Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buttoned Up for a Giveaway

I love feeling different textures.

My Nonna used to have this jar of buttons, and I remember dipping my hand in and grabbing fistfuls of buttons and letting them run through my fingers. I loved the way the little disks would sound as they cascaded back into the jar. When you think about it, Buttons are such a marvelous invention. They really are quite underrated by most.

What holds your suit jacket together?
What keeps everything from falling out of some of your purses?
What can also make a great fashion statement?

Buttons. It's all about the Mighty Button.

Someone who recognizes the beauty of the Button is Tasha from MixMasha. In her truely lovely Etsy store, you'll find an enchanting assortment of button brooches. I absolutely love the idea of a button brooch, and Tasha executes them perfectly. Each one is so delicately formed, they are like mini works of art.
Being a Button Enthusiast, it was her love for the humble button that inspired Tasha to create these beauties. Along with drawing inspiration from pretty color combinations, art and design, buttons really play the Leading Role in her creations. Tasha lives in Melbourne (a city rich in culture), Australia, and is surrounded by different communities of people and artists and stories. Seeing this type of variety every day really inspires her (along with all the diverse yummy cuisine!).
Like me, Tasha loves cooking and watching Cooking Shows on TV. Along with her food, she loves laughing loudly, and exploring art and craft markets. She especially loves the the desserts of her city. When she described them to me, she made me want to go back to Australia! "I love anything sweet! Homemade Pavlova with my family, Baklava from Brunswick, Gelato from Carlton, Portuguese Tarts from Fitzroy, Donuts from Collingwood... the list goes on!"

One of you readers will score a Cluster Brooch from the lovely Tasha, who is so sweet to share her one ov her lovely brooches with us. To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment here telling me:
1. which Cluster Brooch you would like from her store if you won, and
2. tell me about what you find beautiful in a button

I will announce the winner on Sunday.


Ashley said...

My favorite is the Australian bouquet button-brooch.

I love the charm of a delicate little button. They remind me of being a little girl all over again. And the combination of a grown-up brooch with sweet buttons is a perfect way to say "I might be older now, but there's still something young about me."

Alicia said...


love the purple colorings in this one.

I love buttons for anything and everything. I love the see the many ways people think to use them.

Truly Smitten said...

these are beautiful! I really need to do something about my over-collected stash of buttons....sigh..

MYSAVIOR said...

My favorite from her shop is the Sombrero Button. I love the colors and the implication of sombrero. Buttons can be used to embellish almost anything and make it look prettier. I praticularly LOVE vintage buttons. They are works of art.

naturally nina said...

love this!! my favorite is the Dusty Orchestra- button brooch and i love buttons because they can add so much flair to any item of clothing.

Lily G. said...

These are adorable! I like the sunflower button brooch.

{eleise} said...

I love her wooden sunflower button!!! So cute!

I love buttons so much! I collect them! I just love to see them altogether in my vase, mixing all the bright colors together! so fun!

Kaye Prince said...

If I won I'd like the Australian Bouquet Cluster Brooch - it's just so pretty!

I love everything about buttons! The colours, the sound they make swirling around a glass jar, the way that they can brighten up almost any project, and, yes, the fact that they will indeed keep my clothing on and done up.

Pretty Neat Designs said...

These are so great! My favorite is the Port Wine cluster. What I like about a button is that is so simple, but it functions like a complicated machine.

TheBeautyFile said...

I love old antique buttons. They always remind me of my grandmothers. They had quite a fantastic collection of wooden buttons...I should find them and replace my current slightly more boring ones!

Egater said...

My favorite is beautifulMandarin Cluster- button brooch
Buttonsquite smaal, but could be so many differentsstyles and designs,

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

I love the peaches and cream cluster. buttons are such a lovely accessory! you can change a full look with them.

Amanda said...

I like Spanish Summer or Wooden Heart.

I'm like you-my mom has a button collection in this metal box and I used to shake it and run my fingers through the box.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I love the wooden sunflower brooch! What a fun giveaway!

I think a button can really accent a coat or a jacket, so I love things with unique buttons!

the Lost Earring said...

The Mandarin Cluster Brooch is my pick :) Loving that color!

I love the duality of buttons. They can be lovely aesthetically but they're also strong and useful.

Tambria said...

I swear we were raised in the same household sometimes! LOL! I love buttons. My mother had a tin container full of buttons that she collected over the years.

I find myself collecting buttons now. I love buying clothes and seeing how many buttons the manufacturer decided to give the consumer.

I love looking through my collection and remembering which article of clothing the button is from. Buttons are beautiful! I love how colorful they are. I love the different sizes.

I'm loving that Wooden Sunflower brooch from Tasha's shop.

Chelsey said...

The Port Wine Cluster- button brooch is one of my favourite items.

When I was in grade one and two we had a button box that I loved going through. I loved how no two buttons were the same (ironic, huh). Some of my favourites were the wire cage type (kwim?)

Lately I've been teaching my 5 year old to sew buttons. Of course she favours the two holed buttons because they're easier. She seems to be developing a love of buttons too and has been going through my button container. I only wish I had some floral shaped 70's buttons and some of the wire cage type I remember as a child...

Thanks for the giveaway!

TopHat said...

I love the Port Wine Cluster because I LOVE purple and it's such a deep color. Beautiful.

I love buttons because you always find them in the strangest places!

hrfarley at gmail dot com

Lily said...

