Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prim and Proper Giveaway

I like old movies. Ones where the corners of the screen are flickery, and the film shows little crinkles here and there.

Movies where women were ladies, and men were gentlemen, and they used words like "cad" and "dollface" regularly. Movies where neighbors were best friends and they'd have you over for dinner on Mondays, and you'd have them over for breakfast on Saturdays. When they called getting dressed up "putting on your fineries", and when men pulled our their handkerchiefs and offered them to a woman when she was crying.


Maybe that's why I adore The Honey Press. It's a lovely Etsy store full of items that remind me of the old movies that I love. Pretty aprons, and lovely silk-screened handkerchiefs. It is owned by Pascale, who was convinced by her boyfriend (who she calls an "avid hankie-user") to sell her pretty handkerchiefs online. From there, she has branched out to selling sock dolls, original art, pillow cases and aprons - all in her lovely style, reminiscent of an earlier time, where life was simpler, and things were beautifully prim and proper.


Pascale's work is inspired by fashion, reading, writing, her beau, history, and even lovely things that she can see from her window. She also is inspired by her dad's creative style. Things like the green of the golf course in her backyard, the vivid colors of her parents' garden, and the blue hues of the ocean all are sources that she draws her lovely style from.

Like me, Pascale can't commit to one favorite dessert for too long (a true Sweet Tooth never can). At the moment, it's vanilla soft serve ice cream, topped with lots of rainbow sprinkles. I like the sound of this, and might have to borrow this as my favorite dessert for the week.


Pascale is giving one lucky reader a lovely handkerchief of their choice from her store, so you too can walk around in your fineries and offer a handkerchief to someone crying. Or you could keep it for yourself, as I would probably do. To enter, please leave a comment here, letting me know which handkerchief from her store you would want if you won, and also let me know what is your favorite thing about old movies.


Kris said...

Women were definitely Ladies in those flicks. I just love All About Eve. Such a great film!

Alicia said...

I LOVE this one

Erin said...

Hmmm well, I think this is my favorite hanky http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=23766498 but I really really love this pillow (imagine that)! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=21706547

My favorite thing about old movies is the lifestyle - I love how everyone treated each other, and to see how family meant so much more. I also like seeing movies based when my parents were growing up, or when my grandparents were growing up, and imagining them there, living that life!

Carol said...

I love old classic movies too!

maggisaar said...

Oh goodness! Those Sneezy Sheets are so cute it really rather hurts. I think my favorite are the black shoes on the green, flowery print. Simply adorable.

What I love about old movies are the clothes. If I could, I'd own every outfit Mirna Loy ever wore in every single Thin Man movies. Have you seen those? Dionne, you must, they are brilliant.

Of course, if I could I'd also look and be like Norah Charles too. But a girl can dream...

MYSAVIOR said...

I am not too far from that hankie generation - it might have taken a turn when I was a teen. This is my favorite because I love pink and I love bikes.



Savvy Gal said...

those hankies are so purrrty.

Savvy Gal said...

oh btw, i have a watch giveaway now.

Ave said...

I like 1 Silk-screened Handkerchief.
I love old movies too, because they are so different from present movies. Ooh, and I love the dresses!

Meghan said...

I couldn't agree with you more - I love old movies, and I remember watching "Casablanca" when I was in junior high and falling in love! I think the thing I love about old movies is that the women were strong, confident and sexy without trying too hard - they didn't have to wear skimpy clothing or act obvious.

I love the "His and Hers" set:)

Gaia said...

it could be my next etsy store!

Steffi said...

First off, thank you so much for offering this giveaway!! :)

I love this one: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=23391571
There is something about the colours that is just amazing. If I won this, I would love to give it to my husband. Each and every time we get into the car he asks me for handkerchiefs. His nose is always running and I always forget them, too. So it would be great if he could finally have it in his trousers and not ask me anymore. lol

About old movies...oh well. I love black and white and love them even more when they are almost mute. :)

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

I absolutely adore this little guy with the bike: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=23767960. It would not ever be sneezed upon though. I'd have to somehow honor it as the little piece of textile art that it really is.

As far as old movies, as a vintage-fiend, I have to go with those stunning outfits. Even the most basic ensemble is made elegant and somehow fairytale-esque against a flickering, black and white backdrop.

- Lindsay

Teija R said...

I love this one! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26122169
Such a cute little whale :)

In old movies I like the outfits and the atmosphere.


erininkent said...

I would pick http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26122169 - the whale and the poka dots. My favorite thing about old movies is obviously the fashion - even when the women are in PJ's they look amazing - watch the Thin Man to see my favorite old movie fashions.
erin_melissa at juno dot com

Amber said...

I would love to win these cameos: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26123034

My favorite thing about old movies is how glamorour the stars were back then!

