Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Do You Hear?


We all have our own daily soundtracks that surround us as we go about our day. For us bloggers, the clicking of the keyboard as we type punctuates our time, or in my case, it's coupled with the voices of Eisley, who I am listening to right now.


A lot of people don't like silence. Is it because it emphasizes that they are alone and don't like the thought of that? Is it because they are left alone with their own thoughts, and don't want to face them? Or maybe it's simpler than that - maybe it's just because they love their daily soundtrack, whether it be natural environment noise, or their ipod playlist. Sound is such an amazing concept. The fact that we can be moved by strings of notes, or pounding rhythms - thinking about things like this really reveals to me how much God loves us. What a mind-blowing, creative concept. Ears really are something to marvel.

And what girl doesn't like to accessorize those pretty ears? Stacy Harkins Designs is full of pretty ear adornments. All of her pieces have such mesmerizing colors. I look at her jewelry and feel like I am in Morocco on a lovely balmy night - the colors are just so rich and exotic. Stacy is inspired by the very color and shape of each stone that she uses, and from there creates a masterpiece that emphasizes those individual colors.


Also inspired by nature, Stacy studied horticulture at Cornell University - and through these studies, she has become more attuned to nature's patterns and textiles which is reflected in her work. Her favorite stones are aquamarines, pink amethyst, lemon citrine, whiskey quarts and labradorite. Stacy Harkins Designs isn't only dedicated to earrings though, the store includes lovely necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry too! Perfect for a romantic date, a fun girls night out on the town, or even to pretty up your work attire. I love each piece so much, I would even wear them around the house while I was baking, just for fun! Like me, Stacy also enjoys baking, and when I asked her what in particular was her favorite dessert - her response was her homemade peach cobbler and key lime pie. Yummo!

Stacy is giving away a pair of her stunning earrings to one City of Dionne reader (woohoo!). To enter, please leave a comment here telling me these two things:
1. What does your daily soundtrack consist of?
2. Which of these three earrings would you like to win? Dew Drops, Lemon Drops, or Pink Amethyst Drops.
I will announce the winner through random.org on Sunday.


Kristin said...

Our office is right outside of the El tracks, so I hear rumbling trains outside on and off all day. It's amazing how quickly you get used to it! And I work in an open loft-like space, so I hear my coworkers chattering on the phone, talking with each other, and typing away on keyboards day in and day out. Finally, I am usually listening to an 80's pop station online, so it's a lot of Madonna, A-ha, and Huey Lewis for me!!

Those dew drops are gorg. ;)

Erin said...

Wow, what a fun blog!!! Love it.

My daily soundtrack is filled with music, but it's mostly in my head, not really real music... it's complimented by a nice background of muffled voices from the office.

I really don't mind the silence, though, especially when I'm creating. I just like to listen to the snip of scissors, whirl of my sewing machine, and my new favorite is the pleasant hum of my serger! All this is complimented by the occasional thud of my kitty, pouncing on whatever it is she's attacking at the moment.

Oh, I love those pink amethyst drop earrings, they are absolutely gorgeous!

nicole addison said...

i love silence. as i speak im sitting in my room typing while a fan blows on me. its so peaceful :) and yay for those gorgeous earings! lemon drops are just adorable :)

Sher said...

Amazing post!

my daily soundtrack mostly consists of typing on the keyboard, sounds of rustling papers, phone conversations and the songs I'm singing in my head:)

The pink amethyst drops are lovely!

Nina said...

I wake up to the sound of noisy construction that is going on infront of our house and I hear that noise until 5 in the afternoon. Too drown out the noise I watch youtube videos or play music on my iTunes.
I absolutely love those bright Dew Drops earrings!

Carol said...

I love streaming news programs while I am at work. The music distracts me too much (I want to sing along) so just having the voices is something I like.

Olivia Rae said...

i love eisley! last year they came to charleston and played in this teeeny tiny coffee shop randomly and there were only about 20 people there. it was amazing!

maggisaar said...

My daily soundtrack at work consists of work noises. The tapping of keyboards, phones ringing, the door to the warehouse being slammed. Footsteps across the building, the microwave dinging, a mouse being clicked. It's a comforting symphony of sounds.

