Friday, May 29, 2009

New Friends

Don't you just love making new friends? I have always adhered to the saying "the more the merrier" - I was never one to be into cliques. I went to a small high school in Australia - our graduating class only had about 50 people - so it was really too small to be cliquey. Sure, everyone had their close friends that they spent more time with, but there were never any exclusive little clubs that you see in all those teen movies.


I am excited about this swap - for those of you participating, I would like to introduce you to your new friend! For the most part, these partners were generated through, the only parts that were controlled were that I made sure partners from the last swap weren't paired up again, and that those of you who don't have a blog/website, only email, are partnered with others who don't blog (for you non-bloggers, check your email - I emailed you your partners details). So here we go!

1. Tammy & Lori
2. Lena & Jennifer
3. Jessica Marie & Rhiannon M
4. Mo & Michelle
5. Maggi & Tracy
6. Kotori & Summer
7. Adele & Sam
8. Nicole & Kelsy C
9. Sherie & Claudia
10. Diana & Christine
11. Penelope & Pamela
12. Bekah & Tiara
13. Kylie D & Brooke
14. Lyndsey & Amanda
15. Meg & Heather
16. Froile & Daniella
17. Mads & Viv
18. Sarah & Lindsey
19. Photojoy & Jo
20. Tina & Belinda
21. Nicole R & Kle
22. Kaye & Dionne
23. Truly Smitten & Kristin
24. Joop & Lisette
25. Maria & Kylie A
26. Julia & Coral
27. Dana & Louise
28. Brooke & Bethany
29. Lily & Jessica M

Ok, so there you go. So get in contact with each other, get to know one another - I can't wait to see what you swap! Don't forget that the MAIL BY DATE is Monday, June 15. Have fun!


Kristin said...

I'm so excited to be a part of this!!

Truly Smitten said...

YAY!!! I love making new blog friends too! Hi Kristin!

maggisaar said...

YAY! I love you, Dionne, and your amazing way to bring people together! I can't wait to see you and hug you to near death in June. Heee.

And Tracy seems adorable. I'm glad I got her!

Brooke said...

am I the Brooke that's not highlighted? If not can I still participate?

Dionne said...

Hi Brooke, that's another Brooke, but I just added you and your new partner Bethany to the list!

Summer said...

Thanks Dionne! Yay for new friends and swaps!

Lily G. said...

What a great idea!!! I'm bummed i missed out!

Pamela said...

Yay! Thanks so much, Dionne!! xo

Lily G. said...

yes, that would be fabulous. Just let me know. Thanks so much!

photojoy said...

Good morning, Dionne! It's Saturday morning in Japan. Thank you for taking time for making partners. I'll get in touch with Jo this evening. Exciting! Have a nice weekend!

Little Miss Tiara said...

oh my god. oh my god. why am I so nervous? Haha... thank you for organizing this swap that I can get a new friend! :D

RhiannonM said...

Going to go e-mail my partner now... she has a fantastic blog that I can't believe I haven't come across before! This is already such a great idea! : )

Lindsey said...

Awesome! I can't wait! I'm going to go check Sarah's blog right now. I am so excited. Thanks so much for organizing this again. You are so freaking awesome.

sarah said...

a swap?! how fun!!!! very cool.

Labour of Love said...

Thank you so very much, Sweet Dionne, for another exciting swap...Photojoy has already contacted me and I truly can't wait to learn more about her and her fascinating world...thank you for bringing our worlds a lil' bit closer and finding kindred spirits to learn from + to share sweetness with! xoxo jo;)

xnapoleonx said...

Thats a really cool idea!

Tiffany said...

just stumbled upon your blog. love all your illustrations and everything! really great idea, I hope I can participate next time!

Mo said...

yeahy !! :-)

Carlita said...

i'm excited to see all the swapping! i am feeling to overwhelmed and busy to participate this time... but hopefully by fall time i'll have my bearings on straight. fun for everyone involved though!

umama said...

So excited! And I have an international partner... DOUBLY EXCITING!

Chessa! said...

I love this idea!! thanks so much for your visit:)

Michele said...

This sounds so cool! Please include me in your next one! I'm loving your blog!