Thank you for the giveaway :)

Kaye Prince said...

I love the His and Hers set! But since those don't come in singles, I'll say I'd like the blue polka dot one with the bee - it's so cute!

My favourite thing about most old movies is the outfits - I love anything worn by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, and the dresses from movies like Gigi. I also love the music!

Lily said...

I love the whale handkerchiefs! and my favorite thing about old movies is Humphrey Bogart.

Lauren said...

I love the hankies with the silk-screened bike. I just don't know what color I would choose!

I love old movies, and I think a large part of it is how dialogue-based they tend to be. Instead of crazy special effects, you get the subtlety of snarky conversation.

lemulcah at gmail dot com

Carapace said...

I'd want the fish hankie-- it's so funny to blow a nose or wipe a tear on a fish!:D


My favorie thing about old movies-- and this may sound strange-- is the lighting. I love the sense of shadow and light in the black and white movies. If I could capture that, I'd be sooooo thrilled with my work! Alack, I cannot-but it's always something to strive for!


Ashley said...

This is by far my favorite:


I love the romantic feel of old movies. It's something that has been lost among all the special effects.

Alyson & Ford said...

I love the red sneezy owls and bike, just because my daughter loves Owls and she is learning to ride her tricycle. I love handkerchiefs, long story about my Great-Grandmother; gaving them as Christmas gifts in the 60's.
Old movies? Because you know the ending so you can curl up and really savor every moment!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for One Year!

roro said...

My favourite hanky is this one:


The best part about old movies is the little air bubbles on the film. They give the movie such a great feel:)


Hilary Leister said...

The Whale and Anchor Flannel Set of Hankies are quite cute :) ...

I'd be sure to wash those hankies all the time. No swine flu for me haha!

The best part about old movies is the cartoons they show beforehand. Classics!


Jennee said...

these are so cute. I love the laugh until your cheeks hurt sneeze sheet!

Best thing about old movies is how simple everything was and how men respected women and were just classy!

amber said...

Ah, my husband ties a handkerchief around his ankle when riding his bicycle so his jean leg doesn't get caught, so wouldn't it be perfect if he tied it up with a bicycle handkerchief?

Taylor B. said...

Every girl needs to carry around a sneezy sheet. This one is my favorite. The colors are great.

The best thing about old movies is that the guys were so romantic...they would open doors and light your cigarettes and hold your face when they kissed you. *swoon* The men dressed so well, too.

JJ said...

I love the bicycle hankie and the antler ones...

Nova said...

This one:

Movies had a plot?

Torie Jayne said...

I love old movies too! Such gorgeous hankies! Have a sweet day!

Bombtastic Belle said...

I love the owl and honeybee ones:)

Stephanie said...

HANDS DOWN... When I pop in an old movie, what GETS TO ME is not the clothes or the lifestyle... Its definitely the Continental Accent!! When I hear that, I know I'm in vintage movie HEAVEN!

"Louis, I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship."

You didn't ask, but I recommend ANYTHING Doris Day, and Audrey Hepburn in War and Peace.

Please, I LOVE THIS for my hubby!!

sabrita said...

I love anything with bees on it. My favorite is the pastel plaid Sneezy Sheet with the black silk screened bee on it. Love it.

sabrita said...

I LOVE classic movies. I am obscessed with Turner Classic Movie Channel. The old movies are very sentimental to me. I have nice memories of watching the movies from the 1940's & 50's on our black and white TV with my family.The old movies were an important part of the country's history as an escape & diversion from the Depression and World War Two. Thank you.

carmel said...

love those prints! but the one i loved the most is the ones with the fish. very nice looking!
i like the way the used to dress in old movies or back in the days

Dolce Baci said...

Thanks for visiting our blog! Your blog is adorable...I love the sneezy sheets hankie with the old bicycle. Thanks for the chance to win!

Tali Schiffer said...

Oh what a lovely shop! It's very hard to choose just one hankie (sneezy sheet) but I love this set of two with the tower of birdies :)

What I love most about old movies are the clothings which are to die for! I love the early color movies when they over saturated it with color. I used to love old movies with Danny K or Shirley Temple (which was the reason for me taking tap dancing as a teenager!)

JennTRC said...

I love the one with the whale on it.
I love old movies, the camera angles and original stories are what draw me in! :)

jrerwin6 at gmail dot com

Michelle said...

The sneezy sheets with the bikes on them are darling! As far as old movies, I LOVE the costumes. I'm a huge period piece fan, and the transformations through costume and make-up are mesmerizing.

cabin + cub said...

I love the his and hers sneezy sheets..http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26123313
i too also love how everyone is dressed up in old movies.. ladies with their hats and gloves and matching shoes and bags, men with their suits and hats. and everyone seemed to live in giant big city apartments back then too. so glamourous!

