspondence, who it's going to, and my mood of course :) I tend to use good ole "Love" a lot with my fiance and family. I worked as a transcription editor in an office where "Thanks!" became quite shopworn, but I still use that. I should probably break myself of that habit at some point.

Carol said...

With emails to friends, I normally close with "talk to you soon! Carol"

Kristin said...

You were featured on BonBon today lady. : )

Tali Schiffer said...

I usually just sign "cheers, Tali", and to my closer friends I'll write "xo, Tali", and to my far away friends I haven't seen in years (I have lived in LA and Vancouver so I have many old friends there) I write "Miss you, Kisses, Tali"

LiLu said...

Oh wow. I totally need to step it up in the "sign off" department!

Vanessa said...

Talk to you soon,
Miss you,
It depends on how I feel about the person. But only Love if I truly love them :-)

Orchid Grey said...

such a good question! I usually go with some version of: Cheers, Be Well, Best, Regards, or Peace- depending on who I'm writing to! ps- I like Batman and Robin

Mo said...

puss och kram : hugs and kisses in swedish ;-)

Melissa Blake said...

I'm starting to think about it so much that I'm thinking of just signing my name and leaving out a "take care" or "best regards" all together! :)

Eric said...

Cupcakes and coffee?
That's so lame, Dionne. I'm going to make fun of you forever closing with that.

I try not to articulate feelings that I don't actually feel. I don't like the "you're the best!" kind of closings. Usually at work, I stick with thank you, have a good day, or nothing at all. Most of my contact with friends tend to be a back and forth thing so I typically skip the salutation and closing altogether.

Tambria said...

Toodles & Noodles,