I think I love the Dew Drops the best.

ForDGRedial said...

Mine is banter...and traffic. I know that is an old thing to say but my work team have great banter...my boyfriend and I are quite jokey with each other and my dad is full of one liners...plus you can imagine what a house is like with 4 siblings 16-24, the usual friends and boyfriends of said siblings, please parents, any visitors and my granny - hectic and noisey...a booming soundtrack of love! And traffic - well my parents live near a main road in London so you can hear a faint hum and we live on a main road so lots of traffic and sirens 24/7.

I was going to say the peach jewel ones but as it isn't on the list - it has to be dew drops. The colour is just capturing!!


caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

aahhh the sound of silence... lovely, but sometimes overwhelming... I love to hear music, sometimes calm, sometimes cheery, it depends...
I love those lemon drops!

Eric said...

I don't do silence. I can't go to sleep in complete silence. I threatened to return my box fan to the target employee if it wasn't loud enough.

I always have music playing.

Jenna said...

What is amazing is the sounds of life going on around me. The kitties running up and down the hall with their soft thudding and occasional crashes as they run into a wall or a door.

The laundry machine rattling out of balance - again. The clicking of the keyboard in the next room as someone answers an email. And, as always, a constant stream of music running in my head. Today it's Peter, Bjorn and John's Amsterdam as I remember fond days living in that amazing city.

Love the dew drops! =)

Lily said...

my daily soundtrack is the song Mr. Blue Sky by ELO because it wakes me up every morning as my alarm.
I like the pink amythest drops!

Hannah said...

Sound is such an amazing thing. Thanks for reminding me. :)

My daily soundtrack consists of kids running around and playing, laughter, the radio playing, the phone ringing, keyboard typing and the pure sound of happiness.

I like the dewdrops. :)


sassy studio said...

don't laugh......Raffi! It's a kids CD my son (15m) loves in the car-but he also likes the beatles. those dew drop earring sure would take my mind off repeats of Raffi songs!

Lilly said...

My daily soundtrack is a mix of traffic and my favorite songs ^^

Those earrings are so gorgeous! Wow! It is so hard to choose just one! But my favorite are the Pink Amethyst Drops!
Thanks a lot!

Hilary Leister said...

I LOVE blue, so the "dew drop" earrings are definitely my favorite...

My daily soundtrack includes the loud air-conditioner in my window, "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz (my ringtone), and all the tempo-tastic tunes on my jogging playlists :)

Tali Schiffer said...

What a great idea for a giveaway!
1. I personally usually have the TV, washing machine, or outside noise be my background sound... and for me it is sometimes mainly for not feeling I am alone in the house... When I do have my music on it consists of:
Ingrid Michaelson, The Vines, Deathcab 4 Cutie, Feist, Eisley, The Dixie Chicks, & Azure Ray... that's just the top list...
2. I would love the Pink Amethyst Drops! The color is stunning!!


Jaime said...

Pretty earrings!

My soundtrack these days is mostly country music- it's the best for summer- with "tappety tap" typing noises at work and "I gotta feeling..." (my ringtone!).

I would like the lemon drops if I win!

Wehaf said...

I work at a university, so very hour I hear students switching classes. I am lucky to be at a school with lots of green space, so I also hear bird song and bugs. And of course I hear my computer keyboard.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Rachel said...

My daily soundtrack is my daughter's precious voice. :)

I love the Dew Drops. What pretty jewelry!


Annie said...

what a fun giveaway!!
my daily sound track changes throughout the day...morning news, hum of the bus while listening to my ipod on the way to work...construction workers and my ipod trying to drown them out on the walk into work...all day consists of my radio and the clicking of the key board, people talking, coughing, snapping, whistling around the office...followed by the same walk back to the bus and home...where the soundtrack changes again!

for the giveaway, if i picked i would love the dew drops, beautiful!

Dina (XYYan) said...
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Toothfairynotes said...

I listen to my ipod every morning in the bus! but to be honest, I don't mind silence at all!


Soy Pea said...

My daily soundtrack is usually eclectic, house, or dance ambience tracks. If you're into those kind of sounds, (not sure, I'm 19), you should listen to LIGHTS new EP called The Listening. :D It's great.