I love the Australian bouquet button brooch. What I like in a button is bright colors and subtle details.

ChallenCharms said...

I like the new romance button brooch.

ChallenCharms said...

My favourite thing about buttons is discovering new and interesting uses for them, such as making jewellery and bags.

Christie Cottage said...

Definately the sunflower button brooch!

I love vintage buttons and new creature buttons.


Amber said...

The Dusty Orchestra brooch is pretty sweet! I am also an avid collector of buttons. I love BIG FAT colorful buttons and wood buttons and one with groovy designs in them. Buttons are the best. Who knew something so simple could make so many people happy?!

carly said...
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carly said...

my favourite has to be the port wine coloured cluster. i have an early fall obsession with deep dark tones!

i love how buttons come in many shapes and colours. different sizes and purposes. when you think of it, buttons are kind of like people. diverse and wonderful too!

Maki said...

I really like the port wine cluster button and australian bouquete.

I really don't know why, but I used to collect buttons, too when I was a little girl. There was a fabric mart right next to my grandpa's photo studio and I used to go there and look at all kinds of buttons. I got to bring some home every time I go there - the colors, the shapes, prints - I was just fascinated by them.

amelia said...

I like Port Wine Cluster- button brooch

Buttons seem really simply & ordinary yet when combined/stacked on top of each other, it creates a stunningly beautiful art piece.

Just like Tasha's pieces, different hues & sizes when weaved together, churns out something so unique & most importantly wearable as well!

amelia said...

and here's my email:


Louisa said...

My mum had a button jar that I played with. I have a button jar that my children play with. I love buttons, too.
My choice is : Floating Sombrero:-
Flavour of Spain,
Lively colours,
Ode to the button.

Louisa said...

...oops, left out the

laia said...

I love http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24720248

I love buttons because it's funny to see how design are in so small pieces

Ali said...

All the purple and green ones - my two favorite colors and favorite color combo.

Buttons are so cool when you think about them. They're kind of like the common thread (pun sort of intended) of garments.

Brandi Newman said...

My favorite is the peaches and cream cluster...so pretty and dainty..

Elle Bee... said...

Oooh, I love the Australian Button Bouquet.

My mom used to have tins upon tins of buttons, and I loved just touching them and listening to them hit each other and searching for the most unique. I love antique-y buttons in particular, and anything shiny... but really, I love how they're all just so different. Different textures, colours... ahh, so satisfying.

Linda K said...

I like the new romance button brooch

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Mo said...

the Australian bouquet is awesome !!

buttons are so tiny and meaningless...that's what you think...until you lose ONE and you realize your entire look is falling appart !

@}-,'--- said...

I really like this Melborne one http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=22617364

as for what I find beautiful in a button. well, i like old buttons. one's that are hand-crafted, maybe they've been chipped or yellowed with age. but it makes me wonder, what kind-of garment it was on and how many fingers have rubbed over that button, felt it's uniqueness, and if it meant anything to the people that touched it.

Rhianne said...

i adore buttons because they are so simple - they do exactly what you want them to do without having to be overcomplicated. These brooches are just delightful!

My favourite is the ruby plated cluster though it was so hard to choose, I love three shades of winter as well.

Great giveaway!

Mel said...

Buttons are beautiful because - they are so small, yet when they all work together they can hold a whole outfit on you, or hold your bookbag together, and accomplish tasks that are much larger than buttons themselves!

I really like the colors of the Australian Boquet brooch and I think it would bring out the blue in my eyes. :)

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

The brooch I would choose if I won is the Australian Bouquet Cluster Brooch.

What I love about buttons is how they can dress up something ordinary and boring. A big button on a crocheted or knitted hat gives it a special twist.


Gaia said...

hi darling! How are you?
I'm running a new project... Every week I'll post an "Etsy Favourite store of the week" and I know you have an Etsy Store 'cause I visit it daily! i'll be honored to talk about it in my next fav etsy stores...
You can find all the information on my last posts!

Whimsical Creations said...

Love the Ballet Cluster brooch.

I love buttons, like you I have fond memories of button collections. My mom has a huge button collection.

fındıkfaresi said...

Love the Ballet Cluster- button brooch:)
I find the metal buttons more beautiful than the others because they look more expensive and sometimes they look like vintage even if they are brand new!

Michelle said...

I would definitely go with the Peaches and Cream Cluster - I love the pearly tones. It would go great with any color.

I love buttons because, most of the time, they have another half! Isn't that so true to life? I'm not the same without my other (mr. man) half. :)

Amber said...

I would choose the Ballet Cluster Brooch. I find the utility of a button really and truly beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway :)

Ave said...

I like Wooden Sun Flower- button brooch.

I used to collect buttons. Small or big - they are all so cute.


disguised said...

I love the wooden sunflower brooch!
I think gold buttons on a blue wolly cardigan are the prettiest. Well I love gold buttons! :)

Kellyn Rowland Photography said...

oh how i adore you fruit salad button!

i have been dabbling in creating button necklaces, i love the simpilicty and the stories of the buttons that my mother tells me.

Heather said...

Her brooches are wonderful.
jswandrn @ gmail.com

Carissa said...

I love that Australian bouquet brooch, it is gorgeous! I don't always notice buttons, I guess you could say I take them for granted, but when I see a beautiful sweater with equally if not more so beautiful buttons, I do get excited. a good button makes everything better. I particularly like the shiny ones :)

Dionne said...

Thanks for your comments. This giveaway is now closed.