Melody said...

I like the one with shoes and a floral background. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26091490

What I love about old movies is the black and white film. The filming techniques they used. The atmosphere, the romantic feel and the clothes/styling for both men and women.


the Lost Earring said...

She calls them Sneezy Sheets--that is so cute! :)

I like the plaid one with the bee on it:

Favorite thing about old movies. Hmmm. Probably the actors! Big Jimmy Stewart fan here :)

Wehaf said...

I love them all, but especially the fish. I love fish.

I love how even the pajamas in old movies are elegant and sophisticated. I love how directors experimented with visual techniques. I love the style of the opening credits.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Chelsey said...

The Whale Handkerchiefs are my favourite! Thanks for the giveaway. mybabyappleseed(at)yahoo(dot)ca

AMKreations said...

I like the birdies on this hankie. =)

I like the fact that most old movies are clean...not full of vulgarities, nudity, violence, etc. I don't really watch much of anything these days...but the oldies are truly the goodies!

TopHat said...

I love the bicycle ones. So much fun.

I love how movies back then had actual humor and not glorified fart jokes.

hrfarley at gmail dot com

avant garde said...

so funny, i went to her honey press etsy site and realized that she too lives right here on cape cod where i do. i'll have to drop her a note to say hi. i would have to pick here hankies with the bikes on them, little line drawings of bikes and i'd pass on the love to a very dear friend of mine who is 67 and bikes all over, he adores biking.

old movies: rear window is my favorite and i love the back and forth between men and women of that era. also i love the fact that sometimes, a whole movie could be shot like that one was, basically from one room with no need of special effects and probably on a low budget but totally captures you for the entire movie. those were movies!

Dana said...

I agree ... I like the prim and properness of days gone by ... It's hard to find a movie nowadays that doesn't glorify immorality. I like the whale hankies.

P.S. Just an idea ... it would be neat if people (me) could print off some of your drawings for coloring pages. They are so adorable and would be fun for colorers to color :) I like Hello Kitty ... but I'm a bit tired of a fridge full of Hello Kitty.

Dana said...

I meant to specify I like the whale on the blue-dotted hankie :)

Lisa said...

I rather like this brown one with the tank: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26086445
The reason I like old movies is because everything was so deliberate; from the lighting and framing of shot to the dialogue (and especially the lack thereof) of the actors. You couldn't hide plotholes behind explosion of expletives and gratuitous gore.

sassy studio said...

aahhh chooo! the red cherry cherry checks are my fav! brilliant designs! love them all!!
I wish I was a movie watcher but I am usually on the move, in the studio or chasing after my 17 month old bundle of energy!

Megara said...

hi! very cute blog :)
omg i love these hankerchiefs! my favorite is definitely the black shoes printed on green fabric with dots - it's very whimsical and cute :) and my favorite thing about old movies is when the girl acts like the just despises the boy and can't stand him for the whole movie, until he can't take it anymore and grabs her for a kiss and she tries to resist but really she loves him and has to give in (i think it's ridiculous, but i love it).
thanks dionne!

Carissa said...

I love the ones with the little whale on them. both the polka dot print and the plaid. that whale is just so darn adorable! as for old movies, I think I need to watch more of them! but I do like the fashion in them, for sure.

Ľubaša said...

I would probably choose laugh until your cheeks hurt sneeze sheet.
I like old movies because of to watch bicolor movie reminds me my childhood and i can rest when watching them. I often think about how the society and relationships have changed.

free indeed said...

I'd get the tan and burgandy plaid with motorcycle print for hubby...I don't use sneeze sheets...
And as for old movies, I like how the humor in them is real humor and not all innuendo....

Kimmy said...

It is part of a set, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow hankie with the bee on it. My favorite thing about watching old movies is trying to figure out how old my grandmother would have been at the same time the movie takes place. How she would dress, her hair, stuff like that. :)

kimberly.mace at gmail dot com

Dionne said...

Thanks for all your comments! This giveaway is now closed. Come back Tuesday for a new one!

Ore, said...

Oh I love movies like that, they're so fun and the "ladies" are always flirtatious and giggle like little girls when their 'beau' drives by in his old mustang. Their lives just seem so fabulous! I love it :)

Lindsey said...

What a great idea! Y'know, I think I'll give handmade handkercheifs for Christmas this year.

My favorite are those days of the week ones.

And when I was little I stayed home sick a lot. When I did, I always watched old movies and musicals. My favorite thing about them wasn't their content, it was that they still connect me to my mom.

Kellyn Rowland Photography said...

Sneezy Sheets, 1 Silk-screened Handkerchief with the hasselblad camera! adorable!

i adore the style the revolved around old movies and how they were so much more meaningful!