Soy Pea said...

I'd like to win the dew drops earrings


Mer said...

DEW DROPS! my morning soundtrack is a coffeemaker, followed by cars, followed by a copier/printer...

Lindsey said...

My soundtrack is a mix of the computer keyboard, the TV (for background noise), itunes, and me signing to myself. haha

I love the lemon drops for sure!

Thanks for the chance!!!

Michelle said...

My daily soundtrack at this moment consists of:
1. a fan's whirl
2. bums rummaging through the trash cans outside my window
3. typing
4. my own thoughts

I just did a post on being with my own thoughts, actually. You probably saw it because I saw a comment of yours - thank you. :)

The Amethyst drops are divine. And it's my birthstone :)

marian said...

My daily soundtrack is my cat meowing and ratm on the radio.I would love to win the dew drops earrings because it would match a necklace I got for my birthday.Thanks for the giveaway.Marian


Laure said...

Well, my daily soundtrack is this: http://www.deezer.com/music/playlist/soft-and-strange-20440459

And I would love the pink amethyst earings, as I love purple! Thanks for the giveaway! You still have until tomorrow to enter mine:



Jeremy said...

My soundtrack is mainly my own thoughts. And I'd love to give my wife the pink amethyst earrings

Torie Jayne said...

Great post! and more gorgeous illustrations, my daily soundtrack is quietness before the storm! Great giveaway, I just love the pink amethyst drops x

Ali said...

1. My soundtrack = my alarm clock (boo), my keyboard and the voices of my friends and family - off the top of my head.
2. Drew Drops, por favor!

But they're all stunning!

the Lost Earring said...

Coffee maker gurgling, cat meowing (she talks a lot), beach waves on my morning exercise routine, kids laughing and sometimes obnoxiously screaming at the park behind our home. I love music--too much to list, but I enjoy listening to the golden oldies when I work :)

I love the Lemon Drops (but they're all lovely).

PS There is a really great documentary called Touch the Sound. Also, you should check out Mates of State, if you haven't already. I think you might like them :)

JennTRC said...

My daily soundtrack consists of whistles from the football stadium next to my apartment, the sound of keys entering locks and listening to death cab for cutie in my painting studio.

I love the lemon and dew drops! lovely!

jrerwin6 at gmail dot com

Cabootique said...

My daily soundtrack consists of birds chirping at the feeders right outside my window, the sound of summer breeze, and the laughter of family.

I like the Dew Drops.


Elle Bee... said...

The pink amethyst drops are stellar, but her whole shop is just amazing. (I browsed. A lot.)

My daily soundtrack consists of chatting with my love when I wake up, the sounds of other people's conversations on the way to work, the typing of the keyboard for the majority of the day, and music, laughter and games in the evening (most days).

Coco said...

My daily soundtrack consists of keyboard typing, and a mix of music as various people play their favorites.

I love the pink amethyst drops! The colors are gorgeous.


Jennifer Rose said...

my daily soundtrack is the scratching of pencils accompanied by loud music to block out the screaming kids on the street :p

love the dew drop earrings :)

Anonymous said...

my daily soundtrack consists of the slight hum of fluorescent lighting, my computer, as well as the air conditioning. There's also dogs barking and my cat purring. Occasionally, my little sister is practicing piano in the backround.

I love the dew drop earrings!

gemini5757 at hotmail.com

Phoenix said...

Those dew drop earrings are gorgeous.

My daily soundtrack is my long-distance boyfriend, telling me that his moving date to LA isn't so far away anymore...

minishoes1 said...

I love the lemon earrings. So pretty! My daily soundtracks are dogs barking first thing in the morning,It seems like everyone has a dog on this block. Music is in my head- It used to be Micheal Jackson -24/7 right after he died. Now its greenday and rock and roll.great giveaway! thanks! jacquecurl1@gmail.com

Amanda K said...

My daily soundtrack consists of IV pumps beeping, tapping of keyboards, and birds chirping.

My fave is the Pink Amethyst Drops.

So pretty!

photojoy said...

