Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Fever

Is there something in the water?

Sooooo many people I know are expecting babies in the coming months, or just had one. It's such an exciting time - preparing to bring a new life into the world! How can you even begin to guess what that would be like for the first time? Brian and I aren't ready yet to have our own little kidlets - we want to wait until we've been married at least 2 years before we go down that road, but I am so excited for all of my friends who are going to be parents soon!


A lot of my friends are having weird food cravings - for some reason pickles with icecream seems to be a popular craving - why is that? I wonder what kind of things I will be wanting when I finally am ready to become pregnant? It's interesting to think about. It's totally uncharted territory for me, so it's weird for me to imagine having someone living and growing inside me. I see all these really cute baby accessories on different blogs, and I can't wait for the day when I will be ready to buy some of them for my own children.

A store that particularly caught my eye is Tialys. Lynn runs her shop from her home in the foothills of the Pyreness in Southern France (I am jealous!), right by the Spanish border. Her lovely store sells lots of gorgeous, sewn products, including Etui Boxes. One of my favorite ones is the Baby Girl Etui box that opens up to contain an adorable pair of little booties. I love the construction of the boxes, how when you open the lid, the walls come down to reveal what is inside - and they even have little pockets sewn into the sides.


Tialys has a whole range of themes for the Etui boxes - from chocolates, to tea, to sewing themes. And in addition to her Etui boxes, Lynn also sells other lovely items like Lavender Pillows and Lunch Sets. Everything in the store is so pretty and the craftsmanship and effort that must go into each piece floors me. Lynn really does an amazing job making each piece.


To keep inspired, Lynn likes to surround herself with other creative minds, and also enjoys collecting fabrics for inspiration. Her home is an inspiration in itself, being right by the mountains to snow ski in for the winter, and near beautiful lakes to swim in during the summer. She (like most of us) enjoys retail therapy (shopping!), and loves walking her dogs, cooking and doing upholstery while listening to loud music. And when it comes to her sweet tooth, she couldn't just pick one dessert - she chose two. For Summer it would be a Summer Pudding, and then for winter it would be a lovely Rhubarb Crumble.

Lynn is generously giving away one of her pretty Etui Boxes to one reader. To enter the giveaway, please let me know which of these two Etui Boxes (here and here) you would prefer, and also suggest a new theme for an Etui Box that you would like to see in Lynn's store. Lynn will choose the Etui Box theme that she likes the most and I will announce that winner on Sunday.

(Photos taken by Lynn at Tialys)


Ashley Yazzie said...

Lynn sounds like a fascinating woman. I'm impressed by her endeavors.

Babies are everywhere aren't they? That's what happens in mid-twenties, isn't it? Babies! I can't wait to have one in the not too distant future.

Jaime said...

What a lovely gift idea! I like the vintage tea cup and saucer Etui box.

A new Etui box for Lynn could be zodiac sign boxes, one for each sign. Inside each box could be an item that relates to the sign, like a birthstone. For example, for the Taurus sign (which I am), the birthstone is emerald, so something with a faux emerald.

Katie said...

haha i was just about to write that their ARE babies everywhere! tummies and all. my bff is pregs too! everywhere i go im "aww"ing and it's probably driving my man mad. he says i'm broody?? english slang for totally wanting babies i think. but wont for quite some time. i love your drawing thought, so cute. good luck girls!

Elle Bee... said...

What a wonderful idea! These are gorgeous... I love the time for tea box.

I think a "work survival" Etui box would be fabulous. Clear polish for runs in your hose, lip gloss for kissing up to the boss, gum, a nail file, chocolate to make a bad day better... etc.

maggisaar said...

*reads the post, sighs, holds belly, sighs again, and shrugs shoulders* Thanks for this one, Dionne. As if the Baby Crazy isn't sad enough for me these days.

The Tea for Dotti box is ADORABLE, as I love all things tea related. (And don't know if I'll ever get a Baby Girl.)

My perfect Etui box would be one for writing fancy letters. With maybe pretty stationary and a wax stamp & seal kit. And of course a bottle of ink and a proper fountain pen/quill.

Tracy-Girl said...

I feel like that too.. everyone is either preggers or getting married :) I love it. Fun crafts, parties, and good memories!

Phoenix said...

These are so adorable! (FYI, one of the Etui boxes that you linked to give away is already sold).

If I had to come up with an Etui box theme, I'd pick a Fairytale theme :)

Tambria said...

I love the Tialys Shop. Lynn has such adorable items in her shop. I heart the Dotty For Tea Etui box.

I think Lynn should do a Petit Fours theme for her next Etui box.

Kristin said...

Well, of course I love the baby themed box! (I only wish there was a girl AND a boy version.)