I like sounds not noise around me from morning till night. I also love silence as well. The sound of silence makes me listen to the inner of myself.

a little twig birdhouse said...

Fabulous give away!!

Definitely the dew drops earrings, so in love with them!

My daily soundtrack varies - if I'm in the office then I'm in a cube farm, listening to other peoples phones ringing, muffled conversations, keyboard keys clicking, laughter, and sometime unhappiness, always seems so loud although it probably isn't. And everyday is sprinkled with a quick phone conversation or two with my husband :) But if I'm on the road for the day then it's as much silence I can get, I rarely listen to the radio anymore, just drive and enjoy the peace and quiet. If I do listen to music, then it's Country!!!

AMKreations said...

This summer I've listened to children...playing, fighting, watching a show, practicing piano, reading and more. I also hear the sounds of my keyboard when I'm working online or chatting...then there's the gentle hmmmm of my sewing machine or the hiss of steam leaving the iron when I'm crafting away. That's my soundtrack.

I like the pink amythest earrings.
Great blog Dionne!

MG Designs said...

My daily soundtrack is the sound of silence intermixed with sounds of traffic....love it

I Love those Dew Drop Earrings, gorgeous color

LJ said...

My daily soundtrack consists largely of my students' voices. They squeal, question, laugh, buzz, and sigh. These noises have become such a part of my daily soundtrack that in the summer I almost feel that something is missing!

I LOVE those pink amethyst drops!

Nicole Marie said...

gosh such talented people that can make jewelry like that.
in high school we had an assignment to go somewhere and sit for 2 hours with no talking no music no nothing. it was really difficult and at the end really neat. i think i learned a lot about myself just having that time to think with no distractions.

Amber said...

My daily soundtrack consists of my own humming, singing along to the radio, cars driving, honking, beeping, conference calls and phones ringing off the hook.
I would love to win the Lemon Drops!
Thank you for the giveaway :)

Bunny B said...

My daily soundtrack consists of the daily traffic of cars screeching to a halt and honking, the tv in the background and the taps on the keyboard.

I would love to win the Lemon Drops! They're gorgeous! Thank you!!

bunnybx at gmail . com

janetfaye said...

My daily soundtrack consists of the news and talk radio.

I would like to win the pink amethyst drops.

Thank you!

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Sara said...

they're beautiful!

The dew drops, they're beautiful...

on my soundtrack is samson, by regina specktor...I love that song! and my boyfriend's songs..and some Daniel Merriweather

Hello, darling said...

At the moment [on holiday] I don't really have much of a daily soundtrack, but usually, it's cars, and people talking, horns, nature sounds [I'm a walker], although most of the time I don't hear too much of these as I'm listening to Hillsongs in my headphones ♥

The Lemon drops are the prettiest ♥

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow said...

I do like silence, and it worries me that other people seem afraid of it.

My daily soundtrack does include a lot of silence, and also children's voices, me humming or toning to myself, birds and bees...

And I would like to win the Dew Drops, please.


Aik said...

My daily soundtrack is my mother's nag, which makes me quite bored sometimes. But at least, someone really do cares about me. I love the gorgeous Pink Amethyst Drops!

aikychien at yahoo dot com

anninja said...

My daily soundtrack is pretty much the same every day - sounds of me typing on the pc, noises from the street and music, usually radio.
All of the earrings look fabulous, but the Dew drops are my favorite ones.
Thank you for this giveaway!


Little Miss Tiara said...

my daily soundtrack is probably the crazy laughter of me and my friends, the songs from my music player, and random songs played in my mind when I'm daydreaming (yes yes, I do daydream everyday :d)

the lemon drops is beautiful! :D

Kristin said...

My daily soundtrack is the Disney radio channel. It's on constant play when we're in the car now and is forever running through my head. Ahhhhhhh parenthood. Those lemon drops are delicious!

lin3arossa said...

My daily soundtrack is the occasional telephone ring at the office and at home, the laugh and singing of my daughter.

lin3arossa said...

I like the dew drops but I think the lemon drops'd suit me better so I'd say lemon drops.

sabrita said...

Right now it is a bright sunny morning at home. The windows are open and air is filled with birds chirping, squirrels rustling through the cedar trees, dogs barking and cars rushing down a nearby road. My large old dog is laying in the sun, snoring. He is enjoying a happy dream and occasionally wags his tail while sleeping. Good start to my day. I love the Dew Drop earrings. Thanks.

Newfangled said...

Lately I've been on an early 90's kick - listening to songs like Whisper's Rock Steady and Black Velvet by Alannah Myles. Sometimes I really enjoy silence, though.

I love the lemon drops.


Ore, said...

have you ever considered being an advertising exec? Because you are very good at introducing me to new brands and pretty little things! :)
My soundtrack? When i went t america to visit my cousins with my sister in 07, it was beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston, played in the car all day everyday :)

Abigail said...

My daily soundtrack usually includes:
Jump Little Children, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Billie Holiday, and Otis Redding. My faves!!!

abigail.lee {at} gmail.com

p.s. I love the Lemon drops!!

Spamgirl said...

Reading up I think the definition of "silence" is being a little bastardized :) A fan makes sound, scissors, sewing machines... those are your daily soundtracks! No one can truly know silence - there is always something to hear, unless you stop breathing!

My current soundtrack is the air conditioner or a fan, the hum of my computer, the pitter of puppy feet. The filters on my aquarium trickling water to the fish below, cleaning the water as they provide fresh oxygen. The sound of my keystrokes as I write this comment. In the most quiet moments, the sound of my heartbeat and the static in my ears (sadly I don't know even "normal" silence, I have tinnitus and always hear something). In the deepest, quietest, darkest moments, it's the voices in my head as I imagine what life could be like if... or how I will tackle a tough situation upcoming.

But if I could choose a daily soundtrack on the mp3 player of the world, it would be a waterfall with exotic birds calling, the wind in the trees, and the scuttling footfalls of wild animals. Someday when I win the lottery and the voices in my head are right, I'll hear it :)

Spamgirl said...


pink amethyst drops, please.

Thank you!

cgw @ accidentally, kle said...

I tend to work in silence a lot, but out of habit more than anything else. I love music and have a very eclectic taste, but somehow when I'm at the pc, I don't put on any music. There are radios on around the house constantly though.

Hmm I'd have to say my favourite pair are the Dew Drops - such a beautiful, vivid colour! x

f.sarah said...

daily sound track - silence!

oh! i love the pink amethyst drops, soothing!

Carapace said...

I think the pink amethyst drops are amazing!

My daily soundtrack is the wind in the trees, the scamper of varying paws across my roof, the slight hum of the fridge.. and the clanging of the dial up connection that takes me away from it all!;D


Orchid Grey said...

I live right outside of Boston, so i hear airplanes coming to and from Logan Airport, trains, typing, the sweet purrs and chirps from my cats, the yawns of my office-mate, laughter from my co-workers, seagulls outside my window who've strayed from the sea, cars, my boyfriend snoring, thumps and thuds from the bike shop downstairs, my neighbor playing the trumpet at 2am...

I would love to win the dew-drops!

Monica said...

Nice jewelry. A class act.
I love Eisley! Those girls' voices are so melodic and sweet. But lately, as you mentioned, I've been hearing the click, clacking of keys.
The reason I left? I was laid off. No choice there. But I guess they realized their mistake b/c they asked me back with incentive.

Kaye Prince said...

My daily soundtrack usually consists of the hum of my sewing machine, the whir of the fan, and the click of my Blackberry keys. I love the lemon drop earrings.

I had a wonderful time at the cottage; it was nice to get away for a bit. I'll probably be updating the blog tomorrow. I'm a little sad today as my sewing machine broke this afternoon, so no large-scale sewing until I get it fixed :(

Lindsey said...

Ooh! These are just like the earrings from your little shindig...same girl? I think I like the Dew Drops, my sister would love them, I think.

By the way, I LOVE Eisley. I saw them a couple years ago when they opened for The Fray. Awesome show. Gomez also played that night. Check them out. I love putting on Blind Pilot radio on Pandora. You'll love all the selections.

spearmint baby said...

right now a bit of the rolling stones, milli vanilli (yes, blame it on the rain!!), and the new daughtry CD!
i really heart the dew drops!

mint said...

my daily soundtrack are buses and the radio.
i like the lemon drops.
and the peach key jewels are so cool!