A cute idea could be for going back to school -- either for teachers or for students -- maybe with a little writing pad, a bunch of colored pencils, a little knit apple, and some erasers? I guess it's just that time of year...

lyndsey | paper girl said...

dude seriously. we know TONS of people getting pregnant too. i don't understand the cravings thing -- how do you KNOW you want pickles and ice cream? have you ever had that before? otherwise how do you get that as a craving? haha. someday when i'm pregnant maybe i'll learn the answer to that one.

SK said...

I hope you keep blogging when you're pregnant someday because I think it will be a joy to read (as always!)

I love reading blogs about families or moms and their kids - it's just so interesting and makes me think about how I was brought up and how I think I will raise my kids when I have children. But that's later. Waaaay later haha

Kaye Prince said...

I love everything in her store! I love the baby girl etui box!

I think a book lovers etui box would be great! It could include bookmarks, bookplates (Dionne, you could help with this one, I know!), and maybe a booklovers notebook or journal.

Everyone does seem to be having babies; it's a little odd, but I do love making baby gifts!

glauren5 said...

I know what you mean! All of my friends are either getting married or have a bun in the oven. And me...well, I'm just trying to land the man. I've been in my relationship for over a year now and just this past Saturday was the first time I heard the "L" word. He takes things kinda slow I guess, so who knows how long a marraige proposal will take! I always envisioned my self with kids and a husband at 26, but I guess it's not such a bad thing. =)

Sorry, I just got carried away there. Thanks for letting me vent! haha

michelle said...

what cute stuff....really great!

and yes it does seem like EVERYONE is having babies doesn't it....lol

m :)

Hilary Leister said...

I don't know many ladies getting pregnant, but TONS of my friends & acquaintances are getting engaged... AHHH!

I really liked the "Dotty for Tea" Etui box...

Also, an Etui idea for Lynn's shop: A "City Girl's Survivial" kit... with some nailpolish, a cute set of earrings, accent eyeshadow, a cute case to hold a metro/subway card, a classy keychain, one of those things that holds your purse off of a restaurant table... etc.

Annie said...

my fiance and i have major baby fever and were not even married!! we talk about little ones alllll the time ;)
we can't wait to be parents!!
i think it swould it be nice if the stork just dropped by and poof you had a baby!?! hehe

the Lost Earring said...

Aw, these are so cute! I love the 'Baby Girl' Etui Box.

I would like to see a garden lover's etui box with a mini planter. You could tuck some seeds/bulbs, soil pods, and a little pair of gardening gloves inside :)

jess gonacha said...

Ooh, thank you for the tip, Dionne! I, too, know lots of people that are pregnant right now, so I need to start being on the lookout for baby gear! These are so sweet.

Lily said...

i love the dotty for tea etui box!
You should make a party box. It could have blank invitations and balloons and confetti and other fun things in it.

Suzanne said...

I would choose the The Tialys 'Baby Girl' Etui Box with Mary Jane Bootees in Pure Alpaca.

I would like to see a fairy tale (Alice in Wonderland) theme with little dolls inside that children could act out the fairy tale with. A small book of the fairy tale inside the box would also be included.


Maki said...

Aww baby boom!!! All the stuff are so cute! :)

It's important to have alone time before you have baby - Listen to me when I say it, Dionne! LOL. JT and I were already pregnant with JuJu when we got married - we wouldn't change a thing, but we also know that it would have been kinda cool to have alone time before the baby.. Enjoy your freedom and joy being a husband and a wife:)

Love you!

simplesong said...

what great boxes/gifts! lots of babies + pregnant friends around me too!

Carol said...

Awww I love baby stuff! And yes you are right, there is something in the air...

Nicole Marie said...

oh the booties are so cute!!
baby fever is definitely going around. i almost caught it and then i realized oh wait i'm 23 and no married. or engaged. or anywhere near it. and i have 2 brothers i can pretend are mine and then give back when i'm done with them.

Bombtastic Belle said...

I love the baby box :) My husband and I have a future-baby-box where we put things we buy/find for a potential baby. *lol*

I think it'd be cute to go for a beachy-themed box maybe?

Anna Ander said...

You're as clever as you are sweet, Dionne! Waiting a while before trying to have children sound very wise. They do change everything when they come (in a good way, but still!), so having some time on your own first is a great way to go.

I wonder if Tialys could be named after the Philip Pullman character? In that case a storytelling etui box sounds like something Lynn would do very well.

The tea box is for me! It hit home in an instant.


Aik said...

I'd love to win The Tialys 'Dotty For Tea' Etui Box with Vintage Teacup and Saucer. What about a movie theme?

aikychien at yahoo dot com

TopHat said...

I'd like the little girl one. How cute!
As for a theme... she could go with the seasons or holidays. I'm imagining a really cool Halloween one!