Tambria said...

After all these years I've been trying to find out why I hate silence. I abhor silence. There must be noise 24 hours a day. My TV stays on a lot in the house. If it's not the TV, it's the radio. When I wake up in the morning, I hear my TV and the sweet sounds of the birds that love to nestle around our bedroom windows each morning. When I get in the car, my favorite CD at the time is on constant rotation. When I get to work, I listen to Pandora all day.

It's funny that you mentioned that some people don't like silence because of the thought of being alone. That's very true. My sister is 10 years my senior and when she went off to college I was in the 3rd grade. I felt as though I had no one. Music became my sibling. I listened to music to cope with the grief of my sister going off to college. Music continues to impact my life. Thanks for that post Dionne! It put everything into perspective. I hate silence because I hate the thought of being alone. Silence reminds me of the sad time in my childhood when my sister left home for college. Obviously I'm still dealing with this issue today because I still hate silence. LOL! Talk about a breakthrough. :)

I heart those Dew Drops. They would look very nice on these ears that hate silence. :)

Michelle said...

My daily soundtrack is of the kids playing with Noggin going in the background. Sometimes, I tune that out by listening to NPR podcasts.

Michelle said...

I think I would choose the pink amathyst drops, although they are all lovely! Thanks for the chance to win.

elaine said...

Most my days are filled with sounds 0f light talking and laughter-happy sounds. I love the look of the Lemon Drop Earrings-lovely!

Elaine R

TheBeautyFile said...

My soundtrack begins with my dog slurping kisses on my face. The coffee machine beeping, my oatmeal water boiling, my car starting, the radio blasting and my professors teaching. I love the Lemon Drops!

Kotori said...

My daily soundtrack is of kids laughing, yelling, sometimes fighting (!). But kids put so much into my day and I love it.

So hard to choose which one... they're all beautiful. Maybe the lemon drops...

Anonymous said...

My daily soundtrack? Right now it's the alternating chugging and whirring of the ancient window a/c unit in my office, the skittering of the squirrels along the siding outside, and the low motors of constant traffic on the corner.

All three earring sets are lovely, but I would go with the lemon drops.


Tylerpants said...

My daily soundtrack is me clicking on my keyboard and my son is either babbling, laughing or crying.

The lemon drops are my fave!

LoveCharlesVintage said...

Dew drops please!

My soundtrack has been a little classic lately and a little folksy. Devendra Banhart, Cat Power, Leonard Cohen, and then some Rufus Wainwright on top of that. I'm starting to get into Portugal the Man and Asobi Seksu, so they should get into the daily playlist pretty soon.
Thanks for the opportunity!

Amanda said...

My daily soundtrack is the noisy freeway one house and a small street away, honking fire trucks from the street above me, daily noise from the TV and clicking away at my computer. I'd love to win the pink amethyst drops. mandiegurl808 at yahoo dot com

trixpixel said...

I'd like the lemon drops please!

My daily soundtrack actually consists of what I call loud angry music. I work online all day and weirdly it's the only type of music I can work to, to zone out everyone else. Makes me more productive! :)

at gallerygirl.tumblr.com said...

Daily soundtrack:
Dog snuffling with early morning dreams, the clink of her pink polka dotted leash against her color as her nails tap the sidewalk to her morning pee. Afternoon coffee spoons scrape the side of handmade cups while gains of sugar free sweetner slide from their paper packets. The evening thrum of traffic home from a crystal silent art gallery. And if I'm really lucky, delicious rain and whirrling fans sing everyone to sleep at night.
Each set of earrings are gorgeous and I hope they sparkle well on the winners ears! Peace

denise said...

I love Eisley! my favorite song is marvelous things, the harmonies and voices are so brilliant, yet haunting.

My soundtrack consists of typing, the summer breeze as I keep my windows open all the time, pencils scribbling, piano keys, and the shuffling of feet.
and of course, never-ending music from my playlist. right now, I'm addicted to st. vincent.

I love the lemon drops, but all the choices are darling!

Dionne said...

Thanks for all your comments! This contest is now closed.