Little Miss Tiara said...

omg, lol. I can't believe when I read all the newest posts in my google reader, they're all talking about babies, really! Haha xD

Great, this makes me wanting more for a baby, I'm not even married yet! o.0!

and oh, those boxes are so nice! The dotty for tea is of course more useful for me, it looks sooo precious!

the idea? what about a kind of gothic box? Well... all black and a little red =d

Michelle said...

I love babies! Is it possible to have one while single I wonder?

Wehaf said...

I think some garden etui boxes, or maybe spice boxes, would be great.

I like the baby girl box better, or the two.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Jennifer Feisty Hood Lum said...

i would like to lose years to fit baby stuff. they have the best clothes and shoes!

Anonymous said...

The baby girl :)
Thank you for the chance

Truly Smitten said...

I love Lynn's shop! So many cute things...makes me want to have a baby - HAHA! Speaking of babies, I went through that last year where quite literally, everyone I know were preggers. It was like a domino effect...still kinda like that but hopefully I won't be drinking the same water just yet..=)

oh, hello friend. said...

ahh, i know lots of expecting mothers as well! what about you and your man? any plans for kids soon? ;)

(you don't have to enter me, i just wanted to comment, lol)

xo. danni

Kotori said...

What about a "relaxation" box? She could put in one of her lavender pillows and maybe some teabag in the pickets... what fun it would be to find that inside such a lovely box?

Both those boxes are lovely... but I do love the idea of vintage teacups!

SUE said...

I love this seller - and the baby girl etui box.

Sue Anderson

SUE said...

Entering for the giveaway here for the baby girl etui box. :o)

Sue Anderson

SUE said...

okay! here goes!
How about a newly wed cooking recipe etui box
Include a really great cookbook like Mario Batali or Lidia Bastianich or Giada DeLaurentis- fabulous italian chefs. maybe the ingredients for a fabulous pasta sauce, include the spices.

Thanks for allowing me to make this suggestion. It was fun.


cory said...

Love babies, so special and sweet!!
I love these boxes, and the site - hearted it so I can browse later.
I had an idea, but someone here already had it, so I had another, but it's here too!!
So, to stick with a theme I seem to be in, how about a comics box? Vintage comics, some neat clips, and a coffee kit - this would be a great guys gift box - a mug, some cards, pens to doodle, paper, maybe some 'how to draw...spiderman, or superman." There are lots of them to choose from! My son has some, comics for dummies or something. Anyways, it would be so much fun to do, you have so many to choose from, and I'd be willing to donate a card or two for the exposure!! (I have used some comic themed fabric recently also – really neat designs!) Come see what I have!
Well, sorry for the novel – I am now inspired to go come up with something for my shop - but I won't use this idea, unless you don't, then who knows?

Love to brainstorm ideas!

fındıkfaresi said...

my idea of a new theme of an etui box is office box. There are lots of working ladies who are having troubles with office life. In that etui box, there might be a mini deo roll-on, a new little panty, 1 or 2 daily pads, 1 or 2 pads or tampons, 1 mini perfume or cologne, 1 glass nail file etc. I mean all things that a lady needs urgently but has trouble to find in office easily. That lady can replace them with new ones when they finish or add something that she need. The main idea is giving her the idea of her needs with a fancy box:)

I like the baby girl one and the booties so much:)

I want them for my born to be niece:)


f.sarah said...

i love the
The Tialys 'Baby Girl' Etui Box with Mary Jane Bootees in Pure Alpaca.

new theme;
how about a cute little handmade jewelery set.

fsarah09 at gmail dot com

WindandRain said...

I love the Dotty for Tea etui box.

As for a new theme, what about one with a coffee theme, with a coffee cup inside? :)

What a cute idea, by the way.


bison61 said...

I like the 'Baby Girl' Etui Box and a new theme maybe would be for the different holidays and seasons

tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

Dionne said...

This contest is now closed.

fındıkfaresi said...

I cannot believe that I am the luckiest one!
Thank you Dionne, and thank you Lynn:)

I e-mailed you about my mailing address:)

I will prepare a post about this on my blog and show my friends what I won. You should check my blog out in a few days:)

Thanks again!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I have a lot of friends with baby fever!

I like the The Tialys 'Dotty For Tea' Etui Box with Vintage Teacup and Saucer! So cute.

I would love to see a beach theme...vintange surfboards, or something fun like that!

Digital Misfit said...

I love the Dotty For Tea etui box.

A winter holiday theme etui box would be great for gift giving. A little tree ornament tucked inside would be a lovely surprise.

Of course a hot cocoa etui box would always be a welcome treat as well.


richard said...

I like your baby on board art. It’s amazing. What a lovely baby gift ideas. Thanks for providing.